Chander-Lekha (Episode 1)

In the main road of the city,two ladies goes in their scooty with helmet covering their heads.the person driving is in her late teens and the one sitting in the back is in her early 20’s.they shares some resembles which clear us that they must be sisters or cousins.The girl in the back sees red signal and asks her sister to stop her vehicle because they must follow the traffic rules. Her sister doesn’t hear yo her words and continues leaving.She shouts “Meenu,stop “.she stops and asks her sister “What is ur problem di ?”.She get down from the vehicle and begins to walk in the road,without listening to her sister calling her,she gets into the auto .

A man gets up from his bed and sees the time and jerks from the bed ,he runs to the bathroom to freshen up.He hears someone calling his name loudly and comes down with wet hair and sees Meenu standing in the door.He asks her to come in and searches for her sister.She says “Jiju,she left in the road and begins to leave in auto “,he smiles and says “Manvi is always like that “.Lekha reaches the place and get down from the auto and steps into the office.The MD of MK promoters comes out angrily shouting at his employees and collide with Manvi.They share a eye lock.

Chander-Lekha (Episode 1)


Chander-Lekha (Episode 1)


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