Swaragini (life full of love) promo

Hey guys ..I know many are hurt with pairs and some are happy …so this is my story ..I can interchange it for guys ….
So the pairs will
It’s quite difficult for me …to change the storyline in these pairs but for u guys I will do it …
Bu swalak fans ..don’t worry ..
I am a great swalak fan ….I love namish like hell ..
So they will get equal importance as swasan …don’t worry ..
As always raglak ..it’s quite difficult for me ..as the story line of now is different …but I will make sure …to show them tooo.
Many of u were saying that I am not giving importance to ragini ..I am sorry ..
From now on I will show her …
She is positive …just showing her jealous ..
So I think I will maonly focus on swasan and swalak …then ragsan nd raglak …
Ok guys …but plz don’t stop reading my ff ..plzz
I one more thing ..jaf mentioned that I write I hate u tooo ….no u r wrong
I am new to swaragini ff …I dint write I hate u too …..
So guys stay tuned swasan and swalak both will enjoy ..I will give both centre of attraction
Thanking u ..keep reading ..

Swaragini (life full of love) promo


Swaragini (life full of love) promo


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