abhigya’s destiny episode 40

Everyone has returned home!

At surla’s mansion : everyone is sitting in tv hall, jaanki says oh God i m tired, surla says me too! But this picnic was wonderful ,bulbul was lost in thoughts of purab! Just then surbhi got a call, she said okay sir, surbhi says maa, badi ma(surla) actually i got some important work so i am going, jaanki says u can go after resting, surbhi says maa i will be back soon…. Surbhi leaves……. She soon reaches police station, commissioner says surbhi, surbhi says sir did u got any evidence that children are alive, commissioner says surbhi yes all children are alive, prutima taai has got those children and she is making them to work! Just to earn money! Surbhi says i knew it! Commissioner says how u knew it? Surbhi explains: sir it was diwali day, pragya di bought crackers for almost all kids, but i replaced those crackers with fake crackers, just bcoz di ordered me to do so! Prutima taai had always greed for money but pragya di always trusted her, whene ever she visited NGO i always had a doubt on her, so at diwali day i wasn’t sure that prutima taai would fo anything but…… (guyz prutima taai is an imaginary character) Fb starts: it is diwali day all kids are playing, prutima taai comes and says hey kids i have got something for u in that truck lets go, surbhi stopped them, time passed they all were playing, surbhi got an important work so she went outside of NGO, after sometime the building caught fire)……fb ends, commissioner says so was pragya that much busy on phone? Surbhi says yea sir, but important thing is after the building caught fire, di was so shocked that she didn’t even knew that crackers were fake! I tried to tell her so many times but she said not to give her false hopes, and the doubt that arose in my mind was when prutima taai came our home! I was amazed to see that she is alive coz when building caught fire she was inside, but none of my family member realized it, second time doubt arose when i saw her wicked smile when pragya was crying i knew that she is upto something, and that’s why i asked u to help me for if those children are alive! But well how u came to know that they are alive ? Commissioner says i asked all police stations to have a look on children, i sent them pics, so from 1 police station i got a call that they saw same girl of pic begging! Surbhi says i knew that through child labour prutima taai would collect money, it was new business for her but i have plan sir! Commissioner askd what? Surbhi explains everything, commissioner says but it could risk ur life! Surbhi says yea actually bcoz i can’t give falso hopes to di and can sacrifice my life for her…..commissioner says we will help u, surbhi says thanku sir but plz do a favour! Plz don’t inform di that my doing this! Commissioner says fine…..

Guyz i know it’s march but its april in my ff ?

It’s next day: pragya is cleaning room, abhi calls pragya she turns and sees abhi sitting on knees ,he has ring box in his hand! Pragya is stunned ,abhi says the day i met u ,i felt to gift this to u, pragya was fully stunned, abhi opens the ring box, pragya was fully afraid, and she jumped and jumped she screamed cockroach ,cockroach, cockroach! She stood over bed ,and started jumping in fear ,she was screaming cockroch cockroch cockroch cockroch , the end of bed came she was about to fall, and was still screaming cockroch cockroch cockroch ,she was about to fall but abhi holded her, they shared eyelock for Just 2 seconds ,and abhi laughed harder and harder! Abhi was laughing too much and sat on bed, he said u hahahahahhahaha, u got afraid of that cockroch hahahahhaha, what u thought i will gift u a ring ,hahHhhHah, april fool! Pragya’s anger was at peak and said oh so this was ur April fool joke, abhi is still laughing, pragya gets irked and says u know what i hate u ! Abhi stops laughing and says what did u said, pragya said i hate u, abhi asked what? Pragya is almost irritated and says wait i will too make u april fool ,abhi says oh ho, challenge ! Pragya says accept this challenge , abhi says accepted ,pragya sayd if u would become april fool u will say sorry to me! Abhi says but if i won’t become april fool then u would say that i m 100 times better than u ,pragya says accepted ! Abhi laughs harder and says haha i made u april fool, so i can call u fuggy fool! Pragya gets irritated and leaves the room… She comes down, abhi follows her and says fuggy fool! He laughs, pragya cam3 in hall, with anfer face, abhi comes and says with this face ur looking perfect ffuggy fool! Pragya gets irked then a man comes ,pragya is stumned to see him ,the man too is amazed , pragya says after almost 5 years! Abhi is confused ! Man comes ,and says pragya u, pragya says Ronnie u…. Abhi just then remebers taht pragya told him that Ronnie taught pragya how to play guitar , and is her bestfriend! Man says hey , pragya hugs him tightly, ronnie kisses him, and guess what abhi was so much jealous ,he wanted to get ronnie out of house( guyz ronnie thinks pragya as her sister so does pragya thinks him as brother ) they break hug, ronnie says what are u doing here in abhi’s house? Abhi could not hold his anger and holds pragya’s hand and says pragya is my wife! Pragya was stunned but she took her hand back, ronnie says pragya when did u married, u didn’t informed me ? Pragya says well few days before! Ronnie says oh ho love marriage or arranged pragya and abhi at same time says, love ,arranged ,pragya says arranged but as abhi was jealous so he said love, ronnie says oh so love and arranged both… Pragya was shocked to hear love word! Pragya says well u here? ronnie says actually i m producer but i used to come here to teach bunty guitar ,pragya sayd wow perfect, well i also need a practice on guitar so will u also teach me! Ronnie says surely! Abhi was at height of jealousy, dadi came and greeted ronnie, dadi asked abhi and pragya plz can u go to market ,i need something ,pragya says but dadi abhi could go alone ,abhi was about to say that pragya is right but then he looked at ronnie and felt jealous , abhi says no dadi we both will go ! Pragya is still angry on abhi, dadi hands over abhi the list of things and abhigya left…….
Abhi parked car, pragya got out of car, just the she saw a girl selling balloons ,she screamed avni, abhi said what happened pragya, pragya said i just saw avni now ,the girl of my NGO, abhi said but u said na that they all are in heaven so how will they come to earth, pragya said u are right but. …abhi says com’on we are getting late…. Pragya goes with him….

At night : pragya is in room and says done! Now he will becomr april fool, ghosts are coming to greet him….. Abhi entrrs house he is frustrated and says how can tanu only give me 1 month to divorce pragyaa as this is contract marriage for 6 months, abhi goes upstairs he opens door of his room and it is almost dark there, he tried to open lights, but a voice came don’t open door ,it was a creepy voice ,abhi with fear ful voice says who? The creepy voice again comes and sayd I m ghost ( m bhoot hu) abhi is scared enough and says huh there are no ghosts in world! Creepy voice says i have came here to take u with me out of this world…. Abhi says in fearful :voice, : u mean u will take me into space, creepy voice says no i will take u into my ghost world. …abhi says hey see we can be friends naa what’s the need of going to ur world we can live here with peace, ghost in creepy voice says noooo, i will take u to my world, abhiin almost scared voice says if u have that much potential then come infront of me, creepy voice says fineee! Just then someone places hand over abhi’s shoulder from back, abhi was almost scared and says ghost jee ,bhoot jee i was joking i believe in ghosts, u know some of ghosts are my friends and one of them is my wife, abhi says leave me, abhi turns back he shocked to see skeleton , he screams , lights gets on…. Pragya is laughing harder ,abhi sayd so this was ur plan, pragya laughs and sits on bed and says yea hahahahah april fool, abhi was frustrated he holded pragya by arms and was so much in anger so that he said what the hell, pragya was scared of his expression , abhi says u know i m so much tensed, Nd u ,u just have to play pranks on me, i hate u pragya , who wants to be ur friend ,i would even not like u to keep u as my enemy coz i hate u ,i hate u and i hate u, pragya was much hurt, abhi sayd u know what ,just stay with ronnie hug him ,just marry him ,pragya was shocked to hear such words, abhi says never ever show ur face again (apni shakal kabhi mat dikhana) , abhi goes to wardrobe,, pragya had tear in her eyes and said i should have to played prank over him ,he is so much hurt, he obviously is tensed i will say him sorry tomorrow …….screen freezed over abhi’s anger face and pragya’s sad face…

Pre recap : purab says Bulbul plz tell me na u love me or not? Abhi in wardrobe saw blood spots and gets shocked ….
Spoiler: abhi to soob realize his love for pragya…

Guyz i read ur comments and so i thought to not make pragya responsible for death of kids ,so do comment ….

abhigya’s destiny episode 40


abhigya’s destiny episode 40


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