Swaragini (love forever) Episode 37

Swaragini (love forever) Episode 37

hey anu here is the summary fromk epi 25.
swar reunites with her family and has some momnets with sanky as she has to live with her parents now.next day maheshwari family is called by swara and she says she loves sid shocking everyone as sid had made her mms and blackmailed her.maya and sanskar’s marriage id fixed too.swara tells truth to sanskar and raglak.villains plan sth evil for swara and laksh hears them.sumi sujata ap also join them and stop engagement.they succeed.swasan and raglak open each other’s fast.swasan and raglak do secret engagement in each other’s presence.anu wants direct marriage and laksh tells plan.raglak search for mms and maya is slapped by swara for being close to sanskar.jealousy arises and cute moments take place that make u smile.marriage comes and whole truth is out.maya was actaully with swasan and raglak throughout as she gets to kno that anu is murderer of her parents and want property.she helped swasan and raglak to find proof against them.and u have read last epi….

anu gets mad.sid dies.shekhar asks maya to be his daughter.maya asks for swasan and raglak marriage right away.suddenly….

all are happy.suddenly swara faints.doc comes.
doc:who is her husband.
doc::its good news
doc:she is pregnant.
all are shocked including swasan.
ap:sanskar is her husband.u may leave now
doc leaves
swara is speechless
swasan remember their intimacy moment
tears are flowing swara’s eyes.
swara:ma baba…
ap comes and sits by her and caresses her head
ap:u guys are children.it wasnt ur mistake.we can understand that u didnt do it intentionally
dp:yes ap is right.we want to hear what happened

sanskar:its not swara’s fault
swara:stop covering…
maya:its my fault
maya:swara was really afraid after i pushed her from cliff and in order to save her sanskar also fell.i tried to kill her again and when i left i saw how sanskar consoled her and she was feeling solace in his arms.love can not be controlled.so plz forgive them and marry them
sumi:i have got my daughter afetr so long.i dnt want her to be unhappy
shekhar:i agree

swara bursts out crying at her family’s love
sujata:stop crying.its harmful for our grandchild
swasan join hand and asks for forgiveness
ram:we forgave u.now get ready for marriage
raglak reminisce their intimacy too and feel embarrassed.they tell to swasan but they ask them to keep it a secret forever as they dnt want their respect to be maligned.
raglak hug them.

swara is already dressed.and so do sanskar.
maya dresses up ragini and laksh is dressed too.
brides descend down and sanlak lift swaragini and take them to mandap.
pandit explains them the imporatnce of marriage and they stand for pheras.

1st round:
pandit:first round is taken as couple prays to God for plenty of nourishing and pure food
swara thinks:he will always get delicious food made by my hands
sanskar:nourishing food is good for my swara and our baby.

2nd round:
pandit:in second round couple prays for prosperous life and pray for mental,physical and spiritual health
laksh:our life will be very charming ragini.
ragini:till u r with me i know i will remain happy

3rd round:
pandit:in third round couple prays for wealth and pray to stick together
sanskar thinks:may ur all worries become mine and may me happiness becomes yours
swara:i wanna laugh with you and cry on ur shoulder by hugging u

4th round:
pandit:in fourth phera couple prays for increase in their love and respect for tehm and their families
laksh:our love will never end
ragini:our love will increase daily and our family will be our support and we will be their support

5th round:
pandit:in fifth phera couple asks for beautiful heroic children
sanskar:thnk u God for letting this child come in our life.i want a daughter like swara.plz fulfill this request.
swara:thnk u God for giving me the happiness of being mother of sanskar’s child
laksh:i wanna have a girl like ragini.innocent but brave.and yeah face like janvi my old cutie plz.
ragini:we will have cute boys laksh.

6th round:
in sixth round couple prays for long life
sanskar:i will never let anything happen to swara.if death has to come it will have to face me first
swara:if death will come then i will stand in front of sanskar as his saviour but wnt let anything happen to him
laksh:i cant live without ragini.i promise i will never let any harm happen to u
ragini:i wnt let u go away from me.if sth happens to u i will die with u.

7th round:
pandit:in last round couple prays for comapnionship, togetherness, loyalty and understanding
sanskar:we will stay together till we our last breath
swara:i know u wnt leave me and i wnt let u leave me
laksh:the day when u go away from me will be my last day
ragini:that day will never come when we separate.


sanskar fills swara’s hairline and laksh fills ragini’s hairline.the grooms dorn mangalsutra to their respective brides.
swaragini look at her mangalsutra:
swara:its not a jewellery item but a sacred thread of love
ragini:of goodwill and this ties us to our love.

swaragini hug sanlak.
they take elder’s blessings.
parineeta coughs:rooms are ready

couples shy and all giggle……
swasan and raglak look at each other

next epi:SUHAAGRAAT………


Swaragini (love forever) Episode 37


Swaragini (love forever) Episode 37

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