Sacred Bonding (Intro)

Sacred Bonding (Intro)

Hi frnds..This is my another fan fic.. Plot based on revenge to love.

Jay(male lead): A Rock star. He is sweet, frndly n helps everyone. But a sudden tragedy makes his life turned upside down n made him rude and aggressive. Knowing the reason behind the tragedy is a MP, He started his journey of revenge by marrying his daughter.

Vidya(female lead):Cute n sweet girl. Very sensitive n loves her family n frnds. She is pampered by her parents a lot but specially by her dad. Dreaming of her married life with her love but sudden marriage with Jay changed her life completely. She didn’t know anything abt Jay’s revenge n the reason behind her marriage. Sacrificed her love for father and married a demon (only for her n her family) knowing nothing abt him.

Anand Singh: Father of Vidya, MP

Rajeshwari: Mother of Vidya

The story revolves around Jay’s revenge on Vidya’s father. Vidya becomes a toy in the game of his revenge as her father loves her a lot. Wats the reason behind his revenge will b revealed later. A girl who is loved by her family a lot faces hatred from Jay who makes her life the worst. Is it possible for her to forget her past love n love the one who hurts her every second? How they fall for one another? Let’s see how she makes her life filled with her husband’s love by valuing the scared bonding of marriage.

Tell me frnds, do u like the plot?? Shall I continue my story?? Will b waiting for ur response..Thank u frnds..

Sacred Bonding (Intro)


Sacred Bonding (Intro)

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