Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 60

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Next day,Kush n Pragya was on the way to home by walk.Pooja calls Pragya,Pooja says, Kush is with u.Pragya says,Haa..beta..but I wanna know wht is the secret between u both.Kush asks, that Pooja..Pragya says,Ha..Kush snatched the phone n says,Di..tell me..Pooja says,Hey..Kush..tmrw is the talent hunt..but one change its not in opera house it’s in our gallery.Kush says, asks,Wht happened?Kush says,Mamma..b quiet..don’t make me angry..Pragya stares him n remains silent.Kush says,Pooja di tmrw..Pooja says,dnt wry Kush I ll come with my dad he ll handle ur mom.Kush says,K di bye n ends the call.Kush n Pragya came back to home.Kush says,Mamma..tmrw I have a music competition in my skl so I wanna practice suggest me a song.Pragya thinks for a while n says,Maarezz-e-ishq how was it.Kush says,Superb..n gives her hifi..Pragya too gives hifi n asks Kush to practice well.Kush says,Sure Mamma..n starts his rehearsal.Screen flips,Abhi standing in his flats balcony n sees the view n says himself,The boy, sweet he is I don’t know y I attached to him this much but I had spend only mins with him but I have a feeling that he is very close to me..

I never feeled such a feeling when being with Roshni n remains in lost of mind.Screen flips,Kush was practising with his guitar n Pragya goes to the balcony n says herself,Kush’s first music competition if his pappa was with him how good it ll b..he ll make him to learn all the stuffs..he ll give his own favorite guitar for his son..He ll b the happiest man in the world..But y v r destined to b stay apart n lost in thoughts n sees outside(Kaisa yeh ishq hai plays)Pragya was abt to move of balcony but she sees someone standing in opposite block balcony who resembles Abhi n she tries to take a deep look but she couldn’t so she get in to take specs..In the mean time,Abhi gets in to the room.When Pragya wears specs n comes thr n take a deep look at the place she sees no one thr.When she turns to get in She sees a man nearby block n Waves Hi..looks at her lustly..Pragya scares n gets in locks the door.Next morning,Pragya wakes up Kush n says,Come on its getting late..Kush wakes up n Pragya makes him bath n make him wear the new dress which he bought..white sleeveless tee guitar is printed on it n black jacket..As always Kush rolled up his pant.Pragya smiles at him n brushes his hair.

Kush says,Mamma..don’t brush my hair..see I’m looking like Rockstar if I brush my hair then I ll look like a chocolate boy..n makes spikes on his hair.Pragya laughs.Mikha says,Ur son hey in the world.Kush takes his guitar pouch n take his accessories out of the pouch n wears it.Pragya asks,Hey..when u bought this.Mikha says,Before a week.Pragya says,So Maa u gave him the money.Mikha says, Wht..I ll give for my grandson..I ll buy the whole world for him.Kush kisses Mikha n says,Luv u Granny..Kush wears Black studs,A chain,Wrist bands,Head band,Coolers..Pragya looks at him n she stunned n can’t take eyes from him n says herself,He is just looking his father..n runs towards him n takes him in her arms n kisses him n gets emotional.Mikha touches her shoulder n says,I know wht ur thinking.Pragya says,Nothing Maa..Kush says,Mamma..can v take selfies,Pragya nods,They three took funny selfies n hav fun.Pragya says, it’s getting late come let’s go..

Kush says,U also coming uh?Pragya says,Ha..Y.Ankit n Pooja enters home.Ankit says,Meehi..beji..wht u r dng here..Today IT officials n food Corp officials r coming to cafe u ppl still here.Pragya asks,Wht?Ankit says,haaa..go soon..Pragya says,But bhai..v hav to go for Kush’s skl..his first competition..Ankit says,But u both hav to go thr na..I ll take care of Kush..Pooja says,Aunty..I ll take video of Kush’s performance.Pragya gets sad n says,Oh..No..I thought to see his performance.Ankit says,Don’t wry..u could see in video.Pragya smirked n says,Maa..Come let’s go n kisses Kush n says,U have to perform well K..And prays for God n abt to keep tilak..Kush stops n says,Mamma..Pragya says, u hav to..Kush says,K as per mamma’s wish n takes tilak in his forehead n kisses Pragya.Pragya says,Feeling too bad of missing ur performance.Kush says,I’m too feeling bad Mamma n pretends to be sad.Pooja murmured kush,hey don’t over act.Kush smiles n winks.Pragya n Mikha left to cafe.Ankit Pooja n Kush reached gallery.Abhi n Rohit was sitting in judge seat.Competition started.Kush Rithik Rahul Arjun was standing in a corner.Kush keeps on looking at Abhi.Abhi doesn’t see him.Rithik Rahul Arjun says,Kush do well yaar..u hav to impress ur super hero.Kush says,Sure..I had rehearsed well.Arjun says,U looking like..junior Abhi.Kush says,Thank u yaar n hugs him.As students r performing,Abhi is not much impressed.Rohit announced,next contestant,Kush..Abhi gets excited n asks,Rohit..In Australia all ll keep their child name as Kush uh?

Rohit laughs n asks,Y u asking like this.Abhi says,No..on that day in car..U said abt a boy his name is Kush..Then I met a boy..his name is again another Kush.Rohit says,I think they all r same.Abhi looks on.Kush comes to stage.Abhi looks very excited..Kush strings his guitar n started to string his guitar n turns slowly..Abhi sees his face n says,Hey ya..he is the Kush I met..Rohit says,he is the Kush..I told.Abhi looks on with a smile.Kush sings,Marez-e-ishq..with stringing his guitar.Abhi was impressed n Kush finished his performance with a bang pose.Abhi mesmerized by his performance n says himself,For a minute,I thought that I was seeing myself on this stage.Abhi gives a hard clap n gives standing ovation.Kush feels very happy.As all kids performed.It’s the time to announce results.Abhi was keep on looking at Kush.As the result announced,Kush got the first place.All his frnds hugged Kush.Abhi goes to kush n says,So..U d winner my boy..Kush gets overwhelmed n hugs Abhi..Abhi doesn’t expect this.Abhi too hugs him they both share an emotional moment but they don’t know why they reacting like this.Abhi kisses Kush n hugs him.(Akele hain hum..Akele hain tum..Oh my daddy I love u..but u love me daddy song plays)After a moment,they both break the hug n looks on each other.Pooja was recording the whole function.Kush says,Thank u sir..Abhi takes him in his arms n says,Hey my Rockstar u know I thought I was seeing myself in stage..U rocked it my boy..and Ofcourse u deserved this.Kush smiles.As the prizes r distributed n Kush was showing the prize to Pooja n Ankit..Abhi was keep on looking at him.Abhi calls kush,Kush runs towards him.

Abhi asks,Is his ur father.Kush says,No..he is my mamaji..Actually my mamma had inspection in our cafe so she can’t come..Ankit says,Kush can v leave.Abhi says,If u don’t mind..I ll drop him after a while.Ankit smiles n says,K..Then v r leaving.Kush says,EK minute n runs towards Pooja n says,Di don’t show full video to Mamma..only show my performance.Pooja says,K Kush n they both leaves.Kush came back to Abhi.Abhi says,U really sang very well..I thought to give u spl personal gift.Kush looks in with a excited smile.Abhi takes his fav guitar n gives it to him.Kush gets that n says, can’t believe it..I asked Mamma to get this guitar but she refused now I can’t believe that I got this guitar…thank u sir..thank u very much..Abhi kisses him n says himself, Wht I had done today..I never allowed anyone to touch my guitar but today I gifted to this boy..I don’t know why I’m feeling blessed when I’m with this boy n looks on Kush’s happy face..Kush kisses the guitar..Abhi asks,Shall v Leave.Kush nods.Abhi n Kush hires a taxi.Abhi asked,Whr u wanna go.Kush says the address.Abhi says,hey I’m also staying thr.Kush asks,really?Abhi says,haa..really..Kush says,If u don’t mind..will u help me..Abhi asked, Rockstar..don’t say it as help I ll do anything for u.Kush smiles.

Precap: Ishaan calls Abhi n says,Peehu wants to talk with u.On other side,Kush Abhi was in a valentines day function,Kush gonna dedicate a song for his mom.

Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 60


Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 60


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