Love is everything akshara Natik part 25 and 26

PART 25:
As per plan Mahesawari family goes out of d house
Nanu asks A to take him to the ice cream
he gives her d car keys
A: ” i can’t drive u know na….then how can we go…driver is not at home…when everyone will come back we will go”
Nanu: ” mujhe abhi jana hai…ek kaam karte hain Naitik uncle ke saath jalte hain”
A: ” nahi hum unke sath nahi”
Nanu runs and brings N with him
A and N stare at each other
N takes d keys from her hand
their hands touch
N holds her hand
A looks at him….signing him to leave her
Nanu goes to wear shoes
N: ” it would be a ride to remember”
N winks as she leaves her hand
A: ” why r u doing all this?”
N: ” because i love u…..and i want to get u back”
he cups her face and closes his eyes….as he brings his face closer to hers
Nanu shuts his eyes
Nanu: ” mama papa also do this and when i see them they get red red”
N hears Nanu and moves back
A: ” Nanu…..chalo”
A takes Nanu with her
N smiles
” i swear Akshara aaj mein tumein dobara pa kar raho ka”
N kisses d key and goes after them
N opens d car door for A
A looks at him
N: ” mujhe baad mein dekh leena Akshara”
A lowers her eyes and sits
Nanu sits on d back seat
N picks d end of her dupptta which was lying outside
he folds it and puts it into A’s hand
they stare at each other
Nanu: ” Uncle chalo…ice cream”
N nodes
N brings ice creams
Nanu eats his ice cream
Nanu: ” ap log bhi kaho na”
N licks his cone
N: ” Akshara? tum bhi kaho na”
A: ” mera dil nahi”
N takes d cone from her hand and starts licking it
A grabs it back from his hand
” meri hai yeh Naitik…..tumari old habit nahi gayi na…doosro ki ice cream kahne ki”
N smiles
N: ” tumein abhi bhi yaad hai”
A: ” nahi….woh bus….”
she licks her ice cream
N: ” pyar bhar jae ka….meri licked cone kha kar pyar bhar jae ka humara”
A: ” naitik….please…nanu is here otherwise i would have answered u”
Nanu: ” lets go back…i have eaten d ice cream”
they reach home
Nanu rushes out of d car into d house by mistake he locks d car
after he goes inside d house
A tries to open her door
A: ” Naitik please unlock d car”
N: ” what? meine lock nahi kiya”
A: ” it is locked”
N: ” God…i think Nanu locked us”
A: ” now what….nobody is back yet….how will we get out”
N: ” jab Nanu ko humari yaad ai ki woh ajae ka….”
A rolls her eyes
they wait
N looks at her
N: ” i heard Harsh scolding u that why don’t u love him after so many years of marriage….and now even i m sure that u never loved him then why did u married him A….please aaj sach bolna”
A: ” i loved him”
N: ” no u didn’t”
A: ” i did….and why m i giving explainations to u”
N: ” u have to tell today…..”
A: ” what if i don’t”
N holds her hands tightly and unlocks his seat belt
he moves closer to her until A hits d window
N: ” bolo ki ya aur pass ao”
A: ” nahi bolo ki”
N pulls A near him …on his legs
N wraps his arms under her breasts
A moans
” Naitik i loved Harsh”
N whispers in her ear
” stop lying”
N slides her hair on one side and kisses at her neck
A’s legs start shivering
N could feel it
N opens her shirt’s doori
N: ” will u now tell…..or not”
A: ” u can’t force me….like this…leave me”
N: ” agar na choro toh?”
A: ” i will shout…..”
N kisses at her bare back making her completing silent
N: ” shout na?”
A starts crying
N leaves her…..he quickly ties her doori back
he makes her sit on her seat
N: ” why r u crying A….i m sorry…..if i did anything wrong”
A: ” u didn’t do anything… was me who was always wrong…..Naitik it is true that i never loved Harsh….i married him because…”
N: ” because u thought u will save me like this”
A nodes
N cups her face
N: ” i can not believe u can be so foolish….how could u think staying away from u will save me…..”
A: ” i m sorry….harsh made me think so…..he seduced me so much….he was a monster….which i came to know on d wedding night”
N’s expression change from concern to anger
” Akshara what he did on d wedding night”
A cries
and she covers her face with her hands
N hugs her
soon his shirt gets wet by A’s tears
N: ” what he did?????? just tell me once”
A: ” he tried to get me…..but…but our marriage was never met to be like this……..i told him before marriage that i will not be his and he even agreed…….i know it was my foolishness that i thought he agreed….why will any men agree to such a condition….Naitik i thought my craziness for u and our daily romantic moments will ruin your career…your future…so i backed out….although i loved u too”
N cups her face
” now i love u even more….i never thought u can love me so much….u married a stranger just for me….but pagal i loved u and ur love can never ruin my life….ever…it can just create a magical future……with a group of cute children…your children”
A pulls herself away
A: ” children?”
N smiles
N: ” kyun…..bache pasand nahi???”
A: ” naitik what d hell r u saying….”
A starts knocking at d windows
” Nanu… us”
N pulls her around
putting his finger on her lips
” ssshhh”
A: ” i m someone else’s widow now…..u can not get me now…..our love story can not complete”
N; ” why not….??? when u never loved him then why should u live your life like a widow…..for a person who never loved u…..who tortured u…..u weren’t his love but his challenge which he wanted to get this way or that”
N takes out d mangalsurta
A: ” that’s mine how did u get it??”
N: ” i got it from d police station…..i have kept it in my pocket since that day… that i can make u wear it when d right time comes….i had understood the day Harsh was killed that u married him to save me… i wanna marry u….to save your future in my embrace”
N opens his arms
” come Akshara….i told u to run as much as u can but in d end u will find peace in my arms only…..come…have peace”
A smiles
A puts her head on his chest….closes her eyes
N smiles and wraps his arms around her back
A: ” i missed u naitik……i really missed u”
N: ” aur??”
A: ” aur kya…?”
N: ” kuch aur nahi bolna kya???”
A: ” nahi….ab srif yeh sakoon feel karna hai”
A wraps her arms around N
N: ” Akshara….???”
A: ” yes?”
N: ” those 3 words?”
A: ” bolna zaroor hai kya???”
N cups her face as she pulls herself out of his embrace
N: ” please….i have waited to hear that since 5 years”
A smiles
A: ” mera dil bol raha hai sun lo”
N: ” dil ki bohut sun li aaj zebun se”
A asks N to close his eyes
he does so
A kisses on his closed eye and whispers
she kisses d other eye saying
” U Naitik”
N opens his eyes and kisses at her forehead
Mahesawari come home
they see N and A hugging each other
they throw rose petals on d car and clap
N and A look up
Nanu unlocks d car
N and A come out
N: ” was it your plan?”
Rajshri: ” han yeh humara plan tha…tum dono ko lock karne ka….”
A takes Rajshri’s blessings
N and A take d seven vows

PART 25:
Naitik: ” thank u aunty uncle and everyone who helped me get my life back…i m so thankful….thank u so much”
A: ” thanks to u Naitik for still loving me after what i did with u….i stopped ur life for a period of 5 years…..u should punish me instead of loving me”
N puts his hands on her shoulders
” i can never even think of punishing u in my dream…i have already punished u a lot by not finding u after u married to Harsh by not finding d reason why u married him…i have already punished u”
N folds his hand
” sorry Akshara”
A holds his hand and lowers them
” please Naitik….”
Vishambhar: ” acha acha ab bus….ab srif khushi ka waqt hai….”
N: ” uncle i want to marry your daughter…..please give her hand to me…i promise i will always take care of her”
Vishambhar and the family looks on
A blushes
Vish: ” but what about ur family…we have to ask them too”
N; ” uncle abhi nahi….jab waqt aye ka i will tell them…please uncle i have already waited much for A…now i can not wait more…my family will accept her…but first let us get married”
A takes N aside
” how can we marry without telling ur family…?”
” Akshara please…we have to…i will tell them once we get married”
” Naitik i can’t cheat ur parents”
” sometimes we have to….please do not fight…..please just agree”
N and A exchange garlands
the whole family is tensed
A is also worried as she never wanted to get married against N’s family’s wish
N: ” smile….please”
A gives a fake smile
they walk around d fire and take d seven vows
A recalls the vows she had taken with Harsh
N: ” what r u thinking… is the 4th vow…come in d front”
A walks to d front….
N: ” theek ho na Akshara??”
A: ” han….”
the vows complete
N and A sit down
Pandit gives N d sindoor
A recalls Harsh putting sindoor
she closes her eyes as N fills her maang
tears drop down her eyes
N wipes them
he whispers: ” now there is no place for tears…just happiness”
A holds his hand and kisses it softly
” I love u Naitik…..”
Pandit: ” mangalsurta panoo”
N takes it
he puts it in A’s neck
they smile
Pandit: ” u r now husband and wife…take elder’s blessings”
N and A get up and take d blessings
N and A sit in d car and leave for Singhania House
A is nervous
N holds her hand
” don’t worry….i know my family will accept u”
it starts raining
N: ” driver stop d car”
A: ” why r we stopping here??”
N: ” to enjoy your suhaag raat”
A: ” Naitik…..”
N puts a hand on her lips
” ssshhh…..”
N asks d driver to take rickshaw and go home
he leaves in a rickshaw
N lifts A up in his arms and brings her out of d car
they get wet
N puts her down………words were not needed today.only eyes and feelings were speaking today..
they were lost in each other eyes.their love didn’t needed any words.their eyes were speaking the words……
N spoke d silence
as she wrapped his arms around her bare waist
N: ”let your breathe sink into mine.. slowly let your heartbeat increase….. we must draw near……..let our body and spirits burn ”
N kissed her forehead,her cheeks,his hands outlining the delicate structure of her body and then he kissed he lips.just a sweet and gentle peck…….
and he moved down kissed her collarbone…..her neck…..
he then lifted her up in his arms and took her to the car and made her seat in the front seat and himself sitting on the drivers seat……..
this time
N put the seat belt around her and they both smiled thinking about how each time he had put the seat belt around her…
and they drove…. and came to stop in front of a small cottage
N lifts her up and takes her into d cottage
” what is it Naitik….we have to go home???”
” Aaj raat hum yehi rahe ke….kal dekhte hain kya karna hai”
N and A spend d night together

Love is everything akshara Natik part 25 and 26


Love is everything akshara Natik part 25 and 26


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