inside feeling …5

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in megha house
mr.bhalla shout neelu..u don’t prepare balak paneer next time..this house no one eat balak paneer.. megha silently see him.

In ranawat house
Family members r talk with them.. mr.ranawat ask mohan when ur maariage..
mohan similes said i don’t meet anyone like my paro..i want my lifepartner same as like paro.. mr.ranawat said u indirectly propose paro na.. mohan said and paro r only friends… paro is my sister.. i know we don’t have blood relation but have heart relation.. mr.ranawat ask mohan what speciality have paro.. mohan look paro..said in a simple word paro only like smiles and hate tears… only give happiness to others and try to reduce others pains… mr.ranawat said i think u love paro but u don’t understand ur feelings on paro… mohan said no uncle.. god promise paro only my friend and sister
mr.ranawat said i trust him..mohan look ranawat face some relief showing ranawat face..ranawat smiling.. mohan ask what the reason for ur happiness… ranawat said no reason..ranawat leave place..mohan think y uncle is ask somuch question about me and paro relation..uncle think wrong about…he is happy to him my answer… mohan go to see room ranawat look rudra photo said i’m happy..i’m find my daughter in law… mohan hear everything and said so this is a reason .mr.ranawat pull mohan inside room close room door. mr.ranawat said mohan i think paro come in rudra life.. rudra forget past.. live happily with paro.. mohan said i don’t accept ur proposal.. ranawat in shock..why…my family will give all loves to paro.. mohan similingly said u accept only paro na not ur mohan na.. ranawat smilingly hug mohan.. mohan said rudra will accept paro i’m very happy.. my paro have good family and good husband..

rudra ask whose husband.. ranawat in shock.. mohan try to told paro and rudra marriage.. ranawat interupt said mohan ready to marriage and girl also fixed.. mohan in shock..rudra said congrats and hug mohan ask girl name.. mohan reply name…name.. paro come ranawat room ask who is pupply mohan.. rudra ask pupply… so lucky girl name is pupply.. mohan suddenly said ya pupply… rudra said paro ur brother marriage is fixed… u have boyfriend fix ur marriage also. .marriage is happen in same marriage mandap.. mohan angrily look ranawat..sametime paro said pupply ur intern na…u said she is mirchi and no person stay happily in 1minit with her.. mohan said stop it ur blabbering…. rudra said look paro after marriage u speak one word against her…he will break ur teeth..

mohan said paro is my first priority no one take paro place.. rudra said i’m happy to here.. rudra phone rings..rudra speak to someone… sametime paro ask mohan show pupply photo..mohan said i don’t have photo.. paro said ok.. i will ask megha to pupply photo..mohan reply no.. sametime rudra ask megha… megha bhalla
mohan said no..paro said yes..officer sir daughter megha bhaala..very nice girl.. rudra eyes full tears look mohan..mohan said no.. mohan shout paro goto rudra room.. in room rudra see one photo cry him..rudra see mohan and hide his tears.. paro come look her all broken things noone at room..mohan and rudra sit in garden with drinks bottle.. r&m fully drank state..mohan ask rudra u my friend na.. rudra hug mohan said u r my best friend.. mohan ask tell me.. ur a friend i will try to slove…rudra start tell fb.. sametime paro ask rudra problem to mr&mrs.ranawat.. ranawat start to tell.

ranawat and bhalla are closed friends.. weekely once two families go park full day enjoy..many marriage proppsal arrive rudra. rudra and megha are same as like u & mohan.oneday (megha cousin )lamila meet rudra in megha’s college.. she like rudra and she directly come home said i like rudra sir if u will accept i’m ready to marry rudra and all are shock..megha said she is good girl and family is good..but megha’s mom doesn’t like rudra..she hate other reason she speak ill about him.. rudra doesn’t love her.but accept to marriage.. meantime megha and lamila go to tour.. some criminals hearing megha and lamila talk .know that lamila is rudra fiancee.. rudra doesn’t love lamila but lamila love rudra deeply… marriage day mrng lamila is not home… rudra receive msg lamila kidnapped…

kidnapper ask some confidencial files from rudra..rudra , me(ranawat) and my friend(bhalla) put some plan to recuse lamila..all happening by a plan suddenly one phone call receive rudra.rudra said bsd officers arrest kidnappers.lamila in home..happily return home see lamila breath her last breath kidnapper shoot lamila in stomach.. all are shocked…rudra shout bsd officers and said i’m fullfill my duty of work and fail to fullfill my duty of life..i’m not love her but i feel pain in heart…i’m reason of her death.. mrs.bhalla speak something to megha.. megha slap rudra… after 2 days rudra receive a medal of kidnappers attack… megha break rudra medal and said u kill lamila to get medal .. rudra slap megha. big fight happen between two families..families break…paro ask ranawat acctually what happen..y officer sir not save lamila life..
ranawat said i have plan to kidnapp lamila from kidnappers and shoot all kidnappers. bhalla said operation will complete successfull rudra will receive medal and promotion… in operation time rudra receive phone call from mrs.bhalla.she said lamila come home safely..

so all officers attack kiddnappers..kiddnappers shoot lamila..wounded lamila take bsd officers home but mrs.bhalla said i’m not told phone is repair in 2 days before..rudra did mistake… he told na he is not love he did it… megha trust her words and break all relations with her..

mohan take rudra to room.. paro look rudra and mohan in drunk state.. paro shout mohan.. mohan said i’m hungry..rudra said me to..paro take two plate of food and give to them.. two of them doesnot eat properly.
Paro feed food mohan and rudra..mohan hug paro and rudra hug paro ..paro feels something strange..paro leave the room…

paro decided to join rudra and megha…. mohan decided to join rudra and paro…

inside feeling …5


inside feeling …5


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