Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 16

Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 16

Soory guys for late update as I tell u I get injured my hand but it is now recoverd so I writing this episode hope you all like it
Todays episode start with abhi and pragya reach goa and abhi call raj and he send a car and they both sit and come to xyz hotel where raj is wating for them
Raj: are you both fine
Pragya is still holding abhi hand and still a fear on her face is shown
Abhi: yeah fine
And their roshni and twinkle come
Roshni: come pragya lets go in room

But pragya is not leaving abhi hand abhi see this
Abhi: you belive me na
Pragya noded in yes
Abhi: nothing will happen you just relax
And hold her hand and tell roshni and twinkle to take care of her roshni and twinkle take pragya to room and abhi go in his room to freshenup
Here pragya come in room and twinkle and roshni make her eat dinner
Roshni: its ok pragya now relax now try to forget about it
Twinkle: and yeah now sleep and if you want something then tell us ok
Pragya noded and sleeps
At midnight pragya get the night mare that man come and again try to misbehave with her and see no one with her to help her and that men is coming near her pragya shout and wake and get from bed and sit in room corner
By shouting voice roshni and twinkle wake up and see pragya sitting in corner with her close eyes she is sweating and shevring in fear
Pragya: don’t come near me leave me for god shake
Twinkle: what happen pragya open your eyes
Pragya: no don’t come near me abhi sir please help me please leave me what I have done
And her face become red and she is very much shevring in fear
Roshni: we have to call abhi sir now he can handel her
Twinkle: yeah you go and call sir I will be with pragya
Roshni goes and knock the abhi room gate
Abhi is sleeping and hear the knock and wake up

Abhi: who come this time
And goes and open the door and see roshni
Roshni: abhi sir please come fast vo pragya please come fast
Abhi worriedly: what happen to pragya
Roshni tell him the whole incident and abhi and she runs to their room
Abhi : pragya
Hearing abhi voice pragya open eyes and she see him and runs and hug him
Pragya: sir please save me he has again come sir please
Abhi: pragya relax see no one it their
Pragya: no he will come and shever in fear
Abhi breaks the hug
Abhi: see he is not here
Pragya see surrounds and see her in room and roshni and twinkle are seeing her worriedly but she is shevring in fear
Abhi: ok you now relax and sleep I will go
Abhi turns and pragya hold his hand and abhi turns and see her she is crying and her eyes are pleding him to stay with her
Abhi: ok you come with me roshni and twinkle you sleep I will take care of her
Twinkle : ok sir

Abhi take pragya to his room she has still fear in her face abhi make her sit on sofa and give her water
Abhi: pragya relax and try to forget that incident
Pragya started crying
Abhi wipes her tear
Abhi: you consider me as your frnd na brust your heart out pragya
Pragya started crying bitterly
Pragya: sir why this happen with me you know from child wood my dad procted me from every evil eyes but today this happen with me I was missing my dad his care his love his protection everything why he left me alone in this world where thses type of mens are their and cry
Abhi wipes her tear
Abhi: when I am with u I will not let anything happen to you I am your frnd and its my duty to save you from every evil eye
And hug her and pragya get some what relax
Abhi: now don’t cry anymore ok
Pragya: noded in yes
Abhi: ok come lets sleep you sleep on bed I will sleep on sofa ok
Pragya: no sir I will sleep on sofa
Abhi: I am not telling you I am odering you is that clear
Pragya noded

Abhi make pragya sleep on bed and about to turn
Pragya: sir please can you sit here for some time after I get sleep you can go please sir I am felling alone
Abhi: I am you frnd so no please only order ok
And abhi sit beside her she hold her hand and sleeps abhi see her sleeping and bg music kuch to ha tere mere darmiya plays
Suddenly abhi also sleep their next morning pragya wake up and see abhi sleeping in sitting positon and she is holding his hand pragya sit and eyes him lovingly
Abhi wake up and see pragya staring him
Abhi: what happen
Pragya: nothing
Abhi: how you felling now
pragya: much better sir
abhi: ok now you go and freshnup
pragya: ok sir
and she is about to go but turns
pragya: thnks sir for tonight
abhi: I cant take you thnks
pragya: why abhi sir
abhi: in my frndship I cant take soory and thnk u of my frnd ok
pragya smiles: ok
abhi: oh god I am missing your smile atlest you smile aftyer a long time
pragya shy and go from their to room
pragya come in room

roshni: pragys are you fine na
twinkle: yeah tell we are worried for you
pragya: I am fine come lets ready for rehersal
they all get ready and go where concert is to be held and the manager provided them a rehersal hall abhi is sitting their seeing their performance and checking if they are not doing any mistakes
abhi thinks I know pragya for any girl its big thing but you have to forget it and I have to do something as you have done so much for me
suddenly abhi phone rings and its of rohit
abhi: how is my champ
rohit: fine dad dad call my dost na
abhi: so you don’t want to talk to your dad
rohit: I will dad but first I want to talk to my dost
abhi: ok my champ
abhi : pragya come your dost has called you
hering rohit name pragya gets happy and a unknowingly smile cme on her face and abhi notice this
pragya come and abhi put phone on speaker
rohit: dost I am missing you so much when you will come
pragya: me too my little champ I will come early
abhi: so no one is missing me me roght
rohit: I am missing you dad but not more than my dost
abhi: that’s not fine
pargya: why not after hall I am his angel right dost

rohit: yeah dost
rohit: dost tell me are you sad your voice is some what different
pragya: no why I am sad
rohit: don’t fool me dost If dad has said anything tell me I will complain dadi
abhi: oh u two frnds leave me I have not done anything
pragya: yeah rohit he is innocent let him leave and I am not said
rohit: dad you are save today
abhi: yeah thnks to both of you
rohit: dad talk to dadi
dadi: so my ladu is fine na and take care of pragya also
abhi: dadi I said you na not to tell me ladu I am big now
pragya laughs hearing ladu name and abhi see her laughing and a smile come on his face
dadi: who is laughing
abhi: pragya and dadi please from now you don’t call me ladu
rohit: no way dad how can we change your name right dost
pragya: right and abhi see her angrly and pragya control her laugh
dadi: ok bye you both take care ok
rohit: love you both I will call you later bye
abhi pragya: bye
and they start the rehersal again and abhi see a shine in pragya face
abhi thinks sometime before she is dull now after talking to rohit what a shine come on her face don’t know what bond they share how rohit get to know that she is sad I cant understand their relation

they completed their rehersal and its evening they start packing and abhi comes
abhi: ok guys today I will give you a dinner prarty so get ready we will go to dinner today ok
twinkle: wow it will be fun
abhi: yeah you all get ready by 7:30 pm and iwill send car for all of you
kunj: thnk u sir
abhi: its ok so lets meet at 7:30pm
a smile come on pragya face and they leave for hotel

precap: dinner treat and someone come

Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 16


Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 16

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