You,Me aur Hum FF Intro

Hello there…My name is jasmene and I would love to share my dramatical thoughts with all of you..I’m still a student so if you see any grammatical mistake plese kindly try to avoid it..:)

Jasmene ( 16 years old ) Prettiest,hottest,coolest, and a spoiled rich brat comes to pakistan from america due to country exchange student’s rule …her family is one of the richest family in the worl..
Mubeen ( almost 17 ) Handsom,pretty blue eyes,funny around friends and family only,shy to others,loving and caring ( He never missbehaves or talk angrily to a girl except …)
Kabir ( 17) jasmene’s best friend and the person whom jasmene loves he most and trust him and only cry on his shoulders..
Huda ( 15) actually she is jasmene’s mother’s ister ( her aunt) but coz she istoo young everyone mistaken them as sister and their love is wayy better than sisters <3
raqeeb (17) mubeen's best friend,loving,funny,cool and handosme boy of the school
Yameen ( 16) mubeen and raqeeb's best friend fun loving,and handsome boy….
Jasmene,mubeen,raqeeb,yameen study in class 10…
Kabir study in college section of the school ( different section attached to school's building)
huda class 9
( Classroom of 9 and 10 are conjoined )

The school is one of the bigeest schools in the world situated in Peshawar…:)

In the first episode I will tell you guys about jasmene's entry in APS and how he and mubeen kep meeting each other accidently and begin to dislike each other ( Hate) …

Important info ( Huda already study in APS and because of her sister jasmene forced herself to go pakistan and study there ….huda and yameen likes each other allot and they all know about jasmene ( heard from huda,kabir) but never saw her …:)

You,Me aur Hum FF Intro


You,Me aur Hum FF Intro


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