LOVE HAS MADE ITS WAY !!! (Episode 6)

Hey guys its been many days since I wrote my ff, since I have to prepare for exams, so from the previous precap:
Twinj’s car gets punctured and they plan to shift in the nearby resort.
Twinkle:Oh god, where did I land up now,and in this room there is no couch
Kunj: can u be quite for a while, your friend might be worrying for u and here u r worrying abt where to sleep.
Twinkle: acha ok baba, ill make a pillow ka border nd ill sleep on one side nd u sleep on the other.
Twinkle: bakwas bandh kar. Nd come nd sleep now.
(in the night twinkle gets scared by the thunder and tightly hugs kunj and sleeps next to him)
Kunj: (in the morning) good morning
Twinkle: (wakes up nd gets shocked seeing her position) ya…. Good morning kunj, ill go nd freshen up nd be back
Kunj: ok
Twinkle: (she comes out of the washroom and kunj just looks and smiles at her) kya??? Y are u looking at me like that
Kunj: um……. Nothing
Twinkle: kunj get ready fast na, we have to get a lift and reach the hotel
Kunj: ya ill be back in 15 min
(kunj and twinkle gets mesmerized by each other)
Twinj: KYA??
(they get a lift in time and they reach they venue, her friend’s name is tina)
Tina: twinkle yar where were u no hw worried I got.
Twinkle: chod na, now I came so be happy u look sooo pretty
Kunj: after all whose wife is she
Twinkle: I dunno maybe a cute and handsome guy named kunj sarna (and she pulls his cheek)
Kunj: yar pls don’t pull my cheek I don’t like it
Twinkle : oh really?? (she pulls his cheek again) now wat will u do?
Kunj: one more time u pull my cheek then I will tell to mom
Twinkle: sorry baba
Kunj: when will I be able to ever confess my feelings for u??

Precap: couples dance twinj dance on janam janam

Guys as I told u all before I am planning to end my ff in two three days time but hope u all enjoyed my ff.

LOVE HAS MADE ITS WAY !!! (Episode 6)


LOVE HAS MADE ITS WAY !!! (Episode 6)


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