The hug that changed me (Part 16)

The hug that changed me (Part 16)

Swara and Sanskar reaches London… Swara gets soo excited, seeing the wonderful greenery..places, she gets soo excited…she takes pictures from her iPad..

Swara: sanskar this is soo beautiful… Look at that is that London Eye??? 

Sanksar: yes Swara… But it’s soo far from here.. 
Swara: woww that’s soo pretty!! It’s like its so near..I just loved it!! 
Sujatha: haa Swara beta.. Here they are lots of site seeing places.. Will plan and will go one day!! 
Swara: sure ma!! 

Sanskar: (excited) Swaraa..look there…that’s my radio station!! 
Swara: woww Sanskar, it’s soo big!! 

(They talk for sometime and finally reaches home) 

Sanskar: (whispers) Swaraa.. Finally we reached to our sweet house!! 
She looks at him and smiles…

They go inside… 
Sujatha: Swara beta, now go and take rest, tomorrow will start the day with puja okay? 
Swara: okay Ma!! 

Sanskar takes her to the room… Before that he closes her eyes..
Sanskar: Swara im know, 
no one dared to enter into my room.. I don’t like it.. But now im very happy.. My love is entering my room.. Nd will stay with me forever!! 

Swara smiles…
They enter into the room…
It was soo beautiful.. His room is filled with guitars, sports… 
Sanksar: my room is not soo beautiful as urs..
Swara: (excited) no sanskar…it’s so beautiful, Nd these wall is soo big… Il paint a wonderful painting here… That will change ur room completely.. (Nd she runs to the balcony…)
Woww Sanskar.. This is soo nice… There’s a park nearby.. I think they will be many kids na!! 

Sanskar just stares at her happiness… Nd hugs her from back…

Sanskar: Swara… Yes.. There are many kids here.. In this colony.. They always used to come to talk to me.. But I never used to show an interest on them.. Nd you know what.. They used to ask me to teach violin and guitar.. But I don’t know violin and I hate teaching so I dint show interest…
But if u like it u can teach them violin…Nd paintings too!!

Swara: really??
Sanskar: Yess sweetheart!! 
(He kisses her neck by talking to her ) 

Swara: Sanksar, we forgot to inform Ragini and Laksh.. They will be waiting for our call na..
Sanksar: yes… Come lets talk to them…

He calls them.. They all talk for sometime..shomi and Shekar gets happy seeing Swara, 
Shomi: bye beta.. U may be tired, talk to me tomorrow… Miss you Shona!!
Swara: (tears falls from her eye) miss u Ma..
Ragini: bye Swara.. Tc.. 

After the call… 
Sanskar: Swara, get fresh up.. Nd take rest.. Tomorrow u need to wake up..
Swara: okay Sanksar.. She goes to washroom to get freshup…

She comes out wearing a pink night gown.. Her hair is wet..Sanksar looks at her and smiles..

Sanskar: woww Swara looking soo cute in it
Swara: blushes.. 
Sanskar: (smiles) Nd hugs her, I like ur smile Swara… Keep smiling all the time!! He kisses her for head!! Nd he buried his head in her wet hair taking in the scent of her shampoo…nd kisses her neck..
He wispers..

Sanskar:’s like a dream to me.. A girl who i used to hate now became my life.. You can’t even think how much I love you Swara.. You have some spark.. It just captured me!! 
He gives a peck on his lips!! 

Swara: (gets happy and hugs him..) Thankyou for coming into my life Sanksar.. 

They both look at each other and smiles!! 

Swara: Sanksar.. Now get freshup.. We need to sleep na!!
Sanskar: (smiles) okay!!

Sanksar gets Freshup… He comes out and looks at Swara, she sleeps on the bed..

Sanksar goes towards her and kisses her forehead.. He covers the quilt on her And sleeps beside her..

After some time…
Swara gets dream of her family members, kids friends… Classmates.. She opens her eyes.. Nd thinks about them… 
She slowly weeps remembering them…she looks at Sanksar.. Nd hugs him tightly.. Sleeping on his chest..

Sanksar: Kya hua Swara?? 
Swara: I’m not getting sleep Sanskar.. 
Sanskar: (he looks at her) I can understand Swara.. Ur missing everyone na? 
Swara: (eyes are filled with tears) Nd nodes yes!!

Sanksar hugs her…
Snaksar: don’t cry Swara.. I know it’s difficult.. If u be like this.. I can’t be happy.. Coz I can’t see you crying.. (His eyes are filled with tears) 
Swara: (cups his face) im sorry for making you cry.. I’m so sorry.. Nd ya I’m missing all.. But I’m very happy.. Ur with me na.. Thats enough!! 

(He gets happy hearing her answer and hugs her tightly) 
Sanksar: Swara, tomorrow is my first day.. Back to my radio station.. I’m soo happy.. I will tell everyone about our marriage.. All will be very excited.. Nd I want you to listen to my show.. 
Swara: okay Sanksar..
Sanskar: Swara tell me onething.. From when do u love me Swara?? You have my childhood pics, my radio shows collection..? Like how can u love me Swara.. Since childhood I don’t know why but I used to hate you..

Swara: I don’t know Sanksar.. But I liked u soo much.. I always wanted to talk to u.. But I’m so scared, I always used to think why u hate me so much.. May be Becz of that.. I used to think about u.. Nd later u became soo popular, Nd ur soo handsome too.. Every girl will fall for u!! I used to have that crush on u.. Nd later it turned into love..

Sanskar: it’s destiny Swara.. (He smiles at her) 
Swara: Sanksar.. From when did u loved me?? 

But he doesn’t answer her…
Swara: sanskar…(she looks at him, Nd founds him sleeping) 

Swara smiles and kisses his cheeks and sleeps!! 

Next day: 
Swaa wakes up soon.. As she’s not yet adjusted to her timings… She gets up and watches Sanksar sleeping like a baby… She kisses him and goes to get freshup.. 

She wears a blue churidhar.. And As usual she goes to the balcony to keep food for the birds.. But gets depressed to think that she’s in London…
She feels sad for a moment.. But gets happy watching the park.. Filled with kids..playing.. Nd many people are walking..
She just takes pics from her iPad..Nd she goes down…

She wishes Sujatha and RP… Nd she helps Sujatha in kitchen work…

Sujatha: Swara..breakfast is ready.. Wake Sanskar.. We need to do puja’n

Swara: okay mom!! 
(She goes to the room and she wakes up Sanskar…

Swara: Sanksar wake up… We need to do puja.. Get up na!!

He opens his eyes…Nd gets mesmerised seeing her beautiful wife Infront of him… Nd pulls her and sleeps again hugging her!!

Swara: sanskar… Get up..Ma is waiting for u!! (Saying this she sits) 
Sanskar: shh.. He again pulls her…(signalling her not to go) 

Swara looks at him and caresses his head…
Swara: Sanksar.. Did u forgot, today is ur first day of ur radio show!!

Sanksar opens his eyes suddenly and sits.. 
Sanksar: Haaa Swara… I forgot.. Thanks for reminding… (He gives a peck on her lips) 

Swara: get ready Sanskar.. U need to go!! 
(She helps him giving all his items.. They both go down.. Does their puja.. Nd had their breakfast!! Nd Sanksar leaves for his radio show!!

He watches children playing… He stops the car… Nd all children gets excited too see him.. But they were scared to talk to him..
Sanskar gets down and gives some chocolates to them..
They all get happy… Sanskar smiles seeing them happy and hugs them.. Nd leaves!!! 

Swara goes to her room excitedly and switch on’s the radio… 

After some time… The program started!!

Sanskar: good morning London!! This is ur Sanky… Nd I’m back…hahhahaha..soo guys r u all ready with ur questions?? Nd I’m soo excited to answer ur questions… But before that listen to This wonderful song.. Nd this is specially dedicated to my love… Who is listening My program In my room..Keep listening ur fav show..92.3 FM!!’

Swara smiles listening to his talk…

After the song…
Sanskar: soo guys there are many questions for me to answer, let me read the first question… 

Q. I have seen ur Twitter post that, ur no more that true?? 

(All the youth who are listening the show are very excited to listen to his answer, )

Sanksar: (smiles) woww this is an amazing question.. Nd Yess.. I’m no more single, because I’m married!! 

All are in big shock… Some fans are very happy for him.. Some fans couldn’t digest this news…

Q: did you get the girl of ur taste??
Sanskar: (laughs loudly) Noo.. I dint get the girl of my taste.. She is totally opposite.. But I’m in love with her totally!! 

Swara smiles… 

(They keep on questioning and Sanskar keeps on answering) 

(All gets very excited to see his answers, where he keeps on talking about her)

Final question.. 
Q. U said that ur wife is listening to this show.. Do u want to tell her something?? 

(All are very excited to see what answer he is going to give) 

Sanskar: Yess.. I want to tell her something.. Yesterday..she asked me a question…that 
Why did you love me Sanskar?? Nd when did u started loving me??

I pretended as sleeping at that time.. Because I want to tell that answer Infront of everyone…

(Swara is shocked)

Sanksar: Swara…the day when you hugged me, on the road.. When you were searching for me… That too on the late night..I was completely lost Swara…I’ve seen ur care at that time…
I hugged many people.. But I never found that affection, care and all in any one… But I found that in u.. Ur love is true Swara…YOUR HUG HAD CHANGED ME…that made me realise ur love for me…the day when you got to know the truth.. I thought you will tell to everyone, Nd will make a big scene, 
But I was surprised… You dint tell anyone…but u started hated me… Ur silence omg… That pained a lot!! 
Never do that Swara… If ur angry.. Scold me completely.. But dont be quiet.. I can’t see it!! 
When you got fever, I felt as if I got that fever..I can’t see u in pain..
I have learnt many things from you… I’ve started living kids, I’ve started loving pets… I’ve started liking ur room, ur paintings.. Ur habits.. It was all beautiful…That’s all because of your love..
I love you Swara… I love u soo much.. U made my life beautiful!! 

Swara eyes are filled with tears… 

While all listeners clap for them!! 

Program ended!!!

All congratulate him in his office… Sanksar gets involved in other works.. 

Swara gets happy.. She thinks to surprise him.. She decorates the room, was soo beautiful… 
She wears a beautiful frock.. 

Sanskar reaches home..
He gets happy to see the room.. Fully decorated.. And a wonderful painting by Swara.. 
He gets happy Nd goes searches for her… He goes to balcony.. Nd gets shocked to see her in red long frock.. 
As soon as she sees him.. She runs and hugs him..

Swara: I love u Sanksar… I dint expect that u will talk about me.. I’m soo happy..
Sanskar: (hugs her tightly) I love u too Swara! 

It starts raining… 
Swara starts playing with the rain… She splashes water on him… Sanksar stares at her lovingly and hugs her tightly…Nd places a kiss on her cheeks…
Nd he touches her lips.. Nd gets mesmerised seeing that red lips and kisses it… They both share a passionate kiss!!
They broke the kisss..
Swara smiles and moved close to him and kissed him on his cheek. Sanskar eyes flew open. Swara moved shyly…She closed her eyes and blushed. But her eyes flew open the next instance when she felt herself being lifted up in his husband’s arms. Sanskar took her towards the bed. He made her lie down on their bed, swara was started breathing heavily..Both of them were staring in each other’s eyes all this while.sanskar started moving towards her, Nd kisses her forehead…with lots of love.. He kisses her cheeks…swara blushed and turned on the bed. Her face was now buried in the pillow due to shyness, her back was facing him. 
Sanskar sat on the bed, he gently bought her hair on one shoulder. Nd kisses her neck…
Swara- sanskar… 
Sanskar mouth crashed to hers. His weight was now totally on her and swara happily welcomed his weight on her. Sanskar kept kissing her they only moved apart when they needed air to breathe. Both looked at each other breathing heavily. 
They both look each other romantically.. Nd finally consummate their marriage…

This is the end. Hope you enjoyed..

The hug that changed me (Part 16)


The hug that changed me (Part 16)

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