Sacred Bonding (Episode 2)

Sacred Bonding (Episode 2)

Episode 2:

The episode starts with Jay meeting someone in a restaurant. That person told something to him not audible. Jay’s expressions changed n his face filled with the emotions of sorrow n anger. That person gave a pen drive to him n left from there.

Jay took his mobile n made a call.

Jay: Hello,Can I speak to Mr. Anand.

Other side: Hello, May I know ur details sir

Jay: I am Jay, tell my name n he will recognise.

The person who received the call passed the info to Anand. He is shocked hearing the name Jay. He immediately took the phone.

Jay: I want to meet u in one hour at VanaVihar hotel room no. 5. I had the thing which u r searching for.

Anand: Ok I will come

Anand went there n Jay showed a video to him in which Anand is killing someone.

Anand: Jay, give the proof to me. Otherwise u can’t escape from here

Jay sat on sofa n leaned back n crossed his legs.

Jay: Mr.Anand, U r not in a position to scare me. Remember I won’t care for my life. But u care for ur power n prestige. If u kill me,it will b uploaded on internet automatically within 3 hrs if I didn’t stop it. So stop the nonsense n lets make a deal

Anand: Ok tell me wat u want.

Jay: Ur daughter

Anand: Wat the hell r u talking

Jay: Marry ur daughter with me. Then forever ur secret will b a secret. Think well n call me

Jay left from there. Anand came home n saw his daughter Vidya.He went to his room n locked it. Vidya’s mom went to him to call for dinner n from window saw him hanging to fan. She shouted n every one came. They broken the door n saved him. Vidya sighed everyone to leave.

Vidya: Dad, wat happen to u. Y did u do like this

Anand: Bcoz from tomorrow I can’t live.

Vidya: What?

Anand lied to her abt Jay saying that he is blackmailing him by creating fake video. He said his condition to handover those proofs to him.

Vidya: I am ready to marry him dad.

Saying this Vidya left n locked her door. She leaned on door n cried literally. Anand informed this.

Next day, Jay married Vidya in registrar office. Its night n Vidya came to his room with milk in bridal dress. Jay is in his room. Vidya knocked the door.

Jay: Come in

Vidya came in. Jay looked her n took milk from her hand n poured it on the floor. Vidya looking him

Jay: Clean it

Vidya didn’t respond.

Jay(shouted): Clean it

Vidya got scared n cleaned it immediately.

Jay came towards her n tried to touch her face n she moved back n closed her eyes. Her expression clearly shows how irritated she is. He smiled

Jay: Look, I didn’t know wat ur father told to u. But its a deal that to save him n take few proofs regarding his misdeeds from me n in return he gave u to me. I didn’t know how u grown up. But from now, u r just my servant who do everything I order. Forget that u r the daughter of MP. From now u must lead a life of a maid. One more thing u should nvr go out or meet anyone including ur parents without my permission. If u do anything against me then I will leak the proofs of ur father. Mind it

Saying this he lied on bed n still Vidya is standing there.

Jay: Did anyone gave u punishment to stand like dat whole night.

Vidya looked at him.

Jay: Come n sleep. Don’t worry I won’t touch u.

Vidya came n slept beside him turning other side. Jay hugged her tightly. Vidya tried to remove his hand.

Jay: Don’t irritate me. Just sleep. I can do watever I want n can use u as per my wish. So sleep without moving.

Vidya eyes filled with tears with his words.

Jay: By the way r u dumb or deaf? Can’t u speak. I remember you thanking me at temple.

Vidya: Wat u want to hear from me?

Jay: Wats ur name?

Vidya: Vidya

Jay: Nice name. Do u know my name n profession?

Vidya: No

Jay: I am Jay, my profession is music. I am a rockstar

Vidya shocked knowing that he is Rock star Jay. Bcoz she heard from her frnds that he is not only a grt singer but also a person with golden heart. She didn’t understand y he is behaving like dat with her father.

Jay: Wats ur profession?

Vidya: I completed MBA(HR). Dealing with my dad’s business.

Jay: Now u r not allowed to do that. So wat will u do now? Remember here u won’t b given even a drop of water without working. If u want to have food u must work. The day u won’t work, u will starve n at least can’t have water. Just doing household works is not enough. So tell me wat u can do to earn to survive by mrng. For now, Good night.

Vidya: -Good night

Jay(inner voice): I am sorry Vidya. U didn’t have any role in the misdeeds done by ur father. But the only mistake of ur’s is to born as his daughter. I didn’t have any other option except this to suffer ur dad. As soon as all his misdeeds are exposed, I will free u from this meaningless bonding. But for this I must hurt u which hurts ur father further n only then he will confess his mistakes. Sorry once again.

Next day:

Vidya woke up n saw him getting ready. Jay looked her n smiled.

Jay: Good morning beautiful

Vidya: Good morning

Jay: Look, Everyday morning u must bring coffee for me. Go n bring now.

She brought coffee for him

Jay: Get ready n prepare brk fst.

She got ready n went to kitchen. Jay is composing a tune in hall. Suddenly he heard the sound of vessels n Shouting of Vidya. He went n saw her n laughed uncontrollably. Flour was on her head n entire kitchen is a mess. She starred him angrily

Jay: Hey I am sorry. But I am unable to control my laughter. Tel me wat happened

Vidya: Nothing

Jay: Do u know house hold works n cooking?

Vidya: No

Jay smiled again n hold her hand n made her to sit in sofa. He is cleaning her hairs which is of flour. Vidya looking him confusedly.

Jay: Y didn’t u say that to me?

Vidya: I can’t share everything freely with new ppl

Jay: That’s fine. U just take rest. I will order food online. For today u must adjust with it. Coz our new cook will come from today.

Vidya: Did u hire a cook? Then y did u told me to cook?

Jay: Actually I love food prepared by my mom. So I thought I can eat food prepared by u rather than cooked by cook.

Vidya: Mom?? Whr is ur family?

Jay: I too didn’t like to share everything freely with new ppl. Anyways leave it. U no need to do any work. Just bare for 2 or 3 days, everything will b set n maids will come. As I came just one day before, I didn’t arrange anything.

Vidya: I will find a job but I need to go out for that

Jay: I didn’t get u

Vidya: R u drunk yesterday?

Jay: No. I nvr drink. I didn’t have habit of drinking

Vidya: Then y did u forget everything u said at nite?

Jay remembered his words.

Jay: I am sorry Vidya. U no need to do any work. But if u love to do job u can. If not no need. My mom taught me to respect girls n dad taught how to behave with wife. They r perfect couple. I didn’t mean to talk to u like dat. But I did it coz of some reason. But u must remember one thing, until u follow my orders I won’t hurt u. Give me ur mobile. U r not allowed to use it. U should not meet or talk to anyone especially to ur father.

Vidya: I love my father a lot

Jay: Obviously bcoz u know nothing abt him. If u know his originality u urself will hate him.

Vidya: He nvr do anything wrong

Jay: I love ur confidence but I hope one day u will have same confidence on ur husband too. Ok. Now I have to leave. Bye sweet heart.

He came close to her n removed hair falling on her face. He is abt to kiss her on cheek n she scared n moved back. Jay smiled n got away.

Jay: I am ur husband. How long r u going to stay away from me?

Vidya: I need some time to accept u

Jay: Cool. But Its better for u to accept me before I force u.

Jay(inner voice): U r different from ur father. I am unable to trouble u. But I must make my mind to b rude towards u.

Vidya: Is this wat ur parents taught u? To forcibly marry a girl n force ur wife? Wat kind of parents u have

Jay(shouted): Shut up. Don’t talk even one word more abt my parents. Otherwise will kill u.

Vidya: Wen u r angry if I comment abt ur parents, So do I. I too can’t bare someone blaming my dad. Sorry for talking wrongly abt ur parents. I just did so to make u understand how painful it is to hear wrongly abt parents.

Jay: Bye. Will send u lunch at aftnoon. Brk fst is on the way to come.

He went off n Vidya sat on sofa.

Precap: Jay hurting Vidya before her parents.

Sacred Bonding (Episode 2)


Sacred Bonding (Episode 2)

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