Reporters season 2 episode 57

Hi guys, I am silent reader of reetika didi ‘s and Ananya didi ‘s ffs, and I realized that there has been some heating argument between you two, so I decided to write until reetika didi can write. I’m sorry for the spelling errors because I’m only 6.

The episode starts with ananya working on a lead, getting the information that there is a bomb blast. Ananya falls kabir and infoms him that many peple are injured and to arrange for paramedics for some peple whose conditions are critical.

After they admit a critical child, they are able to save that child. Ananya and kabir have some romantic moments in the car the next morning while going to office. Their sweeet arguement starts about gender capability. Kabir says men are better because they are stronger and can protect their girlfriend or wife etc. Ananya says that girls are better because they protect their house,and children which is more important being strong.To see who is more capable. Both genders in KKN, create 2 teams, one for girls one for boys and after a while, the girls wins(assume they are playing volleyball ).

Ananya is making dinner that night when she gets a surpise that along with keval and Mrs kashyap, anurag stands at the door. Ananya is shocked seeing him standing and keval explains that they did his operation and the doctor gave him artificial metal legs to walk. Ananya, anurag, keval and Mrs kashyap talk for a while and leave.

Ananya shares with kabir how deligted she was to meet and see anurag standing. Kabir smiles and go offs to sleep while ananya still thinks he is awake and shares her thoughts. When ananya finds out kabir is sleeping, then she hits him with a pillow, and embarrasly sleeps.

Reporters season 2 episode 57


Reporters season 2 episode 57


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