Spoilers — 2nd March 2016


Sandhya and Akshara find out Naira and the other girls who were going to be sold off abroad. Akshara and Naitik take Rajasthani locals disguise. Naitik and Akshara meet Mirchi Seth and tries to get place in the hideout. Sandhya helps Akshara. Sandhya reaches the hideout. Akshara finds out Naira, and cries seeing her. She hugs Naira. Sandhya reaches there with the police force. Sandhya fights with Mirchi Seth and beats him. Mirchi Seth gets arrested.


Sid and Roshni have romance in Goa. There will be pool romance in the show. Roshni and Sid hug. There is suspense in the serial. The suspense and romance will be together. Roshni is shaken and scared being in Sid’s arms. Roshni and Sid play couple games. Samaira and Yash join them. They find a chit in the swimming pool, in the first round. Samaira wins this task. The second round is to answer questions related to wife. Sid wins this task and hugs Roshni.

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Spoilers — 2nd March 2016


Spoilers — 2nd March 2016


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