Swalak : Arranged (Intro)

My first ff on Swalak. I liked this couple when Swaragini started but then it got changes as Swasan. But for me Swalak will always be close to my heart. So here I bring this !

~~Swalak : Arranged to be mine

Its 2016; and in this generation probably 20% youth believe in ‘Arranged Marriage.’ The rest believe in love. Fairy tale. And all the cheesy stuff that happen in typical Bollywood romance.

For Swara Roy, A London based Fashion designer, Love holds a different meaning altogether. For her its something that wastes ones time and life. She is a girl with a broken heart, afraid to love and getting hurt.

But what happens when an awful news breaks leaving Swara in pieces ? What will happen when she will be forced to marry a man of her mothers choice ? What if the man is none other than Laksh Maheshwari, a famous and suave businessman and the heir of Maheshwari industries.

Will Laksh’s presence in Swara’s life, change her perspective about love ? Will she be able to raise a family with him just how her parents want to ?

Most importantly will she able to fall in love with him…

Continue reading to find out.


I don’t know how many Swalak fans are here . Ao Swalak fans if you like this story only then it will be continued.

I am telling/warning you I m not a nice writer. Bear my mistakes and bear me foremost !

Swalak : Arranged (Intro)


Swalak : Arranged (Intro)


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