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hey unknown dear i really want to know and read if you are writing an ff so please do reply .

So guys , here begins our dil ki dor:

The episode starts with laksh and sanskar on phone while both are smiling .

Sanskar (smiling); she’ll kill me if i create these scenes in collage….

Laksh(with a cute expression): bhai , can’t you die for rago and that too from her hands only…

He laughs saying this while sanskar angrily says : lucky you…

Sanskar then pauses and says : if i were in devgarh na then you would have been killed before me…

Laksh again laughs and says : bhai , don’t change the topic , i know its difficult for you na that why searching for all these reasons.

Sanskar (with attitude ): nothing is impossible for yuvraj sanskar , ok na…

Laksh thinks : bhai , to make you do something i just need to put this spark in you and yuvraj sanskar comes out from my sanskar bhai…

He laughs thinking this while sanksar ssays: why are you laughing???

Laksh (to ignite the fire further ): no bhai , i was just thinking that you can just say but can’t do anything…

Sanskar angrily (in a childish manner): now i ‘ll surely do it , wait and watch , i’ll send you a video…

Laksh(pretending to be sure that sanskar can’t do it) : bhai , i’ll be waiting.

Sanskar : ok , then bye bro….

Laksh : bye bhai…

They both cut the call smiling while laksh smiles mischievously after cutting it and thinks : sorry rago , ab bhai thode pagal hone wale hain uske liye…(now bhai will get a little mad so sorry rago…)

He laugh thinking this while the screen freezes on him and a voice says: yuvraj laksh , devgarh’s future king , a total dhamaka , rani sujata’s son who jaigarh’s princess and so he’s sanskar’s cousin, both spent their childhood together and as they don’t have any other sibling both became like actual brothers , though laksh had to return to devgarh before that accident of rajkumari rageshwari so he didn’t knew anything about it , just knew that rageshwari and her family died , is one year elder to swaragini and one year smaller than sanskar , he’s a pampered child who has all the devlish ideas in his mind , loves to enjoy but is not at all a spoilt brat , shares a great bonding with sanskar and used to share a great best friend bonding with rageshwari whom he called rago…..

(guys he knew about sanskar loving rageshwari and supported him over harsh as he was his brother , not any as such feelings towards rageshwari other than friendship and laksh’s parents are sujata and ramprasad from swaragini , no changes in name)

The screen starts as sujata comes for calling laksh and laksh says angrily to her : maa, you didn’t even tell me once about rago…

Sujata (happily): i also got the news today only , chote raja and choti rani did really wrong but now rajmata will care for her rageshwari….

Laksh cuts in between saying : dadi sa is fine….

Sujata nods in yes smiling while laksh jumps in happiness and says : i want to meet her now….

Sujata ‘s smile fades and she says : beta , you know na , your grandfather had given responsibility to your father that he’ll handle devgarh before dying…(in childhood laksh stayed with ragini and at that time his grandfather was ruling devgarh but his sudden death led to sujata and the family’s return to devgarh and ram prasad’s crowning)

Laksh ‘s smile fades and sujata says : but beta , we’ll go to Mumbai for your last 2 years(he’s studying business )na when 18 years of your fathers rule will be over and he’ll be eligible for handling over the region to you and your training will take place under sanskar….

(guys let me clarify : there’s a rule in my ff that each heir of a ruler will have to rule for 18 years and then only he can leave the region and go some where till his son is 21he can administrate from the place where he goes and after that sons crowning , sanskar’s father is elder to sujata so he came here after 18 years and ruling jaigarh from Mumbai itself and as raigarh is concerned rajmata in coma, maharaja , maharani died and aniket was small so chote raja , chote rani were controlling the administration from Mumbai as they were not the queen and king officially)
laksh nods and says : yaa mom , i know , i will not go without you , i will meet dadisa after two years , only two years are there na so no problem…

Sujata touches his cheeks and says : my cute understanding son…

She goes from there saying this while laksh stands there with a smile filled with happiness equal to sadness .

In sanskar’s room:

Sanksar is sitting on his bed tensed and thinks : i told laksh but how will i do it , no i can’t , i am a duffer how can i say that i’ll do it , but he was challenging me so i had to reply na….

He is tensed while he thinks : ab toh karna hi padega(now i’ll have to do)

(today’s lesson: always don’t take everything on your ego or you will face situation’s like sanskar ….lol)

In swaragini ‘s room :

Swara is about to start brushing her teeth while ragini is ironing her and swara’s clothes.

Swara while putting the paste on the toothbrush gets a mischievous idea and she comes out of the bathroom with the packet of paste in her hands.

Ragini doesn’t see her while swara from back comes , opens the paste bottle and smuges it on ragini’s cheek ..

Ragini turns and eyes swara and holds her cheek while saying(actually shouting): swara…..

Swara laughs while ragini angrily takes the paste from her hand and smuges it on her face.

Now its swara’s turn .

Swara (angrily): ragini….

Now ragini laughs while swara goes inside the bathroom which shocks ragini.

Ragini thinks : swara can’t leave me like this…

She’s thinking while she goes to the cupboard to take hankey to remove the facial which swara did on her face while swara comes from the bathroom and sees her standing opening cupboard and thinks : ragini , i am coming dear….

She laughs quietly while she goes to ragini smoothly without letting her know and eyes the mug filled with water in her hands.

Swara was standing behind ragini now while she raised her hand to splash the water on her ragini turned and quickly applied her hands coloured with water colour on swara’s face while swara stood there shocked ragini laughed like a total mad seeing swara’s condition and says : ragini ko bhi com mat samjhana swara (don’t think me less swara)

Swara quickly splashed the water mug on ragini’s face and went running outside the hostel room while ragini stood there shocked this time , swara laughs loudly outside the room while ragini starts laughing inside the room and says loudly : swara , i guess you should have washed your face before going outside….

Swara saw here and there and saw other girls staring her , at first she was shocked but then she got an idea and smiled and ran down , there was a small lawn in the middle of the hostel that could be seen from the common balcony (swaragini lived on first floor).

Ragini was thinking that swara will return but when she didn’t for some time , ragini came outside as she was tensed for swara , she tried searching here and there and then suddenly drops of rain fell over her face, she looked up but no rain.

She got a voice from down : tera dhyan kidhar hai , jab teri heroine idhar hai(where’s your attention when i am down).

Ragini looks down and eyes swara holding the hose and holding its mouth from her fingers so that it falls over ragini.

Ragini makes a you can never improve look.

Swara laughs and starts singing.

Naa Re Naa Re, Naa Re Naa Re
Naa Re Naa Re, Nana Na Re Na Re… (2)
( Barso Re, Megha Megha Barso Re
Megha Megha Barso Re, Megha Barso )… (2)

Her sweet voice spread like a beautiful smell all over while ragini eyed her with a what expression.

Swara : ( Meethaa Hai, Kosaa Hai, Baarish Ka Bosa Hai
Kosa Hai, Kosa Hai, Baarishon Ka Bosa Hai ) … (2)
Jal Jal Jal Jal Jal Jal Jal Thal Jal Thal
Chal Chal Chal Chal Chal Chal Chal Chal
Chal Chal Behta Chal

Ragini smiles and her childhood passion comes alive and she starts:

Naa Re Naa Re, Naa Re Naa Re…
Naa Re Naa Re, Nana Na Re Na Re… (4)
( Barso Re, Megha Megha Barso Re
Megha Megha Barso Re, Megha Barso )… (2)
( Meethaa Hai, Kosaa Hai, Baarish Ka Bosa Hai
Kosa Hai, Kosa Hai, Baarishon Ka Bosa Hai )… (2)
Jal Jal Jal Jal Jal Jal Jal Thal Jal Thal
Chal Chal Chal Chal Chal Chal Chal Chal
Chal Chal Behta Chal

Her and swara’s voice not having a single inch change , a total same voice and girls were shocked while raj passing by thought it to be swara’s voice and ran to the lawn , he saw swara happily playing with the hose and huge smile comes on his face and swara sees him and indicates him to come.

He comes while swara sings holding him and dancing:

Geeli Geeli Geeli Ha, Ha Ha Ha Ha
Geeli Geeli Maati, Geeli Maati Ke
Chal Gharonde Banaayenge Re

She indicates ragini to come down and ragini joins her while both together sing:

Hari Bhari Ambi, Ambi Ki Daali
Mil Ke Jhoole Jhulaayenge Re Oh
Dhan Baiju Gajri Ne, Hal Jote Sabne
Bailon Ki Ghanti Baji, Aur Taal Lage Bharne
Re Tair Ke Chali Main Toh Paar Chali
Re Tair Ke Chali Main Toh Paar Chali

Ragini takes hose from swara and spreads it on raj while swara smiles and they both continue singing:

Paar Waale Par Le Ke Kinaar Chali Re Megha
Nana Re Nana Re Nana Re Na Na Re
Nana Re Nana Re Nana Re Na Na Re… (4)
Tu Tu Turu, Tu Tu Turu, Tu Tu Turu

The three of them form a circle and startw dancing holding hands and all girls in the hostel smile looking at them while swara sings:

Kaali Kaali Raaten, Kaali Raaton Mein
Yeh Badarvaa Baras Jaayega
Gali Gali Mujh Ko, Megha Doondegaa
Aur Garaj Ke Palat Jaayega

Ragini breaks the circle and goes ahead and dances saying:

Ghar Aangan Angana, Aur Pani Ka Jharna
Bhool Na Jaana Mujhe, Sab Poochenge Varna
Re Beh Ke Chali, Main Toh Beh Ke Chali
Re Kehthi Chali, Main Toh Keh Ke Chali

Swara too takes raj ahead and swaragini sing together:

Re Megha
( Nan Na Re Nana Re Nana Re Na Na Re
Nan Na Re Nana Re Nana Re Na Na Re )… (6)

They finish the song smiling while hostel warden comes there and switches of the hose’s tap.

She stares swaragini and raj angrily while they all are totally wet and look at her with a cute childdiiah smiles.

The epsidoe ends at this.

Precap : sanskar does friendship with…..???

So guys guess whose our sanskar’s new friend and guys i am writing a new ff on swaragini name : SWARA and RAGINI- EK HI SIKKE KE DO PEHLU !!!

Guys its totally different and a swasan cum ragsan ff , do read it and give you feedback.

Link to intro:


guys i also want to know a pair for a very very short cameo so do comment to name you favourite pair, meghs has already commented for arshi so if i don’t get much votes , arshi will be selected.

Credit to: Piyali





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