Tu Mera Humsafar (prologue)

Tu Mera Humsafar (prologue)

Hello Giyz..This is nt my First bt Yes My First FF on Telly Updates U cn say…I Wrote 2 FFs b4..So thot to write the Third FF too…So this is my 3rd FF in all..Hope u Like it :).M Posting a Intro Today of My New FF Tu Mera Humsafar. U cn Get a Glimpse of the Story frm the Prologue Below :).I really Hope u Will Like it :).

So Here is A Short Prologue of My New FF Tu Mera Humsafar.

Tu Mera Humsafar – SwaSan FF


Swara : Laksh I Love U..Promise Me U Wont Leave n Go in Mid..

Laksh : Swara I Love U too..n I Promise I Wont Leave U Shona…U r My World to me..

1 Week Later

Its Swara’s n Laksh Wedding and both r Damn Excited fr their New Beginning n Marriage Preparations were on Full Swing.Only Few Hours were Left fr Swara to Become Swara Laksh Maheshwari.

Swara Laksh Convo

Laksh : So Swara Bose…Only Few Hours Left fr u to become myn fr ever..

Swara : ( Blushes ) Haa Laksh..M soo Happy..i was waiting fr this Moment fr Long…atlast woh din aagaya..m soo happy..

Laksh : Hmm so Swara Bose get ready to become Swara Laksh Maheshwari.Count Down has Begun My Dear..

Swara Blushes n Cuts The Call…

2 Hours Later

The Baraatis Arrived at the Door of the Bose Family n They Welcomed Maheshwaris n da Dulha wid Full Excitement n Enthusiasm…

Shomi : Aao Damand Ji…Aapka Saugat hai..

The Dulha was having a Sehra in His Face so No One cud see hIs Face not Even Swara was Allowed to see Her Groom’s Face Till Marriage Rituals r Completed.
Time Passed and Tym has Arrived to Strt Wedding Rituals.Swara was Brought Down n was Made to Sit Near the Groom.

AP : Wah Swara..tum bahut Acchi lagrahi hoo..kisi ki nazer na lage tumhe..

Sujata : Haa Beta..bahut Pyaari lagrahi ho.Bhagwan Kare tum dono ki Jodi hamesha bani rahe.

Swara : ( Blushes n Bend Down to take Blessings of Elders ) Thnk U Maa..

Rituals Strtd n both Bride n Groom were Completing the Rituals as Instructed.

Pandit Ji . Var Dulhan ke Maang main Sindoor Bharde

Groom took a Pinch of Sindoor n Filled Swara’s Maang.As Swara’s Maang was Filled She Closed Her Eyes n Tears Fell Frm Her Eyes.

Pandit Ji : abb aap Vadhu gale main Mangalsutra pehenaiye.

He took the Mangalsutra n Tied around Swara’s Neck n Swara was More Emotional n Tears Fell frm Her Eyes Continously.

Pandit Ji : Vivaah sampan higaya hai aur Shaadi ke Saare Rasme Pure Hogaye hai..aaj se aap dono Pari Patni hogaye hai aur aaj se aap SWARA SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI hai..aap dono uthiye aur apne Bado se Aarshirwad lelijiye.

The Sehra on The Groom was Removed n Both Swara n Sanskaar were Taking Blessings of Their Elders wid Blank Expressuons on their Faces.

DP : Jeete raho…hamesha Khush raho dono.

AP : Sada Suhagan raho aur apne Pati Sanskaar aur apne Parivaar ko Hamesha Khush rakho..

They Slowly Took everyone’s Blessings n were Staring at Eachother wid Speechless N Blank Expressions.

The End !!!

Y did Swara Marry Sanskaar ?? Where did Laksh Go ?? Will Love Bloom b/w Swara aur Sanskaar ??Will Swara Accept Sanskaar as Her Husband or Will Laksh Come Agn b/w Husband n Wife ?? What Os TWritten in their Destiny ?? Woll Destiny Play its Own Game ?? To Knw Follow My FF Tu Mera Humsafar. ..

All the Feedbacks are Fully Welcomed GOOD OR BAD doesn’t Matter…Need Ur Help in Improving My FF Writing..

Thnk U


Tu Mera Humsafar (prologue)


Tu Mera Humsafar (prologue)

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