Ishveer ( love like never before) Episode 10

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Recap: rv takes revenge from chirag .
The episode start with in night rv does not sleeps & only think about ishani. & write a letter to her . & then comes to the window & said
*”roshni chand se hoti hain
Sitaron se nahi
Mohabbat ek se hoti hain
Hazaron se nahi”*

The night is very beautiful but you are not with me ( ishani) so that’s way the night have no value to me. Like its boring night. & pray to God that we will meet come soon . & if you meet me than I can’t let you go in my life. Meantime ishani also see that moon & stars in her gallery & said I miss him badly . in her heart she says ranveer I love you so much. & yes our love is true than surely we will meet soon. & she also write a letter to him. They both cries & thinks about their happiest moments & song play ** ke tery ley duniya chod di he , tujh pe hi sans aaky roky , ke me tujhko kitna chahta hon, to Kabhi soch na saky he**

This way year & years passes but they can’t forgot each other . they both love each other passionately.
Shikhar & riya became MBBS doctors & they both love each other. Shikhar says to amba that riya is my college friend & like it. she is nice girl. Then amba says OK beta tomorrow we will meet her parents. Shikhar says thank you mom I love you mom.
( guys I am taking it fast because in next episode ishani & ranveer meet each other ) then amba kailash & ranveer meet riya’ s parents . amba likes riya & then the marriage date are fixed.

In other hand also ritika ‘ s marriage fixe with other business man rahul.
Precap : *** Rv see the ishani ***

Ishveer ( love like never before) Episode 10


Ishveer ( love like never before) Episode 10


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