Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd March 2016 –

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd March 2016 –

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani reacting angrily after hearing Rags and Barbie. She starts arguing with Rags. Rags says you are getting dangerous for us, even Golu has risk from you, you are showing attitude to me. Suhani says so you feel I m danger for this house. Rags says yes. Pratima asks Rags to stop it. Suhani says they all feel I should leave, fine I will leave from this house. Dadi asks Suhani what are you saying. Suhani says no one told me anything, but I will go from here. Bhavna asks Suhani why are you doing this, the way you are behaving, we all want to help you. Suhani says enough, I don’t want to listen anything, no one will come after me, I m going. Menka smiles. Rags thanks Suhani for this favor. Suhani thinks she has no way, I will talk to Yuvraaj ad come back with her. Pratima stops Suhani and asks are you doing this as I got annoyed with you. Pratima asks her not to do this, as this time all doors for her can get shut. Suhani says it will be good for everyone and leaves. Barbie tells Dadi that I will get Suhani and convince her. Pratima says I will talk to her. Dadi says let Barbie go, she is having Suhani’s child. She asks Barbie to convince Suhani, did you do this…. Barbie says no, Suhani did this.

Suhani is going to temple. Yuvraaj shows Suhani’s message to Saurabh. Saurabh says what does Suhani want to talk about Barbie. Yuvraaj says don’t know, I did not see this message before. Saurabh says maybe Suhani wants to tell about Barbie’s surrogacy, lets go home. Barbie calls goons and tells Suhani’s description. She asks them to kidnap Suhani and she should not reach temple. Barbie says there is one way to calm Suhani, that’s to calm her forever. She calls Dadi and tells her that Suhani has got to know everything, we can’t take risk. Dadi says fine, I spoke to some people, they will do this work. Barbie says I spoke to some people too, I will manage. Dadi says no, I will manage. Barbie says sorry, we can’t take chance, if it gets late, we both will fail.

Yuvraaj calls Suhani. He asks why did you insult Bhavna. She says I insulted her intentionally, Barbie hypnotized me and I don’t remember anything. She asks driver about the temple route. Driver says its ahead. Yuvraaj tells Saurabh that he could not hear anything, he is going now. Suhani’s dupatta gets stuck and she stops. The goons get some girl and kidnap her.

Dadi is restless and receives call. Yuvraaj calls Dadi and asks about Suhani. Dadi recalls Barbie’s words and gets worried. Dadi says I don’t know about her. He says fine, Suhani is calling me, I will call you back. Dadi gets worried. Dadi tells Pratima that its good news, Suhani called Yuvraaj, now he will convince her. The goons kidnapped Barbie. She scolds them and asks about Suhani. The man says we got confused seeing you. She asks them to catch Suhani fast. Dadi tells Barbie that Suhani called Yuvraaj. Barbie says my men kidnapped me. Dadi says I told you can’t do this work, I will tell my goons, they will kidnap Suhani. Barbie says let me do this, I can’t waste time. She ends call.

Suhani talks to Yuvraaj and asks him to stay here, she is coming to parking. Barbie reaches temple and sees Yuvraaj. Pratima and Bhavna cry and pray. Barbie sees Suhani and stops Yuvraaj from seeing Suhani. She tells her that Suhani has run away from home. He asks what, I just spoke to her, she is normal. Barbie says aunty was upset, so I came to see her. Power goes at home, while Pratima and Bhavna are praying. Suhani is caught by Barbie’s goons. They make her smell chloroform and take her. Barbie says don’t know what happened to Suhani, Dadi asked her to relax and she will call doctor. Barbie says Suhani said she will leave home and will never come. Yuvaaj says Suhani has much stress, she was coming here, don’t know why did she not come. Goond take Suhani away, and Yuvraaj looks for her. He calls Suhani and her phone rings. He gets her phone in auto and looks around. Barbie says I think she forgot her phone here and went, relax, we will call home. Rags and Menka are troubled by hot temperature as power has gone. Saurabh and Sharad try to reach Suhani.

Yuvraaj and Barbie are on the way. Yuvraaj talks to Dadi and Saurabh, and tells them that someone is wrong, call commissioner. Saurabh asks him to calm down, look for her. Barbie messages Dadi that Suhani is kidnapped. Yuvraaj stops at signal and thinks where is Suhani. Suhani is in the goons car beside his car. Yuvraaj says I feel strange like something is wrong. Barbie sees Suhani and stops Yuvraaj from looking that side. She makes Yuvraaj busy in talk. He says I hope Suhani is safe. Suhani gets conscious and sees Yuvraaj. She tries calling him, and signal turns green. Barbie asks Yuvraaj to drive fast. He drives ahead.

Barbie talks to goon about Suhani. Pratima hears her and shouts on Barbie to answer her.

Update Credit to: Amena

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd March 2016 –


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd March 2016 –

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