Sacred Bonding (Episode 4)

Sacred Bonding (Episode 4)

Episode 4:

Recap: Vidya acting frndshp with Jay to steal pen drive n Jay decided not to hurt her anymore

Vidya is having brk fst n Jay is doing work on laptop.

Vidya: Its so tasty

Jay: Acha. Do u have habit of lying Vidya?

Vidya coughed listening his question.

Vidya: N..No

Jay gave water to her n read a news on laptop.

Jay: Ms. Vidya Singh won first prize in Cooking competition conducted by Youth Talent Show.

Jay saw her seriously n Vidya is sacred n ready to shed tears. He got off from his place n came to her n sat in front of her.

Jay: Do u have anything to say?

Vidya: I am sorry Jay. As I am angry on u at that time, I lied to u saying that I didn’t know cooking.

Jay(shouted): Shut up

Vidya scared n dropped her plate n stood up.

Jay: I hate lies n cheating. U must b punished for this Vidya. I won’t spare u.

Saying this Jay raised his hand to slap. Vidya scared n closed her eyes n tears r flowing from her eyes. Jay seeing her tears dropped his hand.

Jay: Vidya, don’t cry. Its ok. I forgave u. pls stop crying. I can’t see u crying. Open ur eyes look at me.

Vidya opened her eyes listening him.

Jay: But don’t repeat it


Jay came close to her n wiped her tears n shocked her by kissing on her forehead.

Jay: You look very beautiful when u smile. So smile once pls. I am sorry beautiful.

Vidya(smiled): No, Its my fault, so I am Sorry

Jay: its ok. I won’t force u to do the works which u won’t like. So b frank n if u don’t like anything, just say that to me but don’t lie.

Vidya: Ok. From today I will cook food for u

Jay: Its upto u. no force. I didn’t want to restrict u in anything except talking to ur father. U must obey me in this regard whether u like it or not. If u talk with him without my permission, then I won’t b this cool n frndly towards u. So remember this.

Vidya(joining both her hands as if praying): Ok. Don’t start the same lecture again. I think by mistake u became rock star Professor is the suitable profession to u. One more thing u too look good only wen u smile. I really scare to see u wen u r angry. Can u smile once?

Jay(smiled): Ok. Now get ready. lets go out if u like. Bcoz u r not a prisoner to stay at home all time n u may feel bore. So first lets go to my fav place n then whereever u want.

Vidya: Wow.I am really tired of being at home all the time. Its really disgusting. I hate it (kept kid’s face)

Saying this she went n got ready. She is wearing red colour sari in which she is looking damn beautiful. Jay starring at her n he us totally lost in her thoughts n aft sonetime realised n went out of the room saying her to come down aft getting ready. Vidya got ready n went to him.

Vidya:Shall we go?

Jay: Ya

Vidya is going.

Jay: Vidya one minute

Vidya: What

He came near to her n her heart started beating fastly coz she can sense love in his eyes. She bent her head to avoid seeing him.

Jay: Do u really hate that much to stay at home all the time?

Vidya looked him n nodded.

Jay: You can go anywhere u want but on one condition

Vidya: Shouldn’t meet my father, right?

Jay: You are very smart girl. You are right

Vidya: Ok.

Jay: Promise me

Vidya: Promise

Jay: Do watever u want n live as u r at ur maternal home.

Vidya: Shall I ask u one thing?

Jay: Yes u can

Vidya: I want to do jo.

Jay: Ok

Vidya: Can u appoint me as ur personal secretary?

Jay: What?

Vidya: If u didn’t like then I will try another job.

Jay: No No. Actually I thought to ask u the same. But I thought u may not agree or feel otherwise so I didn’t

Vidya: No I won’t. I really like to work with u

Vidya(inner voice): Only then I can know wat u r. Any person can act for sometime but not all the time. Let me see wat u r actually.

Jay: Hello madam, whr do u lost? come lets go

He took her to an orphan home run by him. Vidya liked the place very much. Jay n Vidya took blessings from mother who is in incharge of it in Jay’s absence.

Vidya: Is it run by u?

Jay: By my mom

Vidya: Oh. I liked this place very much. These kids who r very innocent n their smiles, wow I just love this place Neel

Jay looked her. Vidya realised wat she said.

Vidya: Sorry Jay

Jay didn’t react to her words as if he didn’t notice but he noticed her saying Neel.

Jay: My mom too love this place a lot.

Vidya: Shall I join with those kids?

Jay: Permission is not necessary. U can do anything u want except one thing n u know wats dat.

Vidya went to kids n started playing with them. She totally lost herself in playing with them. A kid sat in her lap n she is pampering them n listening to them smilingly. She is so happy n she too became a kid along with them. Jay felt happy looking her. Its past 2 hrs n she is still playing with them. Jay went to her.

Jay: Vidya, Shall we go?

Vidya: ok

One of the kids came forward to them n hold his hand sighed him to sit. Jay sat down n saw him.

Kid: Bhaiya, She is so good like Maa, U n suhana di. Who is she?

Jay didn’t understand wat to answer n lost in thoughts.

Vidya: If he is ur bhaiya then I am ur bhabhi

Jay looked her shockingly. They left from there n are in car.

Vidya: I am sorry. I know u didn’t like me saying bhabhi to them. But we can’t explain our relationship better than that. As long as I stay with u its necessary for us to behave as couple before others.

Jay: its ok.

Jay(inner voice): I love u Vidya. But I can’t say that to u. I didn’t know the reason for falling in love with u. But I love u truly. I know u love Neel n our relationship stays only for sometime. But still my heart wants u to b with me forever.

Vidya: Whr r we going now?

Jay: Ur wish

Vidya: Park near by our home

Jay: ok

Both went to park. Vidya is njoying the cool breeze as its evng. She is searching something

Jay: wat r u searching for?

Vidya: Ice cream

Jay: What

Vidya: I want ice cream. I am searching thst is there any shop here which sells ice cream

Jay: There’s no shop here like dat. But there’s one near by. U can have it while returning to home

Vidya: I want now

Jay(irritatingly): Arey from where should I get it for u now?

Vidya turned another side n is silent. Jay saw her being upset

Jay: Vidya, look here

Vidya didn’t see him

Jay: Ok. U sit here. I will bring ice cream for u

Vidya smiled and looked him

Vidya: Thank u

Jay: Keep smiling like dat all the time. Don’t go anywhere. Sit here. I will come soon

Jay went n came with ice cream. But didn’t see Vidya. He searched there but didn’t see her. He is really so upset thinking she left n sat on kness in sad crying bendind his head.

Jay(inner voice): Y did u do this Vidya. I didn’t expect this from u. I didn’t know y but I feel as if I will die without u. I love u

Jay heard the sound of anklets n rised his head. Vidya is coming n he went to her n hugged her. Vidya shocked but can’t resist seeing him crying.

Vidya: Jay, r u ok? Wat happen?

Jay broke the hug.

Jay(shouting): Whr did u go n why? I told u to sit here. Y did u move from here.

Vidya: Listen to me first

Jay: Nothing is there to listen. we r going to home

He caught her hand tight n is dragging her

Vidya(shouts): Leave me

Jay saw her n left the hold on her hand. Vidya caught his hand

Vidya: Come with me

She took him to a place n candles are arranged there on the sand. Jay looked n got surprised as its written “Happy Birthday Jay”. Jay looked her

Vidya: Happy birthday Jay

Jay: Thank u. But how do u know

Vidya: I saw ur profile on google at mrng. Pls cut the cake.

Jay: I didn’t want to celebrate my bday.

Vidya: I want to celebrate it.Pls

Jay smiled n cut the cake n kept in her mouth.

Jay: So for making these arrangements u sent me for ice cream?

Vidya: Ya

After their celebrations they chit chatted for sometime n left to him. Vidya prepared his fav food n served him. He is totally confused with her behaviour but didn’t ask her anything.

Precap: Jay saw Vidya meeting Neel.

Sacred Bonding (Episode 4)


Sacred Bonding (Episode 4)

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