ACLS HERO’S POV part -19

Shayad Mere Pyar Ko Taste Karna Bhool Gayee Tum;
Dil Sey Aisa Cut Kiya Ke Paste Karna Bhool Gayee Tum!

After that day’s storm it , was silence all over, and our love slowly started becoming deeper….
But Damn Franky!!!
That idiot, fool broke out, the news of him being my step brother to ♥ ♡ her ♥ ♡ …
And what could it be……. It became worse , I could take anyone but not ♥ ♡her ♥ ♡ so sympathetic eyes looking at me….
Finally I couldn’t take it and I had to tell ♥ ♡her ♥ ♡
It was the annual science fair, and ♥ ♡she♥ ♡ was in the team, and I suspected something wrong as the vicious circle was there too……..

So all I had to do was to tell our teacher that , I am in…….
Well when I reached the venue , with our teacher the scene there was more or less expected,
The vicious circle had……………messed up again,
I mean I knew their nature well so I could make out that ……………They were the culprits………
But the scene said something else , it all looked like♥ ♡ she♥ ♡ broke the model,
And ♥ ♡she♥ ♡ was the one at stake, ♥ ♡her♥ ♡ reputation , her name♥ ♡♥ ♡
So without a second thought , I started observing everything with an hawk eye ,
And as soon as I started getting evidences against them, they just messed up again…..
There was a new model for the display , which they said the assigned team except ♥ ♡her♥ ♡ made it…..

What do they mean?? Wasn’t it a team task??
Well so if everyone else except ♥ ♡her ♥ ♡ made it so what about the previous model??
Who made it and why??
And the new project??
The matter was quite a bit tangled……
But it was on my only friend so I wowed to get to its depth and unravel each and every bit of it……
Ok then ‘Detective Day Dreamer’ on duty sir….
mmm…….. I thought of many names but Miss Day Dreamers Mr. Day dreamer was the best……..
**** to be continued…

Ok ma lovely exam ppl and busy suuperr bsy pppl/behno/ sissies/readers etc….etc.. here is a short update for u , quick and instant so

Kabhi Tum Gor Se Dekho Aaina;
Wah Wah!
Kabhi Tum Gor Se Dekho Aaina;
Khud Hi Hanskar Kahoge…
Made in China!
Made in China!

ACLS HERO’S POV part -19


ACLS HERO’S POV part -19


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