Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 37 (genuine write up)

Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 37 (genuine write up)

This is the real episode 37 as someone wrote with my name that is not me… nd that is not my story line hope u guyzz understand… nd plzz who ever it is dont do that…!!

The episode starts with kunj crying in happiness he realizes that she was in the same taxi he runs down to the taxi stand but finds the taxi gone he is heartbroken kunj self talk: i will find u twinkle somehow i will find
Next day

Twinkle is teaching ravi passes by the class where twinkle is teaching he glances at her while she teach (mera man kehney laga plays) she notices him nd the bell rings
Twinkle comes to ravi
Twinkle: what happened ravi any work?
Ravi becomes conscious
Ravi: umm..wo..i… woo
Twinkle is surprised as his behvior
Twinkle: i..woo…umm stop telling this nd tell me what is it
Ravi: umm no umm…actually twinkle….
Twinkle: hmmm
Ravi: can u come on a dinner with me?
Twinkle is stunned she smiles a bit
Twinkle: suree ravi
Ravi gets happy nd is about to hug her in happiness but stops he leaves telling her to be ready at 6

Next scene
Kunj reaches an agency to find twinkle he gives them the pic nd asks them that he have to find her agency tell them to meet there assistant at 7 in the ______ restaurant kunj agrees nd leaves

Next scene
Ravi comes in car to pickup twinkle she is wearing pink nd white saree with nd embroidery of black color she is looking very beautiful ravi looks at her (mera mann kehney laga plays) twinkle comes nd sits she smiles at ravi
Ravi: u r looking beautiful
Twinkle: thank u
They leave
In the car

Ravi nd twinkle r not speaking to each other ravi feels awkward nd switches on the radio jab wo hastii hai barish hoti hai barish hoti haii plays twinkle recalls kunj singing for her in the rain nd they enjoying tears falls down from her eyes she changes the song sheila ki jawaani plays she recalls how twinj were dancing in the canteen nd laughing she gets more teary eyed she switches off the song nd asks ravi to stop the her
Ravi: what happened twinkle… why r u telling me to stop the car
Twinkle: i told u to stop the car
Ravi: why is everything ok

Twinkle screams at him
Ravi is shocked at her behavior nd stops the car it starts to rain twinkle opens the door nd stands outside she cries vigorously thinking about kunj ravi comes out too he comes to twinkle
Ravi: what happened twinkle y r u crying??
Twinkle: KUNJJJJ (she screams his name)
Ravi is shocked
Ravi: who kunj?

Twinkle tells him everything she shows kunjs picture ravi is heartbroken he gets teary eyed he holds twinkles shoulder nd pulls her close
Ravi: i love u twinkle i will accept u in any cause
Twinkle looks at him she is shocked nd stunned
Twinkle: im sorry ravi… i cant love u at any cost I LOVED KUNJ, I LOVE KUNJ, ND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE KUNJ (it echoes) no matter what
Ravi: but kunj did all that to u how can u love him so much
Twinkle: i didnt forgive him… if i didnt forgive him that doesnt mean i will forget him… im sorry ravi
Ravi: its ok u told ur desire but we still can be friends
Twinkle hugs him
Twinkle: thank u for understanding me ravi thank u soo much
Ravi doesnt hug her back

Meanwhile kunjs car passes through kunj sees twvi (ravi nd twinkle) hugging each other he smiles looking at them kunj recall the rain romance between them he gets teary eyed twinkle feels kunjs presence she breaks the hug nd turns around (sajna ve plays) ravi calls twinkle she doesnt listen nd keep looking at the car in which kunj is ravi makes her move
Ravi: where r u twinkle
Twinkle: umm nothing lets go
Twinkle self talk: why did i feel kunj is here

Next scene kunj is in the restaurant twvi also comes there twinkle again feels kunjs presence she starts to look here nd there
Kunj is talking to one of the agency people who will find twinkle
Ravi to twinkle: come lets go
She nods twvis table is opposite of kunj nd the agent but with a lot of distance (sajna ve plays)
Kunj feels twinkles presence he starts to look for twinkle by the time the waiter comes in between twinkle nd kunj… kunj doesnt see twinkle he looks on the other side the agent asks kunj to sit he sits without looking at twinkle

The host comes there nd speaks up
Host: this day will be a memorable day for everyone as on this day we will make everyone confess something…hmm this is gonna be a very tough situation… but there is a twist the doors of this restaurants will be locked noone will be able to go out or come in and one more twist u people wont choose who will come we will choose so hang on ur seats nd hold ur hearts we will start this game in a very short time
Kunj soul talk: i wish twinkle was here i would have expressed everything to her or maybe she would have forgived me..!!!
Screen freezes on kunj nd twinkles face

Precape: the light comes on kunj twinkle is shocked to see him she gets teary eyed

Hope u guyzz like it…!!!
Nd the episode 37 which u guyzz read that wasnt mine someone else wrote that nd posted… hope u guyzz like my this episode…!!!

Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 37 (genuine write up)


Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 37 (genuine write up)

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