Spoiler- One Month Agreement

sry guyz for not updating d new epi of my ff…
will regularly post after my exams….
spoiler alert..-
sanskar- swara y u lied wid me.. u played wid my feelings again.. y swara? if u told me dat u were busy in ur work and now u wanna live wid me den I HV accepted it.. but y u lied again???tell me..

both r in tears..
swara- plz listen to me sanskar.. I m not lying.. I don’t know how dis happened.. plz believe me.. .

sanskar (angrily)- just shut up swara! don’t lie again.. I hate u.. plz go away 4m my life …

swara- sanskar! plz listen to me….. plz give me one chance .. I will prove u DAT I was not lying..
plz . .
sanskar- no! I dnt wanna give u any chance…

wht happened DAT sanskar is behaving rudely wid swara? swara lied wid sanskar? or some twist???? suspense??? ? so tell me…
abt ur views…

Spoiler- One Month Agreement


Spoiler- One Month Agreement


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