His Hatred (Intro)

His Hatred (Intro)

Synopsis- Introduction

She was the one who was seldom aware of and got into encounter of one such intense emotion around her. Hatred. The one thing in her life that never existed. Sam was always surronded by love and affection. Calm and normality. Then he arrived and brought his vengeance along. He wasn’t placid. He wasn’t what she called a rich and typical stuck up preppy. He didn’t reek of show off or seemed like a snob. His arrival played much havoc around than she predicted. Everything changed after it. She finally got to know the feel of such a destructive hatred. His hatred.

Old wounds never die. They pierce into the skin and surface up clawing and hurting. A hurt so deep that one could never surface up but drown in it. His wounds ran deeper than she thought he did. He came into their lives like a swirling storm and destroyed each one of them before he left. Like a shattered carcass of a house after the cyclone. Sam saw the grim stranger arrive into her family home one such stormy midnight. He had a long discussion with her father in the study.

After he left, Sam saw how pale and shaking her father had become. How anxious and jittery he was the next day too. Little did she know that the same night the stranger took everything from them. Everything. The business. The estates. The houses. The mansion that she lived in all her life. He took everything.

After such a blow, father did not survive. He died a month later. The so called people who were relatives scattered like black ash after the fire. Sam had only a family now. Mom. Her backbone.

It took a year to recover from the shock for them but Sam determined to find a hopeful opening of serenity in their lives. Once a hotel heiress had stepped down from the princess pedestial and she ventured into a realm of harsh reality. Nevertheless, Sam smiled and welcomed the change with open arms. Because she found real friends now than she ever did have any before. She wasn’t after vengeance or climbing up the ladder. One thing in life she wanted was to live a life peaceful and happy.

But, she was very much aware of his presence. His sharp dark brown eyes. Furious. Menancing. Contemptious. Aristocratic. Domineering. And something else deep she could not decipher. Sam felt the danger of falling into a trap of something darkly sinister if she ever thought of finding out of such a shielded and gaurded emotion in his eyes. The pair of eyes seemed to cut and humiliate even the greatest of arrogance. He was as calm as a silent and a brooding valcano. Frightening. Bringing in anxiety at its unpredictability. He was hard, rough, unmoving and looming dangerous. His demeanor was icy cold. His eyes were always blazing on her. The fear chilled her to the bones. His dry cynical wit greatly spread across mocking and superiority. She wasn’t angry. She did know he was the reason that she lost everything but then again he didn’t seem like the one to hurt bad others without a purpose. Something must have happened. She was though curious as she had seen a hurt so convusingly painful in his eyes that made her want to know more about it. She wanted to know his reason for it. What made him icy cold and unforgiving. Was it possible that whatever she believed was good in her life before was actually a life made from complete betrayal and fraud? She needed to find out everything soon before she blindly believed a new lie told by her family again.

Neil saw her. His eyes narrowed. His detest for her rose up and circled his mind in dark anger. Mind numbing anger to hurt her. Everything came to an abrupt halt when he encountered her because nothing fazed her exuberance. The smile and warmth of her nature persisted even after the debacle of her family from the high society. No matter how much it made him irked and riled up his temper she remained ever impassive. She faced him with that damned poker expression and bewildered curiosity like almost always at his show of anger. It made him infuriated more. Calm and serene was she like a bl**dy ocean. Observing and careful. The disturbing surprise was he didn’t get hate from her. She didn’t see him as an enemy. Infact, he seemed nothing but a stranger in her eyes. She saw him as a person quickly forgotten if once was out of sight and he didn’t know why it disturbed him. It pissed him off that she disturbed his peace. The fact was, no woman ever dared to dismiss him in such a careless fashion. Her manner spoke of utter disinterest. It made him furious as hell.

Sometimes he wondered and a tendril of appreciation entered into his eyes seeing her have such an iron will. Sadly though, it sharpened his interest hundred fold to break her all the same. She was going to be a ‘challenge’ and he never backed down from those.

Of to what end he would hate….Of how much longer her will would remain undettered….would It not fade and diminish her light in the shroud of his deepest darkness and Hatred…..or is it something else that pulls them to each other….

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Credit to: Blue

His Hatred (Intro)


His Hatred (Intro)

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