Swasan OS.

Swasan OS


It’s actually inspired from marathi movie MPM. I love the film n Swasan so combined both! There no characters except Swasan!

Swara: Mom! I’m not gonna wear a saree!? Firstly I’m going there for u n secondly how do expect me to wear traditional!? No! I’m wearing wat I usually wear! (Swara goes in her room n wears clothes n comes out. She was wearing a denim black short jumpsuit with purple n white stripes full sleeve top. She takes her backpack n leaves. She goes to the station n the train arrives at 5. She sits in it n puts on headphones n listens to songs. After some time a romantic song plays. She keeps on thinking.)
Swara: How he might be looking!? I’ve not even seen his face! Let it be Swara! Let it be!☺ (After some time she reaches Pune. She ties taxi n goes to the colony. There she finds some kids playing cricket. N one guy was also playing. He was looking handsome.)
Guy: That’s cheating! I’m not out! The ball didn’t touch my bat!! It’s cheating! Go I’m not playing!? (Swara smiles on his behaviour n realises that she had to go somewhere. She enters the building n rings bell. Rings again. Rings again. But no one opens the door.)
Swara: wat the hell!? I’ll call mom! (She calls her mom.) Ma! The door is locked! Call him n ask where he is!? (She cuts. After a minute her mom calls.)
Swara: He is not in pune!? Then why did u send me!? Come on mom! I’ll roam pune! Bye! (She cuts the call.) He is so foolish! Hriday Mardyam Go to hell! (She comes down n sits on bench. She gets engaged in watching the game. The guy again cheated n fooled kids. Swara smiled. The guy noticed her n came to her. He was wearing knee length trouser n pink n blue shirt wid jacket. He had a bali in his on ear. He was wearing a slipper!?He had headphones around neck.
He looked stupid but cute?. )
Swara: Who r u!?
Guy: I’m Sanskaar…… N u!?
Swara: Swara….. (They shake hands.)
Guy: I’ve seen u going upstairs….u returned early….no one’s home!?
Swara: Actually yes…. I wanted to meet Hriday Mardyam… but he is not home…
Sanskaar: oh! Hriday Mardyam! ? I know him! U r his girlfriend!?
Swara: No! I’m here to say No to marriage proposal…as my mom doesn’t understand me….He’ll do…
Sanskaar: not bad! But he is good! Trust me!
Swara: anyways… I’m not going to say yes.
Sanskaar: Why don’t u call him!?
Swara: oh yes! (She calls her mom n asks the number. Her mom gives her the number.) I’ll call him! (She dials the number.)
Sanskaar: Excuse me I wanna make one call….I’ll come!
Swara: sure! (He goes away. She dials the number but it comes unavailable. She calls again but unavailable! She gets irritated. She plans to go to coffee as it was 9:30 am. )
Swara:Sanskaar!? Where is café nearby!?
Sanskaar: u don’t have GPS! ?
Swara: No! Any problems!?
Sanskaar: Why wud I have any problems!? Take first right then straight then second left n then third right….best of luck!?
Swara: Wat!? First right…left…No! Third right…. Wat the f**k!!
Sanskaar: woah! Abusing words n all huh!??
Swara: U have some work!?
Sanskaar: No… I’ve to complete my game!?
Swara: What!? Game!!?? It wud be better if u accompany me to café!☺
Sanskaar: (raises eyebrow) Coffee!? or date!? Hriday Mardyam wud get angry ha!!?
Swara: shut up!!?
Sanskaar: ok ok ok! I’ll accompany you! Come…. (They sit on bike n leave.)
Swara: which year!?
Sanskaar: last year…Arts. N u!?
Swara: Last year Science….
Sanskaar: scholar huh!? (They reach the café. Get down n sit in café.)
Swara: one capuccino
Sanskaar: One hot chocolate drink…..
Swara: Seriously!? Chocolate drink!? R u a kid!??
Sanskaar: wat!? Is it a rule that only Kids drink it!? Adults can’t! ?
Swara: hmmm…….
Sanskaar: where do u live! ?
Swara: Mumbai….The fame!?
Sanskaar: oh!
Swara: u know Hriday Mardyam right!?
Sanskaar: Oho! looks like someone is on right path!
Swara: No! I just wanna know….
Sanskaar: He is singer S’s I’ve heard…..
Swara: woah!? N say about u… ( their drinks come n they have it.)
Sanskaar: I love my Pune! My pride! (boasts) U know us puneri right!? We live wid pride!
Swara: oh please!? Don’t boast too much!! (They finish their drinks.)
Swara: N yes….pay ur bill! I’m paying my owns….
Sanskaar: (shock) wat!? I don’t have money!!
Swara: wat!?
Sanskaar: Yes! I was playing game n u brought me here! I don’t have my wallet!
Swara: ok! I’ll pay….. (She pays the bill n they leave.) Hold on! (She he takes a paper n writes on it.) Give this to Hriday Mardyam…..
Sanskaar: wats this!? Oh! (tease) love note!?
Swara: shut up! I’ve written the reason for why I’m saying no…..
Sanskaar: wid out seeing him!?
Swara: who is he!? I mean my mom’s friend gave her a number which was of her relatives friend….wats the connection!? N I don’t wanna marry so soon!
Sanskaar: K! I’ll give. (He keeps it in pocket.) So….
Swara: so…!?? Bye! N yes where is Saras baug!?
Sanskaar: Shall I drop u!? (Swara smiles n nods. They sit on bike n leave.)
Swara: u puneri people r too much!
Sanskaar: oh hello! First look at ur self! Mumbaikar. ….
Swara: N the way u dress…
Sanskaar: not like the ur..
Swara: urs r out dated?
Sanskaar: Oh please!? (They have sweet fight till they reach the place. They get down n roam the place.)
Swara: u love u r Pune so much!?
Sanskaar: of course! We puneri r born wid pride! We have our fame baugs! Wat do u have!? Those beaches with salts!??
Swara: oh please! (They remain silent.)
Sanskaar: so…..!?
Sanskaar: Why u don’t wanna marry Hriday Mardyam!?
Swara: because I don’t puneri boys….
Sanskaar: be ware! u r wid puneri boy!
Swara: yeah! lol!? (They head to Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati temple.)
Sanskaar: I’ll pray to bappa to give..
Swara: I can pray on my own! ?
Sanskaar: whatever…. (Both boast about their respective cities.)
Swara:it’s 2! I think I shall call him! (She takes out her phone.) Shoot!!
Sanskaar: Now wat!?
Swara: low battery,…. I need to save!
Sanskaar: don’t worry! take my phone! ?
Swara: N u feel I have his number!? I deleted it when I was angry..
Sanskaar: u r a true Mumbaikar! Use ur brain! call ur mom n ask!?
Swara: Yes… don’t boast! Wait! I’ll call later! Now I’m hungry….
Sanskaar: so let’s go to a hotel n I’ll make u eat puneri misal! u will love it
Swara: it’s too spicy!
Sanskaar: huh! Not more than those vada pavs….?
Swara: say whatever u want but I love it n wud always love it!
Sanskaar: oh is it!? (She nods. They go to a hotel n have lunch. Both boast about their cities. But she didn’t realise that she had started liking pune! They then visit Shanivar Wada…) a call
Swara: u have a girlfriend!?
Sanskaar: No…. I didn’t find Miss.perfect.
Swara: wat girlfriend!??
Sanskaar: boyfriend….
Swara: No… I didn’t find Mr. Perfect! (Both smile.)
Swara: Its 5!
Sanskaar: I know…
Swara: I’ve my train at 8…. Let’s check in ur colony….
Sanskaar: but u said u r not interested..
Swara: ha…….but still…Now I’ve came to say no! So I’ll better say on face!
Sanskaar: Yes! (He giggles.) (They head towards the colony. She goes up n rings bell but again no one opens. She comes down.)
Sanskaar: met him!? Said no!? or yes!? (tease)
Swara: He is still not home! how stupid these puneri boys r!?
Sanskaar: oh hello! Even I’m puneri! keep in mind!
Swara: wat ever….Leave me at train station…. (She doesn’t realise that she started to owe him which only loved ones do! They reach station.)
Sanskaar: Bye…
Swara:bye…. (She goes inside n learns that the train is 30 min late. She makes a call to mom.) Ma… Yes I’ve 30 mins…He is coming to meet me outside the station!?Now! K! I’ll go! (her battery gets off.She comes out n finds Sanskaar talking on phone. She feels like going to him. Actually she came out to see him?.)
Swara: hey!
Sanskaar: I’ll call u back! U didn’t go!? Changed mind!?
Swara: shh! How much u speak!?? Mom said he is here….
Sanskaar: (tease) oh!! Hriday Mardyam is here!?? Oh n u r blushing!?
(She forwards her hand.)
Swara: thanks…
Sanskaar: once I hold ur hands…We wud be inseparable!
Swara: thanks… (They shake hands.) N yes! give me ur number! I’ll note it! (She takes pen.) tell..
Sanskaar: (confused) let it be! I mean u will write on ur palm..wash it..just remember this day in ur life!
Swara: ok! (Both smile.)
Sanskaar: he came … (She turns back eagerly.But Sanskaar fooled her.) Look at ur expressions! U r so restless!
Swara: Don’t bug me!
Sanskaar: call him once then!
Swara: I don’t have number!?
Sanskaar: call ur mom n ask! (She calls her mom n takes number again. She makes a call on his phone.)
Swara: again engaged… I’ll leave! its late!
Sanskaar: Only one call!? Dial again! Might be ur luck is good!
Swara: ok…? now I’ve to type it again!
Sanskaar: Check in call list! It’s above ur number!
Swara: ok!! (She calls) engaged…. any ways bye! (She turns n leaves. She stops. She recollects wat he said just a minute before n wat she saw in his call list. )
Swara: (in mind) He said in call list above my number!?? My number!? (She turns) How do u have my number in call list!?
Sanskaar: (smiles) before that u think how can a person call his own number on his own phone!?
Swara: how can a person call his own number on own phone!? ? How stupid! It’s impossible! ? Anyways bye! (She turns to leave.)
Sanskaar: but u did!! Not once but twice…..
(Swara stops n turns.) U called a number wid the phone of same number! twice! Swara: (smiles) That means…..
Sanskaar: (forwards his hand) Hi! I’m Hriday Mardyam….. (he smiles)
Swara: (amused) wat!? really!?
Sanskaar: Yes! u called me from my phone! How stupid ??
Swara: Yes…. (She realises that she is late.) Now bye….
Sanskaar: N what about marriage!? (Swara turns n smiles.)
Swara: After all Mumbai fell in love wid Pune…? (Swara he leaves. He smiles.)
Sanskaar: N even Pune fell in love wid Mumbai..?

So guys I hope u liked this OS!? Comment!

Hi it’s Simran posting on behalf of Duggu.? She has asked me to convey u that she wud be posting a ff named Ek Villain in on 28 March onwards. N also complete the Baby part n post. After Ek Villain She will post new ff named Yeh Jawani Hain Deewani. Best of luck n wish her too. Bye.?

Swasan OS.


Swasan OS.


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