Kaala Teeka 2nd March 2016 –

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Scene 1
The thugs come in front of Kali. They say where would you go now? Yug comes and stands between them. He says what are you doing here? The thug says where did you come from? Yug says to kali lets go. Thug says stop. Yug says I will talk to you later. They try to hit him. He hits them down and says to kali one bus is of right now. Lets go. Whenever I try to forget I meet you again. The thugs run from there. Kali settles in bus with Gauri. Gauri us about to slip. yug holds her and says I will take care. They make Gauri sit. Kali says you sit there. He says no you sit here I will sit in front.

Vishwa comes home. Mad says where is gauri? Vishwa says she must be home? Mad says no she is not home. Vishwa says let me check at bus stand. Leela comes in with police. Vishwa and everyone is dazed. Vishwa says welcome. Why are you with police? She says you still have two minutes tell me where is yug or they will arrest you. Leela says you have murdered a man. Vishwa says my daughter is in Patna. She is coming here. And this has nothing to do with your son. Come sit inside and clear misunderstanding. Leela says the time is over. Arrest him.
Leela gets a call from Yug. Inspector apologizes Vishwa. Vishwa says its okay. Her son was lost that is why she was worried. Now I hope you know that we are not kidnappers. Leela says why should it matter to you when you already have murdered someone. She leaves.
Kali comes with gauri. vishwa runs to her. He says are you okay gauri? He says how did this happen? Kali says she is fine. Vishwa says she can’t even stand. Mad says take her inside.

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Kaala Teeka 2nd March 2016 –


Kaala Teeka 2nd March 2016 –


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