Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 12) the mystery man

Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 12) the mystery man

Thanks a lot guys 4 ur awesome comments and support glad to know that u liked the twist I introduced

The episode starts with leela crying badly
L : no this cannot b my twinkle. . No it cannot be her
Anitha tries to console her but leela grabs inspector by his collar and shouts it’s not my twinkle
Do u understand
Kunj tries to free the inspector
K : aunty it’s not twinkle….aunty plz it’s not yet been identified
Leela frees the inspector and falls down to her knees and shouts “twinkle” and cries bitterly
Anitha takes her from there
Mahi is somewhat relieved to know that twinkle is dead but is still tensed if the inspector finds out the truth that she is responsible for her death
Inspector says they have found her phone
Kunj is shocked because it’s twinkle’s

He falls to his knees in shock
Maya comes to him and consoles him
Inspector says they will find out everything and asks kunj not to worry
Kunj is shattered on seeing twinkle’s phone
K : no my twinkle can’t leave me and go …The one who irritates me the most cannot stay away from me ..,
Ma : plz calm down. .If u won’t be strong then how will u console leela aunty and others?
Who will wipe their tears?…
Kunj leaves desperately

at college
Kunj is sitting alone and crying
Mahi plans to go to him but is stopped by maya
Ma : I guess u have been at home consoling ur mom and not here …I’m there to take care of my brother
Mahi leaves angry

Maya comes to kunj
Ma : did they get to know whose corpse was it ?
K : they have planned for an dna test
He looks at maya
K : am scared how will I tell aunty for her dna scan ..
Would she agree..wt if she says that it cannot be my twinkle and wouldn’t believe in giving the dna test?
Ma : we will have to convince her for it
K : y does this happen to me ?..when twinkle was with me I couldn’t tell her that I love her …now that I finally revealed it She is gone
Ma : just trust on god …my heart says it cannot be her

Mahi speaks to herself 1st that twinkle and now this maya
Wt do they think of themselves. .They always come in between me and kunj
I have to do something of this maya

Mystery man is seen hearing her and walks away

Everyone try to convince leela to give dna test so that they could find out whose corpse is it of
Leela agrees desperately
She gives the test …The lab attender says they wd get the result tmr

Kunj gets a call from the inspector
Ins: Mr kunj sarna we thought of finding out who was the last person to call the phone but logs are empty

An fb is shown
Mystery man deletes the logs from twinkle’s phone
Ins continues that there is some connection btwn twinkle and this corpse
Kunj is heartbroken on hearing this and cuts the call
He recalls his moments with twinkle and cries badly
Bin tere plays

The next day they get the result that it is twinkle’s body itself
Everyone gets shocked on hearing this
Leela falls unconscious on hearing it
Kunj falls down to his knees and shouts twinkle and cries badly

Mystery man gives money to the lab attender for doing the job
Episode ends at kunj’s crying face

So who is this mystery man ? Stay tuned to know it
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Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 12) the mystery man


Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 12) the mystery man

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