Janam Janam ka pyar ( love story of tei,kb,APH,SR) intro

Hi! Friends.
I m new here. I am Sonali. I’m gonna to write my 1st ff.
My ff is about a true love story which never end is named as” Janam Janam ka pyar ”
Intro :-
In Mehra’s house
Abhi: a handsome, funny,caring guy. Brother of Purab & Twinkle. Cousin brother of Sanlak & fiance of pragya
Twinkle – a beautiful, cute,caring,loving girl gf of kunj. Purab-a handsome, helping, always std 4truth& caring guy fiance of bulbul.
Sanskar- a cool,lit bit angry but :caring&loving guy.
Laksh- a cool,Flirty,careless & loving guy

In Arora mention
Pragya – a beautiful, caring, loving, sweet girl. A sister of Raj& Bulbul& cousine of swaragini & fiance of Abhi & best friend of kunj.
bulbul- a cute, funny, brave girl. Fiance of Purab
Swara- a sweet, brave,intelligent,beautiful girl.
Ragini – a cute,innocent, beautiful, c&l girl.
Raj- a cool charming,loving,helping& lit bit flirty guy.
Kunj – a dashing,helping,loving&caring
guy. bf of twinkle

Episode;- 1

IN USA, A big house is shown in which a big room is shown where a girl is sleeping. Suddenly her mobile is ringing & disturbly she ans d call
g- kunj,y r u disturbing me by waking me in d early morning.
K-Twinkle! Tu din me sapne dekhna band karegi , it’s already 9 & our college is at 9:30
T- Wat? Y didn’t u wake me earlier.
K-Ok now! go& get ready b4 went to pick u. Else we gonna late on 1st day of college.
t- ok!

After 15 minutes a car enter outside twinkl’s house & blow d horn & then he came out of d car. D guy is wearing black jeans, red v-tshirt& white bleasure on it. He is looking dashing. He is no other but Kunj
then Twinkle is showing coming out wearing red balloon paternal top &black jeans. Kunj get memorized by seeing her.

PRECAP:- Kunj proposed Twinkle

How it was. I know I’m not good writer as u all but i try my best. So,pls. ignore it i did any mistake
if u have any Ques or Suggestions then u can share wit me
guys! Pls comments me if i continue or not.

Janam Janam ka pyar ( love story of tei,kb,APH,SR) intro


Janam Janam ka pyar ( love story of tei,kb,APH,SR) intro


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