Hello guyz before startng i want to ask smthng…
1. Wether u guyz want me to write my ff kuch iss trh or u want only one shots
2. Any specefic topic or plot on which u want my one shot..
As every girl has a dream of getting married i also had a dream i want a caring hubby …bt smthng stops me frm dreaming n itz reality….
“I was 12 when my father passed away ….me n my mum face many difficulties we hv seen a the extreem times…when my dad was alive we were quite worries a perfect life…but one day changed lots of things i was in 7 standard i was very happy as i got selected for the play which is to be done on national level….i came back home happyly but found no one at home i was worried…i asked my neighbours n they said mum n dad went to hospital…i called my mum frm pco she said my uncle is coming to pick me…he came n picked me the moment i enterd my dad’s ward..he was unconcious a tear skip frm his closed eyes n he left me…he left me to fight with whole world alone with my mum….i was shatterd bt i compose myself as i kno that i hv to take care of her as well n ya i suceed in that i make her strong n closes myself in my own world…where i dont share my emotions with anyone…i was afraid of that feeling called love ….only person who matters in my lyf is my mum….now m 24 n apporx 19 people “rejected” me for marriage because they cant bear my “stupid n illogical” demand….i demanded that i will only marry if they accept me to take my mum with me….really ? My demand was “illogical”?? Well i dont think so..people use to taunt me that no one will marry me n i dont give a damn to them…”
Shomi: beta plz apni ye zidd chhor De tu ladki h …uska ghr uska sasural hota h…n who demand to take mum with her…

Swara: mom i dont wanna discuss on this i hv taken my decision n thats final if they are ready to accept u then only i will marry hom othervise no way…

Shomi: beta (interepted by a lady) ” look swara u hv toget married they can come here at any point n i want u to say yes
Swara: aunty i hv told u that its my lyf n i hv ryt to choose a soule mate for me u are no one to decide n rahi baat shadi ki aap logo ki gadi shadi pe q atak jati h…m educated ..n earning quite well so itz upto me what i choose….we talk about equality ryt then y this discrimination if a boy can look after his parents after marriage then y not a girl..
She left for room
All this convosersation was heard by sanskar who has came here to see her…
At last as usual they went n denied for marriage…but swara’s words ” if a boy can look after his parents after marriage then y not a girl..” were echoing in his mind..
Sanskar: she was so ryt man…if a guy can do that y not a girl … she is perfect example of beauty with brain…she is confident…independent n has her own point of view …she is unique man…
Sanky went to meet his frnd arjun at his office…arjun called a girl n says
“Miss gadodia u hv to shift to cape town for our new project n ya u will get promoted n get increased salary too”
Girl: m sorry sir i cant my mum’s health doesnt allow her to travel that long so i cant go…
Arjun: swara R u serious its a lyftym opportuniy people die to take this n u r dening this for a silly reason..
Swara: sry sir bt i cant my mum is my priority career comes next n vese b iss post pe m itta kama leti ho k asani se ghr chl jye so i cant…
Swara leaves n sanky again lost in her love for her mum…sanky started falling for her…he asked arjun for a favour
” yr i need ur help”
Arjun:ya sure what can i do for u?

Sanky: i want ur company
Arjun:(hell shocked) what ?? R u insane??
Sanky: ya m insane i want to buy ur compny so that i can be with swara …
Arjun:(smiles) seems someone is in love haan(winks)
Sanky: (shy) ya i love her n more than that i respect her i just want k(interepted bt arjun)i will shift her to ur compny will it be okay?
Sanky:(happiness overloaded) ya i would be great but how?
Arjun: that u leave on me..

Arjun some how send swara to karma(sanaskar’s firm)…here sanskar has instructed everyone one not to call him sir..and dont let swara know about the owner…everyone was smiling as they can understand that he is in luv with swara..they were shocked to kno that why he fall for her bt as soon as she joined the office everyone understands that she is so different…..swara joined the office n meets sanskar he introduces himself as his co head in marketing…
Its been two mothes after swara has joined…she has changed the whole atmosphere the whole office is now full of positive energy…bt only one person can see the emptiness in swara’s eyes n thats’ Sanskar…soon he convences his parents to meet her as normal…
Ap: hello beta hw r u
Swara: m fyn aunty
Dp: hmm so u r the reason behind all this
Swara:(shocked) behind what uncle?
Dp: for teaching my son how to be happly(laughs)
Swara:(shy) nthng lyk that uncle…

Soon dp n ap strted lykng her bt swara is still unaware of the fact that they are the one who have been to her house for marriage as she dont meet them she just shouted frm her room her only condition…n they left…sanky took swara his home..nt actully his real home he bought a flat sply so that whenever he can met her she doesnt doubt him..(so much love haan ? ? ? )
Itz been 6 mnths n swara has completly fallen for still she reassure herself that itz nt love…
Sanskar has finally decided to tell her truth n to propose her as by this tym ap dp n shomi knows everything bt swara doesnt n ap n dp also agreed to stay with shomi for swara only…but again life plays itz card…before sanky could tell her anything she came to kno about thruth from a newspaper headline it stats “sanskar maheshwari once again most sucessful young business tycoon”..
Swara got shattered she write her resignation n went to karma….she met sanskar n gave him that letter
Sanky: whats dis swara?
Swara: itz my resignation sanskar sir…
Sanky: what ? N y r u adresding me sir?( hell shocked)
Swara: (bit louder) exactly sir….u r my boss…the sanskar maheshwari yongest business tycoon…am i ryt sir…
Sanky couldnt utter A word he was just shocked to hear the truth..
Sanky:(with teary eyes) swara just listen to me i can explain everything….
Swara:(angry) i dont want any explaination SIR..
sanskar hold her hand tightly n pull her toward himself…he was so lost that he forgot about the office he dossnt bother about his staff he cares about one..about his swara…
” u hv to listen me o hv hided my identity cz i knew k tum esa he krogi …cz in ur own world u hv locked all ur feelings…i hv seen emptiness in ur eyes…n u kno what i want to fill that emptiness with my love..”

Swara:(jerked him n shouts) what the hell u think of urself tum ameero ko kya lgta h k tum hum middle class walo pe daya kroge..listen mr maheshwari n i dont need ur pity…i dont need sympathy jise tum pyr kh re ho vo srf daya h mere lye or kuch ni…
Sanskar: u kno what swara itte saalo se tumne apni feelings daba rkhi hai apne dil m…u r afraid of a feeling called love..u kno i luv u alot n more than that i respect u cz ur word” if a boy can look after his parents after marriage then y not a girl..” were in my mind…when i fall for u i dont kno…will u accept my love i dont kno..the thing which i kno is i want to take care of our both mothers after marriage…i want to fill that space in ur life…i want to spend my life with u…cz I LOVE YOU
Swara couldnt control herself this tym she ran n hug sanskar tightly….n he receprocated that hug even tightly swara says while cryng”i love u too”
Everyone claps …
All employees n ap dp shomi n arjun also reached there ….
They took blessing frm everyone….

They got married with all rituals….
Shomi shifted to MM with swara n she is taking care of her mum n her father in law,mother in law, n her loving hubby…she is perfect example of a good daughter n daughter in law…it cant be done without sanskar…

《Swara was ryt if a boy can look after his parents after marriage then y not a girl….why this rule is applicable to girls….if she doesnt hv a brother it was her “fault” no it was not…. we are talking about equality then why after marriage this discrimination is done…a girl is capable of handeling too many responsibilities then y we dont trust them….in this story swara doesnt loose hope for doesnt revolvesaround marriage she has her own view….sanskar first hv respect for her then love..there are rarely sanskars who chooses a girl who hv her own condition…we need more swara n sanskar…don’t we??》






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