My Judgement

My judgement 9:

Vignan’s flat:

In Vignan’s room:

Loukya: This case is so disgusting.

Vignan: Whats the case?

Loykya: I don’t understand where our society is going to? Y ppl r becoming like dis?

Loukya eyes are filled with tears.

Vignan hold her hand n tapped softly to console her. She took laptop from her n started reading the case.

Pragna: Wats the case?

Vignan: Forgetting values n even relationships. A girl wrote a note to her teacher saying that she is being raped by her father n her mom is not helping her, though she knew it. With the help of a NGO, teacher helped her to get him arrested n she is leaving in NGO home now. But recently he came out on bail. Even his elder daughter confessed that she too was s*xually harassed by her father in the past.

Vishika: I don’t understand y ppl are becoming like animals day by day. Father is the one who should protect children from all odds n help them lead a secured n dignified life in society. But where will they go if they need protection from their own family.

Loukya: Girls life is becoming too miserable. She doesn’t feel safe even at her home. She is not a toy with whom anyone can play as if they want. She is a human n moreover her feelings must get respected.

Vignan: That will happen only when she can protect herself. She shouldn’t depend on others for her safety. She should defend herself.

Pragna: That will b possible only when she learns weapon less fight n self defense techniques.

Vishika: Recently I read an article in newspaper that there is a college in Tamilnadu where all the girl students are taught stick fight. Students confessed that they r so self confident n they r able to protect themselves from eve teasers n from any type of harassment.

Vignan: Exactly. I mean to say the same. Every girl must b taught self defense techniques from her childhood. Only then no one can lessen her self respect n she can lead a dignified life.

Loukya: I think I n Vishika can help in this regard. We should talk with the management of schools n colleges.

Vishika: Yes, We must make girls, their parents n teachers aware of these self defense techniques n get girls trained to protect themselves.

They heard the door bell n Pragna opened the door.

Pragna: U here? Y did u come again?

Ashwesh: Look Pragna, As an IPS officer, I can go anywhere I want to catch the culprit. But I came here to meet my fiance. As we both got engaged I had the right to meet her.

Pragna: Ashwesh, first get last from here. You have done enough. No need to hurt her more.

Ashwesh: Call Vignan. I want to talk with her

Hearing their convo, 3 came there.

Vignan: Pragna, Let me deal with him. Pls move. I can handle it.

Pragna moved n Vignan is abt to talk but Ashwesh hold her hand tight n took her from there. They are in shock n ran behind him but Ashwesh threw her in car n started it. He took her to his room n took her to his room n threw her on bed. Vignan is scared n making her mind to escape from him. He locked the door n came near to her. She immediately tried to punch on his face but Ashwesh hold her hand n smiled.

Ashwesh: Don’t worry. I am not that kind of person to misbehave with girls. You know dat better than me.

Vignan: Why did u bring me here?

Ashwesh: I am feeling bore. So I just need someone to give me company

Vignan: What do u think abt me?

Ashwesh: Look Vignan, lets us b serious now. I had the power to interrogate u by taking u to station. But I didn’t want u to get hurted. Just answer my questions properly n I will leave u

Vignan: Arrest me if u can ACP sir

Ashwesh: I know u r Shakthi. So confess the truth

Vignan: I heard that few times police will force the innocent to confess the crime as they r unable to catch the true culprit. Now u r proving it right.

Ashwesh: I won’t leave u till u confess the truth Shakthi

Vignan: I am hungry. Do u have something to eat?

Ashwesh: You

Vignan: R u going to treat ur fiance like dis? making her to starve

Ashwesh: Don’t play with me. You are……

Vignan: I love you

Ashwesh shocked listening her n stopped his words. Vignan laughed out louder

Vignan: What an ACP u r Mr.Ashwesh? If a girl confess u then r u going to get shocked n forget ur words. I am just kidding. So don’t worry.

Ashwesh came near to her n hold her by keeping his hand on her waist n pulled more closer. He came close to her lips n abt to kiss her. Vignan closed her eyes. Ashwesh left her

Ashwesh: If a boy comes close to u n then if u r going to stand like a statue as in trance, how can u succeed in ur mission Shakthi my dear

Vignan: I stood idle coz its u

Vignan turned another side n her eyes filled with tears. Ashwesh came to her n turned her towards him n wiped her tears.

Ashwesh: I am sorry. I didn’t mean it. Do
u love me?

Vignan: Yes. I love u. Do u really played game with me suspecting me? Don’t u love me?

Ashwesh: No. I didn’t act loving u. Really I love u. Pls tell me the truth. Surrender urself n I will save u in court. Pls understand

Vignan: Leave me

Ashwesh left her.

Vignan: I am sorry. I can’t bcoz I am not Shakthi

Ashwesh: I know u r

Vignan: Let me go

Ashwesh: If u didn’t confess now the truth, Very soon I will arrest u

Vignan: Best of luck.I wish u success

Ashwesh: In 1 month I will arrest u with all proofs. Try to escape from me. But however u can’t. All the best to u too

Vignan: Thank u ACP sir. Shall I leave now

Ashwesh: Sure. You can leave me But I don’t leave u Shakthi

Vignan: Lets see

Precap: Killing next target n TV show on Mission Shakthi n public views.

Frnds, If I hurt any of ur feelings by writing this part n abt deteriorating family relations, I am sorry. But I wrote it based on true story. Didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Thank u..

My Judgement


My Judgement


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