swaragini would it better for me (Episode 6)

hi guys my ff name is swaragini would it be better for me. thank u so much for ur comment
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ok lets begin
in bus
swara :where is dhurv?
laksh:i think he might be in another bus with sanskar
laksh:wat happened y r u sad when ur romeo is here
swara:u will not leave me right
swara:u will not leave me right .
laksh:wat happened swara
swara:laksh the people whom i love the most always leave me soon . my mom ,dad,sista everyone
u will not leave me right
laksh:trust me i will not . swara i may not get to see you as often as i like i may not hold u in my arms through the night but deep in my heart i truly know you are the one that i love and i cannot let u go anywhere
swara rests her head in laksh shoulder

snece swifts to dhurv and ragini
dhurv:u know actually i hate u
ragini does not not reply
dhurv:because of ur attitude y u r not speacking can i know the reason
dhurv : leave it any way what ever i am saying u can only hear but u cann’t speak.do u we both have no similar characters
dhurv:i will speak like anything but u will just hear
ragini:i am hungry
dhurv: atlast u said ur hungry even me too
dhurv : see there is a hotel come
ragini and dhurv went to the hotel
waiter:wat do u want sir
dhurv:two setsoff chapatti, noodle friedrice thats it
ragini does not reply
after sometime waiter came and gave everything
dhurv:do want anything
ragini stares him
dhurv :ok have this chapatti atleast
ragini smiles
dhurv:only chapatti not more than that
after some time they ate food and they came out
a military van came there . dhurv explained the problem and they joined the miltary van
military officer 1 :r u lovers
dhurv:me that to with this type of girl never
military officer:ok

next day morning
dhurv and ragini reached shimla and dhurv went to swara ,laksh and sanskar and said wat happen
sanskar:do u know dhurv i was in another bus i thought u where with swara
dhurv:but it was not that much boring with her
swara:so u talked with tat lasy goose
dhurv:ya swara offcourse but i did not get any reply
teacher:guys we can to shimla i will tell u about raj . he is our guide he will take us

swaragini would it better for me (Episode 6)


swaragini would it better for me (Episode 6)


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