Sadda Haq 11th November 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Sanyu says i have an option randhir. she reads the text on her phone. PKC asks sanyu to leave the lab. Sanyu goes out and asks randhir to come out. Radhir comes to sanyu and sasy what is that option? sanyu says I gave a test in TCC and they are calling me for interview randhir says when did all this happened? He says why did you do this? I said I will arrange something. You don trust me? sanyu says I wanted to do it alone I wan to prove mt parents I can do something by myself. . He says what about lab? She says I will study from you. I really have to go. He says go I don’t care.
At TCC, the man asks his PA where is that girl? PA says I texted her but she didn’t reply. He says she must be scared of our discipline and strictness. Sanyu comes to TCC. she asks the receptionist where I wanna meet Mr. Vikram. A student says finally we got to see some greenery. The receptionist says please wait ma’am I will inform sanyu.
Vidushi recalls in the lab, the woman asking her why you divorced Varun? Yoyo and jiggy are fighting as usual. Jiggy says go and do farming. he says are you mechanic? PKC stops them and asks randhir where I sanyu? you can’t do ths alone you need a partner for this. He says I can do it alone sir I have no issue. He says in heart sanyu why you never fulfill your promises.
The receptionist asks sanyu are you the one who solved the paper in 15 mins? She says yes, why? receptionist says I am happy to know that. she recalls words of ankit, anju and then vardhan telling her that you’re and engineer you can solve every problem. She goes to vikram’s cabin. She says MR. Vikram? May I come in? He says I can’t hear you. Sanyu says you receptionist told me you called me for interview. that is what I am here for? He asks are you really sanyukta? She says yes sir I am. He says okay come in. He asks her to sit. Sanyu shows him her resume. He says let me check it. He says so you are from FITE, dream team? He says to his teacher were you talking about her? Is she the one who wants to be out part time faculty? He says yes. the teacher asks why you wanna join teaching after having such a good profile. sanyu says I always wanted to train new generation and teach them what we were not taught. Vikram and the other teacher ask her many questions related. SHe answers all of them confidently. Sanyu says in heart they shouldn’t know that I am still a student. Vikram says this institute has got some name and you are in inexperienced candidate. How can I give you such a responsibility. There are 99% boys in this institute. sanyu says I should get a chance how can you regect me? He says of course I can. This is my institute. Leave sanyunkta. Sanyu is about to leave. Vikram gives arman a list of students. sanyu comes back and says I am meant for this job. Sanyu says there is no one more deserving than me for this job. You are an owner of this institute but you were the beginner once and you started from the scratch as well. You neither had an experience. Vikram says okay I will give you one chance and you have to prove yourself. Sanyu says my salary? He sas don’t you think you are expecting a lot?
Sadda Haq 11th November 2014 Written Update
Sanyu goes out and says thank God I have got this chance. I will go to ranhir and give the good news. I hope he is not angry with me.
Randhir’s hand has got burnt with the machine. everyone comes to him. He says leave me alone I am fine. Parth says you have to go o medical room for aid. He says I don’t wanna go anywhere. PKC asks him to go. randhir goes. parth follows him. PKC says he will do it himself. Everyone get back to work.
SAnu goes to clinic and asks did randhir come here? Doctor says no he didn’t. Sanyu wonder where else can he go. he must be sitting somewhere is anger. She goes out and sees randhir. She says come with me look your hand is burnt. He says go and focus on your students. SAnyu sats stop acting like a kid. He says like you are so mature to leave you practical for job. Sanyu says we will fight on that later. come with me now, she takes him to clinic where he gets the medical aid.He shoves the hand of doctor. sanyu says I will do it. sanyu dresses his burnt. Sanyu says why are you so angry you know how important it was. he says why you always have to go against me. Sanyu says I never knew you won’t be happy on my success.
Precap- the class is full of boys. SAnyu enters the class and says silence, I am your new teacher. everyone laughs on her.
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