Swaragini why is it always me?? (Episode 5)

Hello guys I’m back with next epi Ahana you will understand if you read all episodes
Swara; sanskar u were d one
Sanskar :Varun
Swara got ready in one piece sanskar slapped swara spoke to riya…….. sanskar heard her telling a club name she tell about 9 o clock Sanskar goes to same club
Sanskar hears “shona shona……..!!!!!!!!!!!”
He is shocked to see swara difficulty trying to drink she sees sanskar and begin to crawl like baby he sees and asks” y r u crawling????”
Swara says” plz don’t slap me”
Sanskar feels very bad
Sanskar gets a good idea ” I am Varun”
Swara blabber lot of things I will add it later
Flashback ends
Swara: sanskar I don’t want u to tell dis to anyone
Sanskar:on 2 conditions
1 u must be my friend
2 u must do whatever I say
Swara : ok sanskar
She makes face like a small girl and says but you should not tell did to anyone
Sanskar looks at her lovingly
Day 4 go to a coffee shop
Laksh creates what’s app group asks for group name
Sanskar tells “morning star” winks at swara(the club name
Sanskar and ragini are going on one bike (ragini wants to spend more time wid sanskar as new friend) lakh was riding faster Dan dem
Swara s house is in opp direction but ly one road similar
Swara car broke down in half way Raj was coming and irritating her laksh saw dis and came and slapped him
Laksh and swara wer talking
Laksh dropped her near door and said “today our boths enemity is on same person ……Sadness reduced
Swara give a naughty smile and said ‘little’
Swara remembered laksh telling he liked a girl bt she left him coz she found better one
Swara asked didn’t u feel bad
Laksh said he didn’t do mistake
She must feel bad
Swara thought he’s r8 widout knowing dis I tried to go to club Drink she sees sanskars personal message “give d parcel I’ll give tomorrow morning to Raj”
Swara thinks “laksh is Better than sanskar……WHY IS IT ALWAYS ME ”

GUYS the pairs are swasan and raglak
Guys plzz comment or else I’ll stop writing love you all??

Swaragini why is it always me?? (Episode 5)


Swaragini why is it always me?? (Episode 5)


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