Solace of love ( swasan and raglak…) Part 24

Part 24
Sry guys for not uploading regularly.. I can get to know about how much you have missed my ff.. So I have come to the conclusion that I will upload in weekend.. Means weekly once Saturday or Sunday.. .. Hope you will understand my situation.. As I have project works and classes assignment and hofu.. Studies… N also an important reason is .. I am bit not too much lazy.. so buddies pardon me… N guys pls also if you are not OK with my decision then pls comment weather I should wind up in 2 to 3 Parts or continue.. To take you all to my faction world!!!

So guys you all wanted leap right.. N many asked me leap and raglak marriage.. But guys you have to wait for as they are just college students in my ff. N now the leap is that you will see when swasan will go to US and I am sure you guys will get some hot romance and ofcourse their cute nokjok… so let's get started.
RECAP: dadi asking rags hand for dev…. dev, dadi characters end… Some raglak light moments
PRECAP :swasan and raglak moments..

5 months leap
All are busy with work and also sad… It seems like they are working to control their sorrow ( what happened to the happy family????)
Dp comes down..
Dp: ap when must we leave?!!
But his words look like fell in deaf ears as ap is not here mentally..
Dp understand it.. N went near her n shakes her slowly n ap comes to senses..
Ap: what happened ji!!!!
Dp: nothing I asked you the flight timing
Ap: within 4 hours.
Dp: lucky is all arrangements ready?!!
Lak: haan pa.. N shall I call bhai and bhabi..
Dp: mm..k
Laksh goes to swasan room.. In the mean time godida's made a entry in mm…
Swasan room..:
Both looks sad as well as enthusiastic. .
Swa: sanky you know what I have mixture of many emotions…. Happy, thrilled, excited as well as.
Lak: sad. Am I right bhabi??!
San: y r u standing there come in..
Swa: haan ya come in.. N absolutely right lucky..
Lak: k bhabi. But pls don't say that word from your mouth.. As these senti words are not meant for my bhabi’s nature..
Swa: aww. So sweet see Mr. Maheshwari my best friend knows me better than you.. Learn something from him. .
San: ohh really then Mr.bhabi’s devar. When shall I join the class.
Lak: no bhai class won't suit you..
San: why ( confused)????
Swalak: as it needs brain which you don't have..
Saying this both burst out of laughter and gave hifi leaving sanky fumes…
San: I won't leave you both..
Saying this he started chasing both… N swalak started running downstairs..
All the family members watch them smilingly. .
As soon as they come near godida's.. Ragini started shouting while talking in the phone . As soon as she cut the call. She came running to swara, hugs her and shout in excitement..
Rags (shouts): wow guess what di. I'm coming to US after a week. Awesome right.. Omg di I'm flying out of world In excitement.
All looks on silently.. Finally laksh breaks the silence..
Lak: lado what are you blabbing.. I think you need to consult a doctor.
Rags: aree buddhu not only me you tooo….
Sumi: Rago.. Tell us clearly.
Rags: k wait. Actually me n lucky participated in a international level seminar competition. Guess what we are selected in national level n now we have to attend the international conference and seminar in US. N we have to leave next week n the conference is for 2 weeks alternative days… Awesome na!!!!!
Lak: wait… R u talking about the seminar we did last week??!!!
Rags: haan the same one..
Lak: wow great.. Really a big news…
Ap: if you both are this much excited then it must surely a big thing.. Anyway congrats you both…
Sumi: so both my daughters will be free of their mom's torture..
Swarag: maa… Pls don't say Like that..
Swa: ma if you speak like this.. Then I will cry.. N you all will think that it is not me…..
Dp: k enough let's start from here… Sanskar get all your luggage..
San: ji papa.. Lucky come help me..
Ada: come sanky even I will help you.
Trio leaves.. While others head towards the cars.
Both the family left to airport…

Gf and mf reached the airport..
After some emotional n funny moments …. Swasan flight took off….
As soon as flight took of mf and gf left to their homes and raglak went to clg..
After few hours…
Flight landed and our love birds (swasan) are all set to start their love journey in their new independent world (US)
After that they reached their lovely nest.. Swasan mansion.. ( k guys pls spare me for the mansion name.. As I'm a die hard fan of swasan)
When they are about to enter the house.. Swara was stopped by sanky..
San: swara just give me some time.. I will be back… N pls honey just few min. Wait here…
Without leaving a chancefor swara to speak sanky ran in……swara waited for some time… And then sanky came..
San: k wify ready to enter our new romantic world!!!!
Swa: sure dear hubby… ( guys they are in abroad so preparing an arti.. Does not goes well.. As till now sanky is alone here. So he won't be buying these kind of stuffs.. N one more thing just for logic.. Their mansion in cleaned and decorated neatly by Sanky's colleague)
As soon as both enter the mansion hand in hand.. Sanky presses the the remote he had in his hand. Just then there flows a rain of elegant red rose petals ?… Swara was awestruck by the surprise… Before she could come out of this here goes an another surprise.. The hall… It was decorated in a a romantic way.. With red and white balloons some in floor corners and some are tied up… N some cute rosses are pasted in the walls.. N there is mild fragrance of rose room freshener.. N that too with the smoke effects.. Each and every corner is lighted up with candles.. N last but not the least there are some words written with led lights.. Ohh.. What was that… By seeing those.. Swara.. Gets back to senses and hugs sanky tightly as how much she can.. While her eyes are filled with love and happy tears…. Sanky too hugs her back tightly this was a long passionate hug.. Where they forgot themselves….
So guys what was written in it?!!! Let's see..
" oh welcome my jaan I am so you loved it as no one can know about you more than me… . N I'm very proud to have you as my hamsafar.. N you have showed me the SOLACE OF LOVE in my life..
N pls come to your sense.. As your poor hubby needs your embrace.. Come on my sweetheart.."
After sometime both break the hug… And when she was about to leave.. Sanky holds her closer by pulling her waist.. N both had a cute eye lock… N after sometime both kiss passionately n after that they had their candle light dinner and then sanky asked swara for a dance. … Swara complies… Duo dance romantically.. While Sanam re plays in background.. While ending the dance sanky places a peck on swara's neck that made her shiver and clutch Sanky's hand tightly that which was holding her waist while her back rests on his chest… After some teasing sanky carried her to the master bedroom and lay her on the bed… N light goes of.. N they got intimate..
(so guys I know you all wanted some romantic scenes.. But guys I'm really poor at it but I will try my best.. For that you have to wait till next update… As it will be my 25th update.. I will show some hot romance of swasan and some cute romance of raglak.. N for that I need to take another leap of a week.. Hope you guys are OK with it..)
To be continued….

PRECAP: swasan hot romance and raglak cute romance

Solace of love ( swasan and raglak…) Part 24


Solace of love ( swasan and raglak…) Part 24


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