Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 34

Hope u guyzz like the episode nd dont worry im gonna reunite kunj by hook or by crook… ??? so plzz comment nd tell ur views…!!

The episode starts with kunj slapping twinkle…twinkle holds her cheek kunj looks at her angrily nd doesnt feel guilty for what he did he is about to leave twinkle holds his hand
Twinkle: kunj u told nothing will make u break our relation what is this now…. was my love very weak for u or u never loved me
(Judaii plays)
Kunj jerks his hand from hers
Kunj: twinkle…. i loved u with all my heart but seeing all this… i dont think u love me because my twinkle will never do this
Twinkle makes him turn
Twinkle: kunj look at me im ur twinkle only…. the college girl…. the girl u loved…. the girl who loves u plzz look at me
Kunj doesnt look at her nd pushes her in anger by the time leela nd RT enters both of them r shocked to know what is happeneing
Leela comes to twinkle she caresses her face
Leela: i know twinkle cant do like this my twinkle is not like this
She comes to kunj
Leela: kunj puttar u r in a very big misunderstanding twinkle is ur wife she knows everything she cant do like this plzz trust her
Kunj: plzz maa i dont want u to beg for twinkle…. as im not at all interested
He leaves leaving twinkle behind twinkle runs behind him she enters the room kunj is sitting nd crying twinkle comes to him
Twinkle: kunj plzz listen… u know naa i loved u soo much i can never do anything like that
Kunj gets angry nd pushes her out of the room twinkle sits outside the room on the door she cries on the other hand kunj is also sitting nd crying (khamoshiyan plays)
Twinkle sleeps like that
Its morning kunj opens the door twinkle falls in the room kunj ignores her twinkle wakes up kunj is leaving twinkle runs behind him but he goes in the car nd leaves twinkle sits on the main gate nd cries vigorously
Twinkle self talk: babajii what is happeneing
Leela comes to her nd takes her taneja house twinkle is sitting in the room like a corpse tears r falling from her eyes she is not reacting anything on the other hand kunj is driving the car nd crying (judaii plays) both of them recalls their moments
RT comes to twinkle nd sits beside her he puts his hand on twinkles shoulder twinkle turns nd hugs him tightly nd cries
Twinkle: what is this happeneing PAPA
PAPA echoes
RT: it will be ok beta… ur papa have come dont worry
Twinkle: thank u papa

Next scene kunj enters taneja house nd calls out for twinkle she comes running down kunj throws paper on twinkles face nd asks her to sign them twinkle picks up the papers nd is shocked to see divorce papers of Mr kunj sarna nd Mrs twinkle kunj sarna
Twinkle: kunj u cant do this to me… u cant…. it…it..its a misunderstanding i cant do anything like that
Kunj asks her sign them nd leaves angrily twinkle faints kunj turns back nd finds twinkle unconscious leela comes to her nd calls out for her but she doesnt wakeup she asks RT to take her to hospital kunj comes to twinkle leela is glad that he is still caring for twinkle but for her surprise he picks up the divorce papers
Leela RT nd kunj r waiting for the doctor
Doctor congratulates them nd tells them that twinkle is going to become a mother but she is not well she have to stay here
Kunj Leela RT r overjoyed to know that kunj happily hugs RT but he recalls what twinkle did nd moves back he leaves

After somedays twinkle is still in the hospital kunj comes to her with usha nd bebe twinkle looks at him he comes to her nd gives her the divorce papers while twinkle leela nd RT r shocked
Twinkle: fir….firs…..first u sign
Kunj gets teary eyed with much bravery he picks up the pen his hand shakes (tune jo na kaha mein wo sunta raha khamakhaa bewaja khuwaab bunta raha plays) he signs twinkles tears fall while leela nd RT cries seeing her state
Twinkle holds the pen twinj recalls there moments kunj cries but doesnt show that to twinkle
Twinkle signs the divorce papers
Kunj: and now there is no relation between u nd me
They both cries hiddingly they dont show their faces to each other
Twinkle: what will happen to our baby??
Kunj: i would have took care of it IF IT WAS MY BABY
Twinkle looks at him nd is hurt by his words she cries badly (judaii plays) kunj leaves he is walking in the corridor nd cries vigorously screen freezes

Precape: maya comes to kunj nd tell him about uvis plan in separating twinj…. kunj is shocked nd cries badly

Hope u guyzz like this heartbroken track… plzz do comment…!!!

Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 34


Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 34


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