Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 59

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A man bumped with Kush n his chocolate fells down,He shouts,Who is the hell he is n looks at the man..The man too looks at him n says,Oh..I’m really sorry..Kush shouts,…U Abhi..Abhi..hey na..Abhi the Rockstar..OMG..I can’t believe this true or I’m just dreaming n starts to jump.Abhi smiles n says, lil star may I know what’s ur name..Kush says, can’t believe it n says,I’m Kush..Sir..Abhi gets thought of the moment with Pragya when they decided their baby’s name.Kush says himself,Kush..don’t show before him that u gonna perform in talent hunt if u say that today then he won’t get impressed.Abhi shooks him n says,I’m Sry..Kush..I ll get U another chocolate..Kush says,It’s K problem..chocolate is not at all necessary when u r with me n smiles.Abhi asks,Whts ur age with a smile.Kush says,5..Abhi asks,Then how u know me?I mean I had stopped doing my concerts then how u know me..Kush says,Actually my granny was ur fan..and as I’m also ur fan nahi..which is beyond than that.Abhi smiles n says himself,This boy is so cute..charm after a long time I’m feeling that someone who close to me is being with me n smiles.Kush says,Sir..can v hav coffee.

Abhi smiles n says,U ll hav coffee.Kush says,Haa..I ll but my mom doesn’t know abt that I ll betray her n laughs.Abhi says,But..beta..I won’t drink coffee..Kush asks,Kyun sir..ur mom also won’t let u to drink coffee my mamma..Abhi smiles n says,Ha..beta only plain milk.Kush says,ufffoo…my mom ll also do the same just a plain a poor student’s answer sheet..Abhi laughs hard by hearing this n says,U r so cute.Kush makes a smile n says,Thank u sir..usually all use to say like’s K Wht to do I’m so handsome na..Abhi wonders n says himself,How sweet n childish this boy..n smiles..Kush says,Sir..shall v go..Abhi says,Whr..Kush says,we having a cafe here shall v go n hav coffee..Abhi says,But..Kush says,Wht sir??Abhi says,Ur mom ll b thr na..Kush says,Haa..I forgot that K let’s have here itself n holds his hand..Kush n Abhi walking by holding hands on hand.They both were roaming for a coffee shop where no one can see them.Abhi asks,Kush..Here thr is a shop..

Kush says,Sir..if v drank here then Mr.Leech ll tell to Mamma..Abhi asks,Mr.Leech?Kush says,Ha..his name is Charles but me n pooja di na v kept this name his character resembles as Leech.Abhi laughs.Kush says,Sir,come let’s go thr(an isolated coffee shop)n runs inside n Abhi follows him.Abhi sees his hand is wet of sweat as they both hold their hands for a while n thinks,After 6yrs my hand is getting wet of sweat usually fuggi ll give this to me but today this boy making me more comfortable n I feel fresh n happy n sees Kush.Kush says,For me cold coffee..Sir for u..Abhi smiles n abt to say milkshake but Kush says,Oh..u won’t drink coffee na so is milkshake is K fr u na.Abhi nods n smiles.Kush says,Then..chocolate milkshake n smiles.Abhi nods n says,Hey..Its my fav.Kush says,Mine too n gives his hand for hifi..Abhi too gives hifi.Kush says,Sir..Abhi says,EK minute..Ek minute..y u calling me sir.Kush says,My Mamma told me to give respect to others especially when I watch u on TV i ll use to say simply Abhi..But Mamma ll ask me to say as Abhi sir n smiles.Abhi smiles n says,Its K u can call me as ur uncle.Kush immediately says,K Abhi uncle.Kush sips the cold coffee n Abhi looks at him.

Abhi asks Kush,How was the coffee?Kush says,Gud but not as my mamma’s n smiles.Abhi thinks,Fuggi if u thr then v ll also hav a cute boy like this who always giving bak bak talks like u..n asks,Kush..u r a chatter box ryt..Kush says, Mamma ll use to say that I’m the naughtiest boy she ll use to compare me with Andy..Abhi asks,Andy?Kush gets involved in saying abt Andy n says,Haa..he is an Aussie highly attitude I won’t like him he always use to taunt Arjun.Abhi says,Oh no another new character Arjun..I think u hav many friends.Kush says,Haa..many frnds..while in this talk few drops of coffee spilled over his shirt.Kush says, n takes the water n wipes it immediately by saying,If Mamma see this then she ll give me boring lectures.Abhi asks,Boring lectures?Kush says,Haa..she ll give lectures when I eat paste..Abhi laughs n asks,Do u eat paste?Kush says,Haa..u won’t eat pastes uh..u know it ll b so good in taste..Abhi says, lil star ur mom is saying for ur gudness..Kush says, u too n pretends to sad.Abhi pinches his cheeks n says,So cute..Kush says,And u too..

Abhi laughs n Suddenly he recevies a call Abhi attends the call,It was Rohit.Rohit says,Abhi sir..Hav u got ready for meeting..Abhi says,Oh I just forgot that..I’m sry..Rohit says,Itz k dnt wry I ll pick u.Abhi says,Oh..thanks..btw I’m in food court..Rohit says,Ya..I ll b thr n 5 mins.Abhi says,Ya..K I ll wait fr u in outside n ends the call.Kush says,Leaving for work uh?Abhi says,Haa..but I really like u my boy..Kush says,I too like u my Rockstar n smiles.Abhi says,Come I ll leave u in ur cafe n ll leave.Kush says, he comes thr Mamma ll get upset na n says,No problem uncle this is my area I ll go by myself.Abhi says,Are u sure?Kush says,Haa..Abhi says,K lemme pay the bill.Kush says, I ll pay..Abhi says,Achha..u hav paisa..Kush says,Haa..I hav my piggy bank na I have lil money..Abhi says,So sweet but I ll pay coz I spoiled ur chocolate na..Kush says,Ya..K then u itself pay..Abhi smiles n says,Naughty..Kush smiles.Abhi pays n abt to leave.Kush calls Abhi uncle come here.

Abhi comes to him n kneels down before him n asks,Wht?Kush kisses in his cheeks n says,Love u..Abhi gets overwhelmed n feels that some super divine grace n love had touched him n kiss Kush’s forehead n says,Love u too..take care..Kush smiles n thinks, I gonna impress u on Competition n leaves by saying bye..Abhi looks on him..He feels that his soul is detached from the body n feels bad of leaving him n left the place.Kush comes to cafe n gets into cafe room n shouts n jumps n dance.Pragya scared n turns to him n asks,Y u r shouting..Kush says,I’m not shouting..I’m enjoying n shouts n twists his legs by saying naannaannaa…Pragya kneels down before him n asks,Someone is on cloud nine today.Kush says,Ha..Pragya asks,Whts the matter with smile.Kush says in a singing tone,It’s seceret..I won’t’s a personal..i won’t tell.Pragya says,Arey..Kush says,No way..Pragya says,K leave..let’s go home..Kush Granny n Pragya reached home.Pragya n Mikha freshed up but Kush was in the same excitement.Pragya comes thr n says,Oye..dream boy..come let’s change the dress.Kush says,Lift me..Pragya lifts him n makes him stand on bed n removes his shirt n gives a night dress.Pragya notices coffee stain on his shirt n asks, was the coffee.

Kush asks with innocent face,Wht coffee Mamma..Pragya says,Come on sweet a buttering tone.Kush holds her cheeks says,Mamma..u r too smart..Smarty pants..n kisses her.Pragya beats him gently n says,So u drank coffee..Kush says,Haa..n ran away by closing Pragya inside the room.Pragya runs behind him n knocks him to open the door.Kush says,No..Mamma..U ll not scold me na..Pragya says,if I came out I ll beat u..Kush says,then stay inside.Pragya murmers n tooks his shirt n puts in washing machine,while seeing the stain she remains a moment(A FB:In morning Pragya brings a cup of coffee n plain milk n wakes up Abhi..Abhi woke up n says,Gud mrng.Pragya says,Gud mrng..Drink this milk soon..Abhi says,Milk?Then for whom this coffee?Pragya says,For advised u na not to drink coffee so only milk.Abhi smirked n took the glass..Pragya gets to the changing room at the time Abhi had a sip at the coffee n places as it is.But a drop spilled on his tee.Pragya sees that n asks,Whts this?Abhi says,My heart.Pragya keeps her hand n asks,Oh..n whts in ur heart(taunting tone).Abhi says,Ofcourse u fuggi.Pragya shows stain.Abhi says,It’s kiss mark.Pragya says,Kiss?Abhi says,Ha..n kisses her n runs away FB ends)

Precap: Pragya also getting ready with Kush to see his competition.

Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 59


Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 59


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