Ragini- A Story (Chapter 4)

Ragini- A Story (Chapter 4)


since the majority is with Karan Wahi, i will go with him…..
New entries–
Karan Wahi– As in Kabir Mehra…… A business tycoon…
Jayshree T. — As in Savitri Devi….. Kabir’s grandmother…. A kind hearted lady….
Ragini- A Story (CH-4)
Scene starts with Sanskaar telling Maheshwari’s that Ragini has left the city. They get teary eyed.
Scene shifts to Mumbai–
As Ragini faints & was abt to fall, she was saved by two hands.He picks up Ragini & make her lay at the back seat. He ask his driver to take them home.
Scene shifts to MM, SwaSan room–

Swara was sitting in her room with her & ragini’s pic. She had tears in her eyes. Just then Sanskaar comes there.
Sanskaar- Swara, dont cry plz, u know na, i cant see tears in your eyes…..
Swara- why Sanskaar, why did Ragini went away?? Why? She cries….
Scene shifts to a big mansion–
Its Mehra Mansion. A old lady is seen instructing servants. She is Savitri Devi. She thinks “Were is kabir, he has not came till now.” Just then a SUV enters the mansion. The man come out holding Ragini. He goes inside the Mansion. Savitri sees him coming in and says – Kabir, who is this girl. What happened to her?
Kabir makes Ragini lay in one of the rooms.
Kabir- Dadi, plz call a doctor.
Savitri- Calls the doctor. Kabir, who is she? Do u know her?
Kabir- I dont know Dadi Maa, i saw her fainting , so i brought her here. Looks like she is new in Mumbai. He says pointing to her luggage.
Just then doctor arrives. Kabir goes out from the room. The doctor checks Ragini & tells Savitri something (its in mute) She is shocked. Doctor gave some medicines & went away.
It was evening–

Kabir & Savitri were sitting in the hall.
Kabir- What shld we do, dadi.
Savitri- Let her gain concious, we will talk to her, i am sure something had happened with this innocent girl.
Just then a servant comes & says that Ragini has gain conscience. They go to Ragini. She was sitting holding her head.
Ragini- Were am i, she see around the room. Who u both are???
Savitri- Relax beta, then she introduces herself & Kabir. Beta who are u & where is your family.
Ragini tell her name to them. She remembers leaving baadi & get teary eyed. Kabir & Dadi could she her pain.
Suddenly Ragini gets up & says that she is going, She tries to go but stumbles. Kabir holds her.
Dadi- Beta, u shld not go alone in this condition. U can stay here. It will be good for u & baby.
Ragini is shocked to hear the word baby.
Ragini- What baby…..

Dadi- Yes beta, u are pregnent……..
Ragini is shocked & tears roll down her eyes…

Precap– Ragini tells Dadi abt what happened with her…

So how is this chapter….

Ragini- A Story (Chapter 4)


Ragini- A Story (Chapter 4)

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