A Beautiful Revenge (Episode 4)

Episode 4
The episode start with Aanoor finish their performance and tia get jealous seeing their closeness then Mahnoor came in room saying she is going washroom she came inside and close the door and cry she don’t know why but she want to be with him even though she hate him as she says but somewhere in her heart she know she love him very much and the more she try to stop herself the more she get close to him she don’t how to stop her feelings she don’t want to feel anything but her feelings is just getting stronger and stronger then after sometime aayan came and knock on door and Mahnoor wipe her tears and said
Mahnoor:yes I’m coming saying this she gone in washroom and wash her face and then came out and saw aayan he was standing waiting for her she came toward him and said
Aayan turn and saw her and stare her for sometime then said
Aayan:nothing saying this he gone down and then mahnoor also came down after sometime guest left and everyone had dinner then after dinner mahnoor’s parents left and everyone gone in their room respectively when Mahnoor came aayan was working on laptop she came toward cupboard and took out a simple pink saree and gone in washroom to change after sometime she came out and remove her jewelry except mangalsutra and sindoor and then came and lie down on bed as she came and lie down on bed aayan switch off the lights mahnoor turn to his side and said
Mahnoor:why did u switch off the lights
Aayan didn’t look at her but while working said
Aayan:because u can’t sleep in lights
Mahnoor stare aayan and then fall asleep after sometime aayan too lie down and fall asleep then in the middle of the night Mahnoor get up suddenly and aayan also get up he saw her crying he switch on the lights and said
aayan:what happened mahi
mahnoor saw him and hug him tightly aayan hug her back and said
Aayan:bad dream
Mahnoor:it was horrible
Aayan:its ok don’t cry I’m here with u don’t be scared saying this he lie her down and switch off the lights again he also lie down and hug mahnoor she hug back and
both fall asleep peacefully in each others arms then days passes like that its been 2 weeks now and things start getting normal between them now Aanoor spend most of the time together and seeing that tia get jealous

One day In Morning
Mahnoor wake up in morning and saw aayan sleeping she was again in his arms hugging him tightly and resting her head on his chest mahnoor don’t understand she always sleep away from him but don’t know how she always wake up in his arms she smile and was getting up but again fall on Aayan and because she fall aayan wake up she was on top of him both stare each other then Mahnoor looked at her mangalsutra which was stuck in aayan’s shirt button she said sorry and start trying to free her mangalsutra from his shirt button and aayan was staring her lovingly her hairs was covering her face so Aayan hold her hairs and put them behind her ear and when Mahnoor feel his touch she look at him and both get lost in each others eyes that moment tia was passing from there and because the window was open she saw Aayan and Mahnoor she get jealous seeing aayan as he was coming close to mahnoor and was about to kiss her seeing this tia came toward the near by table there was a vase on it she took that and throw it down with such aggression that because of it sound Aanoor came in their sense and aayan get irritated and said
Aayan:wrong timing
mahnoor smile seeing aayan irritation then she freed her mangalsutra and gone in washroom aayan smile seeing mahnoor smiling and said
Aayan:god I love her so much saying this he fall on bed again after sometime Aanoor came down and had bf after bf aayan gone to meet his frd and mahnoor was in her room she was getting bored without aayan she was missing him

In Afternoon
Mahnoor came to suman in kitchen and ask her if she can go out for a drive because she is getting bore as she had her own car and she know driving suman ask her to have lunch then go and mahnoor agreed tia heard everything standing at door and thought in mind
Tia:now I’ll make u get out of my aayan’s life once and for all saying this she smirk and came in her room then she call someone and said something and cut the call and came down then everyone had lunch and after sometime Mahnoor came out to go for a drive she sat on car and tia saw her sitting and gone in her room thinking mahnoor is going on the other side Mahnoor was about to start the car but aayan came and said
Aayan: where r u going babe
Mahnoor:don’t call me babe and I’m going for drive I mean long drive
Aayan:not fair going alone without ur hubby
Mahnoor:so what
Aayan:I’ll come with u
Aayan:just like that now come out I’ll drive
Mahnoor:ok saying this she get down and sat beside driver seat and aayan sat on driver seat and start driving both were going then suddenly aayan get worried seeing him worried Mahnoor ask what happened and Aayan said
Aayan:breaks r not working
Aayan:yeah it’s not working saying this he tried harder to control it but it doesn’t work then when it was out of control Aayan said
Aayan:mahi open the door and jump
Mahnoor:what no
Aayan:please mahi its getting out of control saying this aayan turn the car and mahnoor said
Mahnoor:no I’m going leaving u like this
Aayan looked at mahnoor and said
Aayan:please mahi don’t be stubborn
Mahnoor:no I’m not going saying this she start crying aayan looked at mahnoor and said
Aayan:please don’t cry mahi
Mahnoor:I’m not crying
Aayan:ok now please jump
Mahnoor: no if u want u jump
Aayan:I can’t leave u like this I can’t risk ur life
Mahnoor:u can’t risk my life but u will risk ur life
Aayan:because I can do anything to save u
Mahnoor:then let’s jump together
Aayan:i can’t mahi I need to control this look I can’t see u in trouble if something happen to u I won’t be able to live please just jump
Aayan:mahi I love u babe I love u a lot saying this he open the car door and push mahnoor she fall down and Aayan saw a bus of kids was coming he turn the car and it hit on tree Mahnoor saw and shout
Mahnoor:aayan saying this she immediately run toward him his head was bleeding people came and help Mahnoor someone call ambulance and Mahnoor took Aayan hospital Mahnoor was crying and while crying she said
Mahnoor:why Aayan why u risk ur life for me saying this she cried and then after sometime they reach hospital doctor took aayan in ICU and Mahnoor inform aayan’s parents after sometime everyone came tia was shocked seeing Mahnoor suman came and ask Mahnoor what happened and Mahnoor told her everything then said
Mahnoor:he push me out of the car he risk his life to save me saying this she cried and hug suman and she said
Suman:don’t worry he will be fine he have to be fine for u saying this she wipe mahnoor’s tears then after sometime doctor came out tia was about to go but before her Mahnoor run to doctor and doctor said
Dr:who is from his family
Mahnoor:dr I’m mahnoor aayan’s wife how’s he is he fine he is out of danger please say something
Dr:calm down Mrs aayan he is perfectly fine in fact tomorrow u can take him home
Mahnoor feels alive hearing aayan is fine then nurse came and ask mahnoor to sign on some papers Mahnoor start signing and aayan’s parents get happy seeing mahnoor’s concern for aayan and tia get upset seeing Mahnoor alive then after sometime doctor said they can meet aayan everyone came and met aayan except mahnoor she didn’t came aayan search for her suman saw aayan and said
Suman:Mahnoor is in hospital temple don’t worry she is fine saying this she smile and aayan smile back then everyone left as nurse said only 2 persons can stay in hospital one in room and one outside suman ask Mahnoor to stay in room with aayan as she is his wife and tia force that she will also stay in hospital they agreed and then everyone left Mahnoor came in and saw aayan sleeping she came and sat beside him and tears start flowing from her eyes and fall on aayan’s hand as he feel her tears he wake up and seeing him awake Mahnoor wipe her tears and was going but aayan hold her hand and said
Aayan:why u didn’t came to meet me and now I’m awake so u r going
Mahnoor:leave my hand I don’t want to talk to u
Aayan:look at me
Mahnoor:leave my hand saying this she try to free her hand and suddenly aayan shout
Mahnoor immediately came close to him and said
Mahnoor:sorry r u ok I’m really sorry saying this she caresses his hand aayan smile and said
Aayan:I’m fine nothing happened
Mahnoor:but u shout
Aayan:just want u to come close that’s why
Mahnoor looked at him angrily and said
Mahnoor:you can’t change saying this she tr to go but aayan pull her and she fall on him both stare each other then aayan said
Aayan:don’t go
Mahnoor:why u pushed me out u could have jumped too
Aayan:I could but then I saw a bus of kids so I had to save them too u see I can’t risk 100 life to save myself
Mahnoor:and what if something happens to u don’t u want to live
Aayan:I saved u was enough for me if I would have died I would be happy because I saved my life before dying saying this hr smile and Mahnoor cry and said
Mahnoor:I hate u saying this she cried and aayan hug her and said
Aayan:I love u too
Mahnoor:I didn’t said I love u I said I hate u
Aayan:I know that u said I gate u but I also know what u feel in heart and I answer that feeling well leave all this I’m feeling sleepy
Mahnoor:wait have ur medicines first
Mahnoor:aayan please don’t behave like a kid now if u won’t eat medicine then u won’t get fine
Aayan:I’ll be fine without having medicines
Aayan came close to her and said
Aayan:if u stay close to me and if u will love me I’ll be fine without medicines as ur love is my medicine saying this he smile and mahnoor said
Mahnoor:don’t say dialogues now saying this she give him medicine and make him eat then aayan said
Aayan:let’s sleep saying this lie down and Mahnoor was going but aayan stop her and said
Mahnoor:on sofa
Aayan:no need u will sleep here
Mahnoor:where on u
Aayan:I don’t mind saying this he wink and mahnoor said
Mahnoor:u r shameless
Aayan:for u only babe now come here saying this he pull her and lie her down on bed with him as it was big then aayan hug her and said
Aayan:what would have happened if I would have before aayan could complete Mahnoor lightly hit his shoulder and said
Mahnoor:shut up don’t talk nonsense else I’ll go out
Aayan:ok sorry sorry don’t go saying this he hug her tightly and Mahnoor hug him back and both fall asleep in each others arms peacefully and tia who was seeing all this from outside get irritated seeing them getting close that to because of her then she gone and sit on bench and fall asleep like that

Next Episode:Tia’s Weird Tricks Making Aanoor Close…?
Hey frds h r u all ?
Here is 4th episode how’s it tell me till then bye tc and love u all ❤???

A Beautiful Revenge (Episode 4)


A Beautiful Revenge (Episode 4)


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