Kaala Teeka 29th February 2016 –

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Scene 1

Kali and Yug are in jungle. Kali collides with him and screams. The thugs come after them. Yug hits them. Y
They are driving back. Yug says I wont let anything happen to you. He starts fainting. His hand is injured. The car hits a tree. yug has fainted. Kali says yug please open your eyes.Kali finds a rope. She ropes a plank, places yug on it and starts pulling it.

The man comes and says ma’am you have to come for audition. They take her in a room. The guys faint her. He says this parcel will go out of country tomorrow.
Vishwa says prohit call Gauri. Prohit says I have been calling her but she is not picking up. Vishwa says I will bring her from Patna and show her that Gauri is not with yug. She will believe that gauri is the perfect girl for yug.
Kalyani says in heart where is this kali gone? And yug is missing as well. I hope something happens that makes the game more interesting.

Kali says yug please open your eyes. She takes him to a temple. Kali says I am sorry ram ji for this. She breaks lock of a trunk. Kali cuts his shirt. She dresses his wounds. Kali prays in temple for yug. He moves a bit. Kali sits next to him. She says he is not well. she places wet cloth on his forehead. She says I tried everything I don’t know how will he feel better. She sings her song. yug moves his head a bit.

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Kaala Teeka 29th February 2016 –


Kaala Teeka 29th February 2016 –


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