I’m backkkkkk Mr.(5)

Hi hello Assalam-O-Alaikum(this fr Muslims)

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Let’s start

Scene 1
In hall
Evry1 gets super shocked
Kavya : ye..yea..yeah…sure cm na
Nixa: arnavvvv
Arnav: yes sweetie
Nixa: there’s my guitar plz pass it
Arnav: sure here uuuu go he gives her a flying kiss
Nixa: nods in no : ffffooo(out haling a breath)
Nixa: (naram naram hathoon she.
Dil pe rkh me khanjar
War dheere dheere Jo toneyn diye he in)2
(She eyes lucy and points 2wrdz him through eyes)
Jhoothe methee vaadoon se is bicharee dil par zakham gehree gehree Jo tune diye hain
(Kal tu merea khuda tha dil tujh pe FIdA tha)2
Toota baram hay ajj shr Teri hy meri
( she eyes kavya and points 2wrdz her through eyes)
Mat bhoool meri Jaan( she eyes lucy)
Bach me jaaye GI kaahan(she eyes kavya)
Joshni si ankhoon se

Behla phusla kr katal jaany kitno me tune kite gain(she eyes 2wrdz lucy)
Naram naram hathoon she dil pe rkh ke khanjar war dheere dheere Jo tune diye hain(she eyes lucy)
Joothe methee vadoon she is bichare dil par zakham gehree gehree Jo tune diye
Jooshni so ankhoon she behla pusla kr katal jaane kitnoo me tune kiye gain
(Kal tu mera khuda tha dil tujh pe fida tha)2
Toota baram by ajj shrh Teri hy meri(she eyes kavya)
Maat bhool merit Japan(she eyes lucy)
Bach me jaaye GI Khan(she eyes kavya)
Suddenly she cmz to senses hearing such a loud clapping voice very praises her voice

Kavya: nixa can u plz sing sanam re last passage
Ragini and swara gets shocked

Ragini has tears in her eyes laksh drunk
I hv selected the images of this and last part’s pics

I’m backkkkkk Mr.(5)


I’m backkkkkk Mr.(5)


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