You are Mine Ch. 22

You are Mine Ch. 22

Zayn’s POV

I and Aisha moved to our new house which was our wedding gift from my parents. It was only 10 minutes walk from my parents house.I don’t know how Aisha manages Zayra. They both became good friends in one month. .yeah u heared month of marriage..we are happy couple. Aisha and I decided to do our photography together. Dad told me to do whatever I want.he wasn’t forcing me to do anything that I don’t want to do..but I decided to help dad too.I want to be a good son as well as good husband. Zayra was also helping dad in business. .

We had a studio in our new home.our photography belongings are kept there.I hide ‘that’ photos. I wanted to apologize her about that.but I was afraid..I wanted to make everything fine.

“Zayn” Aisha called me out from my thoughts.


“Lunch is ready”

I went with her and had my lunch.she never talked while having her meals.she was wearing a sweat pants and half sleeve t shirt.after having lunch I helped her with dishes.

“Aisha. Get ready. Someone is coming”


“Wait and see” I went to our room to change ny clothes. I want her to think that ‘someone’ is coming. It is a surprise for her and for u too..:-D

Aisha got ready Into a peach Churidhar and a matching floral hijab.

The ‘someone’ knocked the door. I told her to open the door. She opened the door and and and what happened next was made me laugh.her eyes are popped out and jaw dropped on the floor ?


I am so cruel na??? Hehhe sorry for the short chapter ? only few chapters left.

Next chapter:new entry

Credit to:Ruby_Ryan

You are Mine Ch. 22


You are Mine Ch. 22

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