Swaragini..Its fortune..episode 4

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Episode 4
Piyu:Lets play hide and seek. Ragini:No no…iam not playing. Piyu:Papa…please..say her na. Laksh:okay …lets play..Ragini pls.. Ragini:okay fine.
They start playing hide and seek. Laksh:First,lets blindfold piyu.
They blindfolded her.
Ragini and laksh are running here and there.
Laksh push Ragini towards piyu and so piyu catches her. Piyu:Ahhh..mamma is the next . catcher.
Ragini:No no..its cheating. Laksh:What cheating.
Ragini:you pushed me na.. Piyu:Mamma…you are the catcher,no compromise. Ragini:Fine.
Laksh blindfolded Ragini.Piyu and laksh starts running here and there.
Ragini holds someone hand.She removed the cloth from her eyes.It was laksh.
Piyu:Yeee..pappa is the next catcher.

Now laksh is blindfolded. Ragini and piyu are running here and there.
Piyu starts making some noises..And laksh started following it.
Finally she made a noise and hide behind Ragini.
Laksh catches ragini by her waist thinking its piyu .
Laksh removes the cloth from his eyes.Laksh finds him holding ragini .
But they are not even embarrased by this.
piyu teases laksh for not catching her.Ragini is laughing.
Laksh:Ohhho..you are laughing.. By saying this laksh took ragini in his arms are throws her in the sofa. Ragini:ouch..
laksh:Why..you are not laughing.? Ragini:laksh..you.
Suddenly a post man comes.He gives a letter to Ragini.He went after getting her signature. Laksh:What’s that Ragini.
Ragini:i don’t know let me check. Laksh:Looks like its a love letter.Who is the person.Just say the name and address..i will set everything.
Ragini opens it and finds an appointment letter from SM industries.
Ragini :Laksh,last week i went for an interview na..i got selected in it. Laksh:Oh that’s great..but in which company..
Ragini:SM industries. Laksh:Oh..thats a big industry. Ragini:How do you know.. Laksh:Just a guess. Ragini:..pls..laksh.There is a limit na..fed up with you.And by the way,Tomorrow onwards I want to go.
Episode ends.

Precap:Ragini and sanskar meets.

How was it buddy.. in Episode 6…i will reveal the pairs

Swaragini..Its fortune..episode 4


Swaragini..Its fortune..episode 4


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