Yeh hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA SS- Burning Desire (Episode 6)

(Raman and Ishita‘s Room)

After going through his itinerary for tomorrow Raman put his phone down.
Tension filled the room with only the rustling of pages invading the silence.

Ishita was reading one of her favorite romance novels as it sort of relaxed her.
Ishita, Raman’s voice broke the unbearable silence.

About this morning, he started.
She lifted her head and retorted what about this morning?
She got out of bed and walked to the balcony putting her book down on the night stand.

The air had a slight chill and she rubbed her arms as she stared into the night sky.
We need to talk Ishita, Raman continued.
It shouldn’t have happen ……I shouldn’t have taken advantage of you like that ,he exhaled
His voice was filled with regret.

No need to say sorry, she answered as her eyes started to well up.
He got up and walked towards an unknowing Ishita and stood behind her.
Look, a voice whispered behind her.
The distance between them was non-existence.

Ishita was hurt but she knew as a wife certain duties have to be fulfilled.
He didn’t have to rub his infidelity in her face and in front of Ruhi.

Maybe he didn’t feel the same way she felt?
What did I feel for Raman she thought?

(It has become clear to most of the family that Raman and Ishita were in love, except they were the only two that was in the dark about it. All the signs were there…….
The morning coffee in bed
Their hate towards each other have changed to friendliness and kindness.
Both were a working as a team taking care of Ruhi and each other’s needs.
They have become friends the past few months and shared their day with each other, their lives.
Subconsciously they knew that their friendship had turned to love but because neither of them spoke about it … left them frustrated.
We’ll all they had to do say express it … just 3 words but that seem to be too difficult.)

I’m sorry, he went on, turning her around to face him.
I had been a little drunk and was under the impression that I was dreaming.
He said looking in her eyes.
A tears escaped her eyes as she turned around wiping it away with her hand and moving away from him.

Next time she whispered, you can ask your friend you were so cosy with in the mall.
Her voice clearly revealed hurt she had.
Just don’t do your philandering in front of me or my child.

What the hell, he said.
Turning her towards him.
She moved back as he was slowly closing the distance between them. She came to an abrupt stop when her back felt the coldness of the wall against her back.

Listen, Ishita he said pinning her against the wall.
Their noses almost touching………the sudden closeness made her nervous and she felt her legs about to give in.
She is just a college friend.
She is married for God’s sake.
I haven’t seen her in years and we met only today.
We have been friends since school and all through college.

How can you even think I could cheat on you …he sighed.
He cupped her face and planted a soft kiss on her forehead.

I have feelings for you and each time you tell me about your heartbreak, my heart breaks too.
I hate the fact that Subhu has your love and I only have your friendship.
Ishita I know we married for the sake of Ruhi but nowadays, I don’t know.

At the party looked so beautiful….and all the guys were drooling over you when you danced.
I felt great as I knew you are my wife.
They thought you were hot, but part of me hated it.
You really don’t know how beautiful you are,
You mesmerize me, Ishita.
Everything about you is amazing…he said as he gently removed a strand of hair that was obscuring his view.
I have been trying my level best to keep my hands of you, but you make it so difficult …..
You are mine and mine alone.
He confessed.

Raman’s hand swiftly held her lower back pulling her closer to him.
The unexpected intimacy between them caught Ishita off guard.
His subtle touches send shivers down her spine.
Her heart was beating like crazy and her breath quicken.

Not even Subhu made her feel like this and at that moment she knew that she too have feelings for him.
Raman, Ishita whispered Subhu don’t have my love…..she begun.
Placing her hands around his neck, she shyly smiled and whispered in his ear…..

Only you have a place in my heart……No one else…..

So your telling me that you don’t love Subhu anymore …….he asked with his one eyebrow raised.
No, she mumbled while looking down and playing with her fingers like Ruhi always did when she was in trouble.
With one swift movement he hugged her and twirled her around…

You don’t know how happy I am hearing this, Ishita …..He excitedly said.
You will wake Ruhi……a blushing Ishita said softly.
He gently placed her back on the ground and for the first time they saw the love in each others eyes.

Yeh hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA SS- Burning Desire (Episode 6)


Yeh hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA SS- Burning Desire (Episode 6)


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