PKYEK (abhiya forever) Episode 22

maithli and abhay hug each other
abhay:u r alive?
maithli:no…i am a wandering soul….its been years i wanted u to come and free me.
maithli:stay away
sid:i love u
maithli:u love me??no u dnt…never did
maithli:stop it…u think i am fool?u r trying to instigate piya but let e tell the truth….u were the one who lit fire in the cottage…
abhay is shocked
abhay:what r u saying?
maithli:dad agreed for our marriage and sid heard it.i heard him saying that he will kill u by litting fire in the cottage where we always met.i rushed to u but u were not there.he came and misbehaved with me.i slapped himk and he said i will pay.then i cried for sometime and asked the servant with me to call u was waiting for u but i saw him litting fire.u know how much afraid i am of fire.he himself got stuck.u came to rescue me but we could not be saved.till that time my soul is wandering….i came to know u got new vamp life and i saw piya first time on ur trip.she is ur love now…
piya hugs her
piya:i am sorry
maithli:be with abhayendra
piya:i cant be with abhayendra
maithli and abhay are shocked
piya:abhayendra is only maithli’s.piya fate is written with abhay.
they smile

sid throws stake at abhay
maithli and piya shout his name
maithli:how dare u sid?
sid:abhay my bro…come tomorrow night at the hill side for the final fight.i will see u there.
he runs
piya:abhay u ok
abhay gets up and his wound gets healed.
maithli:thank God
piya:maithli…u r a soul so how can we touch u?
piya:its a soul supernatural ability
maithli:abhayendra the fight?
abhay:i will end him tomorrow
maithli:u will have to let me kill him
maithli:Lits the only way for me to get free
maithli and abhay look at each other emotionally

piya senses it.
piya:i should leave u alone for sometimes
piya leaves
maithli:she is ur life now.forget me,stop her
abhay goes behind piya
abhay holds her hand
abhay keeps hand on her mouth
abhay:dnt try to be mahan.i love u
piya kisses his cheek
piya:i know and i love u too but maithli will be free tomorrow.make this last moment special by being with her.she will be happy.i know how she is feeling to see us together after all she still loves u but cant be with u….
abhay:i am proud of my love


a tear escapes piya’s eye
abhay kisses her cheek to stop the tear from flowing
piya:i have to go
abhay goes to maithli and they reminisce their old moments
piya reaches home and sees panchi crying badly
she gets concerned.misha comes too.
piya:panchi why r u crying
panchi:hey humpty what happened
mish:what jai?
piya:did he ditch u?
panchi:he is…
panchi:he is a werewolf
mish starts laughing but piya understands
maish:what he did that u gave this name to him
panchi:shut up misha i m not kidding.he is a werewolf.he took me to jungle and transformed.he is half human half animal
mish:r u serious?
piya:she is telling truth
mish:how u know?
piya:bcz abhay is vamp too
they get shocked
mish:damn it
panchi:and u r fine?
piya narrates whole story of his life and death
panchi:but how did they become vamps?
chand and haseena step in
chand:bcz of us
theya re surprised to them there
piya:uncle aunti u??
haseena:we sensed thatu got to know truth so we wnated to talk
chand:so u all know.its better if u dnt tell this to anyone
panchi:how did abhay become vamp?
chand:after they die we were passing thorugh the place and saw abahy and sid and tranformed them into vamps to give them a new life
haseena:we thought to give life to maithli too but before that her soul had left her body.
panchi:and jai…

haseena:panchi plz dnt misunderstand him…wtever he is its not his fault,he was born to a were wolf family.he s a ncie guy but his mother doesnt love her at he loves us as we live him and treat him as our son,he lives with us.he didnt want this life.his faily is evil and he is good so he befriended abhay and now he is our family.
chand:he didnt want to get close to u but fell for u.he wanted to stay away from u as he thought u wnt accept him but he couldnt resist himself.and see now u r away from him,,,.plz give a chance to our son
piya:he was always sincere to u panchi…he never got close to u so that u dnt get hurt …he loived u so he saved u from danish,,,
misha:she is right….think about ur moments and give him a chance
panchi does so and decides to give a chance to him
all smile

next day panchi meets jai and they get emotional and hug
all go to maithli in the palace
mish:what a filmy place
piya:shut up mish
panchi:where is maithli
she comes then
mish:dude….a dicto copy of piya
jai:abhay….where is sid?
abhay:he will come soon
abhay:mom he has to die today
haseena:do what u want….he was never our son…only u and jai are my children…
chand keeps a consoling hand on her shoulder as he knows how much haseena tried to be a good mother of sid too but he was always rude and arrogant.
mish:abhay dnt let piya get hurt
abhay:i wnt…
jai:he has come

they go to hill side and see sid who is smirking at them
sid:so whole family is here.lets begin
abhay:i am ready….
tehy eye each other angrily….

NEXT EPI: the fight….sid has kabir…….

PKYEK (abhiya forever) Episode 22


PKYEK (abhiya forever) Episode 22


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