A Beautiful Revenge (Intro)

A Beautiful Revenge (Intro)

Hey frds how are you all ?
I’m not going to tell u who I’m u have to guess so here is a new story this story is about revenge it’s title is
” ”


Name:Aayan Kapoor
Profession: He Owns Hotels it’s his family business
Personality:hot, handsome, Intelligent, loving, caring, helpful and understanding so in short a perfect life partner
He lives with his parents and best friend Tia


Name:Mahnoor (Noor)
Personality:beautiful, pretty, intelligent, loving, caring, helpful, understanding,bold yet shy, brave yet afraid and emotional so in one word she is beauty with brain
She also lives with her parents and she have one sister (siya) who was aayan’s frd because of whom they met but she don’t live with them now because of some reason and that you’ll know later

Aayan’s best friend

Profession: work with Aayan
Personality: beautiful, intelligent, bold, brave, she lives with aayan because her parents was aayan’s parents frds and now after their death she lives with them and she loves aayan but he don’t know anything


This story revolves around 2 persons who used to love each other but get separated because of some reasons but destiny played a beautiful game and both get married for their parents because their parents are frds but they don’t know anything about Aanoor’s (Aayan & Mahnoor) love and hatred they think that both know each other as their parents are frds and not even tia know about Aanoor so now it will be interesting to read that how love blossom again between them which both r trying to hide behind their fake hatred

Note:Aanoor’s parents are just for some episodes

So frds how’s this tell me should I continue or not ? ?

A Beautiful Revenge (Intro)


A Beautiful Revenge (Intro)

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