swaragini love makes life live (Intro)

Hi guys im chandana i present you with my new version of swaragini .

Introducting characters . Swara: daughter of shekar gadodia and sister of ragini . Ragini: daughter of shekhar gadodia and sister of swara . Sanskar: son of ram prasad maheshwari and sujata. Laksh: son of durgaprasad maheshwari and annapurna . Morning maheshwari mansion a lady is seen doing puja . She turns and gives prasad to all . Its pari sans bhabi . Ap asks pari about swara . Pari: ma swara is taking rest in her room . Ap: is she alright ? Pari: ha ma , she is little tired . Ap: ok let it be . Ap walks towards a pic with garland and says: everything has changed in these 7 months without you and cries . Sujatha consoles her . Just then a girl enters inside . She is none other than ragini . Rags: hi badi ma . Ap: hi beta . How are you and everyone at home .

Rags: ha badi ma they are fyn i came to see swara . Where is she . Ap: she is in her room you can go and see her . Rags:Thanks ma . Rags walks up where is collides with a man . Its sanskar . Sans tries to talk to rags but she avoids him and moves . Precap : swara is shown as 7 months pregnant . She slaps sans . On road a man runs behind swara’s car yelling shona :-)

swaragini love makes life live (Intro)


swaragini love makes life live (Intro)


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