Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 22)

Manik felt happy that song made him more happy Nandini was watching him from her balcony she too was happy “antic piece”
She called him sweatly

Nandini remembered one day in college there was a photo shoot for fab5 for album photographer asked manik go shirtless he refused for that photographer said rockstar had to get used to this so do it but Manik denied Nandini sneeked to their room while shooting along with navya. Nandini smiled she felt him as “cute” but navya teased saying ‘he is so shy yaar’ both went into argument about this and named him as antic peice”
” Is he really antic peice? No he is romantic and bold enough what he said he enjoyed it”
Nandini slept with smile on her face as she was remembering the kiss before sleeping
Manik entered room silently as room was dark nandini is sleeping he came near her the smile on her face made him more
happy he tucked her hair which was on
her face to her ear looked deeply and just touched her lips with finger and kissed on them without disturbing her and said”thank
you for forgiving and understanding” he
took blanket and pillow and slept in caoch

Nandini started watching everyone at
home she came out of room spent time with nyionika and chachi. Nandini a served Manik he goes for jogging, the he swims for half an hour takes bath eat heavy breakfast of omelet oat meal juice
Goes to office and returns in the evening he spends time with his mom then sits in hall have good chat with all chachus brothers and sisters nite after dinner he plays music

After absorbing for two a weak Nandini started to do small things like keeping ready his jogging dress towel for shawor getting breakfast keeping his files ready sitting hall along with family night giving milk after his music session
Manik is observing Nandini but not reacting much if he do so she will run away becoz shy so took them casual but feeling happy inside

Same way Manik is doing little things like waiting for her to get breakfast to join him daily in lunch hour asking her wheather she had lunch or not bringing jasmines for her before sleeping talk to her for hour about her day

Both are enjoying do such things nyionika is also happy with such changes but they are not addressing eachother with names

Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 22)


Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 22)


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