She and Her Kidnapper (5)

She and Her Kidnapper (5)

sorry for the delay. I was stuck with my other story Emerald. .

he leaned close to me.his breath was touching my ear.a sudden shiver passed through my body.he whispered to my ear:

“take my clothes”

I looked at him wide eye. “what”


“I am not ur maid mister.kidnapper” I pushed him off.

“u have to do whatever I say untill u r in my custody”

“if I don’t do, what will u do? ” I was angry at his behavior

“I will do whatever I want to do with u” saying this he came more closer.our body’s were rubbing in to each other’s. our noses were touching.

“okey, fine” I yelled.he took some steps back and folded hos hamd under his chest.I went to take his clothes from his closet.I took a blue jeans and light pink shirt.I forwarded I t to him.

he took his clothes from me and started changing in front of ME!!! WHAT THE!!!

“can’t u go to bathroom? ” I asked frustrated.

“I can change wherever I want, crazy woman” he assured

oh god…how many time he called me crazy woman??? I will smash his head one day for the way he was looking handsome in his pink shirt ?

“you are too interested to see a guy changing his clothes” he said with a smirk on his face.oii maa I was staring him and I forgot that I was staring him ? but honestly I am not interested to see a guy changing. I feel embarrassed.

“I AM NOT” I rushed towards the door and unlock it.I didn’t look back.I went downstairs.


this woman is really a mess.when I came back from shower she was holding the iPhone which I brought for my best buddy Adam. actually it is not for him, it is for his boss.his boss trust him loads.

back to crazy woman.I am regretting the moment I kidnapped her.if she didn’t saw my face I never kidnap her.I don’t even think to kidnap a lady like her.

when I told her to take my clothes from my closet first she hesitate.why this girl always being stubborn? but I know how to make her agree. she afraid of my closeness so I take it as my she agreed.

she was staring me while I changing my clothes. this girl don’t has manners too.

“u r too Interested to see a guy changing his clothes” I asked her with a smirk.she looked frustrated.

“I AM NOT” saying this she unlocked the door and went downstairs. I laughed a little at her childish behavior. I don’t know how many times I laughed in few hours. she is a mess but she made me laugh which I never used to do for past 10 past…I don’t want to think about it nor want to think about my future.

I changed my clothes and went downstairs.she was sitting on sofa, hugging her knees.

I cleared my throat and said “I am going somewhere. don’t try to escape in my absence. otherwise. ..I didn’t complete my words. she was nodding but looking somewhere else and afraid too.I followed her gaze and burst out in to laughter. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. I laughed until my stomach hurt.she threw a cushion at me.oh god her face was like…I do get any word to describe her facial express but it made me laugh again.she didn’t afraid of me who kidnapped her from her own home.but she is afraid of Rocky! !! ? Adam’s doggy. .hahaha.

Adam dropped Rocky kn morning for keeping an eye on this mad woman when I am not around her.his idea succeed. she really afraid of dogs..this time too I couldn’t stop laughing. why our stomach hurts while laughing? ??

my phone started ringing. it was Adam. I didn’t say hello or hai.coz I was laughing on my phone.

“Abeer, are you okey?” Adam’s voice filled with concern.he may thinks that I got mad coz he never saw me laughing.

“umm.yeah…haha..I…am” I said between my laugh

“then why r u laughing man?u know u never laughed like this”

his words made me stop from laughing. “its nothing buddy. .this crazy woman is afraid of Rocky” I told him while looking at her.

“don’t call me crazy woman..I do have a name mr.kidnapper” she hit me with the cushion. I can hear Adam’s chuckling on phone.

“for ur information I too have a name ” I mimicked. now Adam was laughing. .why would he wasn’t funny yet.

“what was ur name then?” god I never asked a girl her name.I am not interested in any girl.

“it is….zz….” I cut her off “what”

“it is flower” she said..flower? ?? can someone name a girl flower? ?? she is making me fool.

“r u kidding on me” I took two steps forward. she was still sitting on sofa so it won’t affect her.

“my name means flower” I asked her her name and she is giving me meaning.

“I didn’t ask u ur name’s meaning” I said frustrated and went to kitchen to grab the lunch bag.

“if u r a genius u can find my name” she smirked. .she know smirking! !! ‘u didn’t took the patents of smirking, Abeer’ my inner voice said.

“I don’t want to, crazy woman” I went towards the main door.

“ouch” something hit on my was a DVD. she threw a DVD at me.ME!!! I won’t leave her now.I placed the lunch box in a side table carefully and went to her.I grabbed her hands and pulled her towards me.this causes her to jump from the sofa.Rocky barked a little when she jump.she looked at Rocky then me.I tried not to laugh again.Rocky was like he got a robber.suddenly she jumped on me and clutched her hand in my neck and her legs wrapped my waist!!!!!


was it okey???? silent readers pla wake up and comment. I want to know how many of u like my story. .

She and Her Kidnapper (5)


She and Her Kidnapper (5)

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