I’m backkkkkk Mr.(9)

Scene 1
Unknown location
Laksh: told you that is my 59th time I’m used to it so don’t worry I can handle myself in this situation and I remember everything that happened and don’t worry about the marriage Haven’t consummate as I was in half senses when she came over me she was playing a recording of my voice.
Laksh:: by the way y r u getting frustrated bcz of that
Ragini: me frustrated y
Laksh: well ragini I remember everything that happened last night
Ragini: evrythngggggg
Laksh:yeah smiling naughtily

Ragini: even ourr ki..
Laksh: how can I Can I forget the most memorable thing of my life
Ragini: did you really
Laksh: yeah
Ragini: God
Laksh: even GOD took my side
Ragini:let’s go home
Laksh: r u out of ur senses I mean how can we go all property is on kavya’s name she vil insult u beat u and
Ragini interrupted: no 1 can harm me
Laksh: how
Ragini: wait and watch

Ragini:surprise and she freed her handz
Laksh :shocked how did u do
Ragini shows him a small knife and says it was in my pocket. Let’s go
Laksh: I can’t take risk
Ragini: OK I vil do gymnastics and vil get out of here
Laksh: no need u may harm urself. Let’s go
Ragini smiles
They went to mm
Scene 2
I’m mm evry1 is shocked as kavya shows them papers and says I wanted to make ragini weak fr inside and fr that I need Lucy and explains that y the songs in party
Swara: how u know which song makes ragini weak

On first when ragini took bLessings from and all went she stopped swara and tell her to meet in garden and both went there kavya spotted them in garden and listened their convo
Ragini:swara after so much hardships I’m the owner of mehra industries and companies in this journey when breakdown 1 song made me stronger and that song made breakdown when I’m stronge. Tonight is party songz vil be played kavya vil obviously do smthng don’t let San re song plz I vil break down. And it’s last passage relates to my life so
Swara interapted: OK now hug me.

They hug
Fb endz
Kavya:that’s how I got to know
Raglak were listening this Laksh was about to enter in rage ragini held his hand sign him to be calm. Both enter evry1 was shocked as ragini was missing from morning.
Ragini: property is not on ur name. Evry1 gets shocked
Kavya: how

Ragini:let me tell u guyz know remember when DP uncle’s property was on my name next day I signed the papers and property again went on dp’s name I tortured u bcz I wanted u to feel same through which I went but sm1 took it wrong and eyes Lucy. And the property which is revolving in this family is on DP uncle’s name from start u may call ur lawyers. Laksh closes his eyes in pain. Ragini watches. Aftersm time lawyers cm and says that property is on dp’s name. Kavya gets shocked and acts to apologizing. Police arrived evry1 gets shocked.
Kavya: y police has arrived
Ragini: to take u fr ur deedz
Kavya: wt evidence u hv

Ragini: the cameras
Kavya: their photoage is with me
Ragini: I hacked them. And their copy is with police so byyy
And police took kavya

Plz give idea

How’s pic I selected

I’m backkkkkk Mr.(9)


I’m backkkkkk Mr.(9)


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